Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What's On My Workdesk Wednesday

Morning folks...another week flying in and before you know it's time to hop on over and play at Julia's place...that World Wide Phenomenon's going to be one of those rare occurences again ...a short sweet and to the point post today...the grandkiddies are coming tomorrow so it's going to be a "cat on a hit tin roof" kind of day with the production line going like the clappers.
And first job of the day has to be my "tag for "12 Tags of 2012"...can't believe I've been trying to have some Alcohol Ink fun for the last 11 days but today's the day...
and I know what you're thinking....Tim Holtz...Alcohol Inks and Penny Black cuties...have I lost the plot...bear with me...I have a little idea running around in this mad crafty brain....think Olympic Games...London etc...who knows I might just pull it off but I'm mightily relieved that I won't be giving my lungs an Olympic workout with the huffing and puffing straw technique.  I knew there was a can of compressed air kicking around somewhere...the old memory card just needed a bit of nudge...
I'm off to have some squirty inky you think I should suit up with the whole protective gear outfit...I'll see you all tomorrow to share...wait for it..." a challenge card".
Hugs Kath xxx
Edited to add:   So very very sad this morning to hear the news of the death of one of the crafty world's nicest guys...Robert from Once Upon A Stamp...I first got to know Robert and Gordon at the NEC when I was teaching my first Fiskars Workshop...our stands were across the aisle from each other...they were so kind to me...the 4 days passed in a whizz with Robert's lovely warm personality and cracking sense of humour and every time since on arrival at the show in the morning...I got my daily great big Robert hug...a cheery smile and today's take on the world Robert style. Going to miss you big time matey and my thoughts and prayers are with Gordon and their families.


  1. You look really busy! I like the look of those little stamps I can see. jenx

  2. Good luck with your idea - I think it will work.... lol!

  3. Morning Kath, back in the land of the living today. Looks like you are going to have some fun...I'm still to start my tags but hoping to do so over the holidays. Sorry to hear of your sad news, take care, hugs Erika.

  4. Looking forward to seeing what you create with those goodies on your desk.
    Sandra @43

  5. Oh Kath, that has really taken the wind out of my sails, Robert was such a lovely man, how awful, he was so young too. I feel so terribly sad for Gordon.

    Was going to say that I did my Tim Tag yesterday, with a bus and an olympic type theme, but doesn't seem remotely important now.

    Thank you for letting us know. Crafty hugs, Anne x #54

  6. Morning Kath, can't wait to see the London themed tim tag!
    Very sad news about Robert, he was such a nice man :(
    Trish #68

  7. Thanks for your thoughtful edit - life is fragile indeed.
    Paula (PEP)

  8. Look forward to see what your going to be doing with these PB stamps Kath,sorry to hear the news about your crafty friend. Aud x

  9. Thank you for letting us know about Robert - I only met him as a customer but he was always so lovely - such sad news!!

  10. thank you for letting us know about Robert Kath. i met him, me as a customer, a few times at the NEC and he was such a lovely person, extremely sunny outlook and was more than willing to help if you had a problem. his passing is a very sad loss to our crafting community hugs Karen x

  11. Sounds like you're having a busy day today Kath. And maybe even more hectic tomorrow.

    Sad news about Robert from Once Upon a Stamp. Did he come to the SECC a few years ago. I remember they had a stand when I started going there and they were always very helpful.

    BTW my lavender ribbon kit came today, thanks Kath. I'm off to email my thanks to Mary and Andrea too. The ribbons, lace, pins and buttons are gorgeous and as you know just me so I'm well chuffed with my prize!

    Kat xx

  12. I'm sure your idea for Tim's tag will work Kath.. looking foward to it.. and such sad news about Robert...lovely man x x Have a good week, Hugs May x x x#8

  13. Looks like you’re going to be having fun Kath, you’re the second person I’ve come across making the tags with an Olympics theme.
    I wasn’t aware that you could buy air in spray cans but please make sure that our furry friend is well out of splattering distance when you try it because I don’t think Red, White and Blue is going to suit him somehow.

    And I agree, such sad news about Robert, he'll be missed.

    Happy Crafting!

  14. I can't wait to see where you are going with this idea. And the canned air is the way to go for that technique. Dani 31

  15. Hi Kath the canned air sounds fun. Thanks for letting us know about Robert. It's so sad he was a happy fun person who realy loved his craft. He will be missed . Take care Hugs x ChrisB

  16. Hi Kath, sorry to hear that your friend has passed away,it sounds as though he was a very well liked man.Looking forward to seeing a card using the air spray, I bought some a while ago but haven't tried using it yet. Enjoy your day with the grandchildren, I bet your tired tomorrow night.

  17. Good luck with whatever you have bouncing around in that crafty brain! Can't wait to see it!

    I'm very sorry to hear of your friend's passing.

    Darnell #34

  18. Kath, I just bought alcohol inks too. We had a w/shop using them on foil tape.The scarpbooking shops sell it, but I think you can get rolls quite reasonably priced at the hardware. Looks like metal after you wipe the ink off the foil.The black ink goes into all the little rivet marks you make with pins etc.
    Judy #19

  19. Your spray idea sounds great, Kath. Show us a photo of your multi-coloured self once you've finished.

    I didn't know Robert, and I am sorry for all who will suffer his loss.

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #4