Thursday, July 26, 2012

A trip down memory lane...

Hi folks...I knew that you would love the beautiful sketches of my adorable Furry Boy by the mega talented Alexandra and just wanted to say a big thank you for all your lovely comments from one slighty biased soppy old Mum. I'm chilling out and winding down in my jammies and slippers...yes they've turned again...after a fun evening of Christmas Frolics at The Papeterie. It won't be long before I'm heading up the hill to Bedfordshire and an hour at the computer in the company of Mr Picasa editing photos ain't floating my boat right now so I'll share all the Christmas Altered Art news with you on Saturday.
It's been a bit of a mad old week but I'm getting back up to speed with the crafty list...the Sizzix commission makes are done and dusted. I had great fun making the projects using fabric felt and stitching and it didn't half stir up some memories from way back...the days of the wooden boilers long before sliced bread or mobile phones...days that lots of you are far too young to remember.  My love of stitching took off when I inherited an old Singer Treadle Sewing Machine in my plugging into the National Grid in those was all down to pedal power and the getting the knack of co-ordinating your feet...a bit like riding a bike. I'd never done any machine sewing before but being a "jump in with both feet" "I can do anything if I put my mind to it" kind of girl...I invested in a few Butterick (remember them) patterns...a few yards of material and I was hooked...after one or two absolutely "wouldn't be seen dead outside the door in that" outfits I was running up the latest fashions...remember this was the age of the mini skirt and hot pants made in the most outrageous colour palettes...I thought I looked so cool in my flower power hippy pyschedelic creations...believe me you would cringe too if you saw the photos. It's definitely rekindled my love of stitching so the electrically powered all singing...all dancing...sewing machine will be getting a lot more use.
If you've got this far you're probably thinking she's off on a waffle again and you're absolutely cards to post today instead I'll leave you with some sneaky peeks of what we've been getting up to in the cubbyhole this week...wouldn't want you to run away with the idea I've been skivving off again...
the stitching makes...
hope I can share them with you soon...

and Saturday's Demo Samples...
lots of snowflakes...Christmas is just around the corner don't you know...

Time to hit the sack...I need all the sleep I can get to tackle tomorrow's "least favourite job"...the dreaded step-by-step's..oh joy of joys...big girl knickers and lots of coffee required and then time to pack up the stuff for Saturday's demo and workshop at The on the cubbyhole crafty hamster wheel returns to normal.
Night Night...Sleep Tight Everyone
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. ...some very gorgeous looking peeks there Kath, the candy colours remind you of ice-creams & sun shine days & to cool us down frosted snowflakes...have a super day Kath & hopefully it's a tad cooler for your gorgeous furry assistant...Mel :)

  2. Good morning Kath and Buddy,
    I just wanted to say firstly, thanks so much to all your lovely bloggy buddies for the lovely comments of my art work.
    These sneak peaks look lovely I can't wait to see them properly. The fabric ones look candy cute in those pretty colours and I love the colours in the cool Christmas ones too. These are the only snowflakes I love to see to after the 2 bad winters we had. Fingers crossed it's not so bad this winter. Alexandra x

  3. I just had to say too, your waffling was fun to read. I'm glad Buddy's out of the dog house now your slippers returned. The photos of you in your flower power hippy pyschedelic creations would be "a blast" to see... no sneak peaks of these, Huh? I used to think it was fun using my mum's singer sewing machine. It was electric, but fairly easy to use. I found a new home for my own sewing machine years ago, but I'm thinking of getting another machine just to stitch on my cards.

  4. Good Morning Kath, My first sewing machine was a treadle machine too, though Mum did have the updated model, An electric singer machine.
    I enjoyed your little blast from the past waffling.
    Some Super sneak peaks too.

    Hugs Carol xx

  5. Loved that trip down memory lane Kath, I too learned on a treadle machine and made all my own clothes too, even my wedding outfit! I loved Butterick patterns and even splashed out on a Vogue one, loads of money but lots of style! Love the look of the sneak peeks and all that soft coloured fabric - and the Christmas blues are beautiful. Hope you get a bit of a rest today. Crafty hugs, Anne x

  6. There are photos? - mmmmm, wonder if I could bribe your hubby on my next visit!!!


  7. A sneek peek of those sewing skills from years gone by would be fun.....Fabby peeks today Gorgeous colours looks like we are in for a treat.. Happy Friday.. Hugs May x x x

  8. Now I remember the hot pants - flowery lime green & almost fluorescent pink! Oh dear! I was too young to be fashion conscious so I didn't care that I looked ridiculous...........
    Never did get the hang of that sewing machine though.
    Glad you've got the slippers back - see Budyy I told you she needed them.
    Paula (PEP)

  9. Hi Kath, you should have been an author - your posts are lovely to read!
    My first sewing machine was my Nana's singer peddle foot too. She died earlier this year (aged 102) but I have lots of fond memories of her teaching me to sew.
    The sneak peaks look good, can't wait to see the rest.
    Lorraine x

  10. The first sewing machine I used was a Singer treadle too. So it was a bit of a shock when we were presented with electric machines to use in first year at school! My Dad was clever though as he converted our machine to run on electricity.

    Can't wait to see what you've been up to.

    Kat xx