Friday, July 20, 2012

Fun with the Hooligans...

A very good morning to all my lovely bloggy buds from your bundle of golden deliciousness...I had the bestest fun at last night's sleep over party with the grandkiddies...I thought all my Christmases had come at once when we settled down for a movie and some yummy munchy treats before heading off to Bedfordshire...all snuggled up together in dreamyland. But they got a rude awakening this morning when their very own resident furry alarm clock dived onto the bed tail wagging with my version of a silly o'clock wake-up call...if the shouts of "Go Away Buddy" were anything to go by...I got the impression they weren't best pleased.
I can take a hint so I sauntered through to try again with my Mum who mumbled her usual "for goodness sake Buddy...what time is it" as she swung out of bed on automatic pilot looking like she's been dragged through a hedge...once her feet have managed to locate the slippers we're heading downstairs to put the kettle on ready for another day.  Goodness knows what time the 2 sleepyhead hooligans will put in appearance...not before I'm fed and watered that's for sure and it's not looking likely that they'll be joining me for my morning stroll either. 
Us boys are going to be home alone old crafty Mum is skivving off from her Grandma duties...whizzing off to The Papeterie for a "not to be missed" event apparently so we have to decide on today's entertainment...Dad will probably suggest football in the park...I'll be voting for another movie and more of those yummy treats.
Catch up with you soon
Hugs & Furry Snuggles


  1. Hope that you and your small sidekicks have a marvelous day, Buddy!

  2. hope you had fun with the grands!

  3. ...jumping on the bed at the crack of dawn is not one of the recommendations in the book of 'how to win friends and influence people'but with your adorable face Buddy I'm sure you could get away with blue murder & I must say you are getting more handsome as the years roll by...have fun in the park and don't ball hog or you'll be banned from the movie & munchies...Mel :)

  4. When the cats away the mice will play Buddy... so if you play your cards right... A quick trip to the park.. to wear Dad out!! then munchies & movie when Dad has a nap in the chair... sorted... your plan of action is safe with me... enjoy! Hugs May x x x

  5. Oh Buddy - WHAT time did you do that. You'd better look after those lads & make sure Dad behaves himself too. You have to show Mum that you can be a really responsible lad.
    Have fun Kath.
    Paula (PEP)

  6. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time Buddy. Have lots of fun today and don't get too wet. Hugs Anesha

  7. AWWW you can come and wake me up Buddy... am sure Tasmin would show you the way.. Have a fun day with your friends..and fingers crossed you get to see a movie and get more yummies to eat
    hugs CLaire x

  8. I hope your having fun with the kids and dad. You'll wear them all out at this rate, getting everyone up early, but I know furry alarm clocks have to do their duty. I hope you get to enjoy a rest with a movie and treats today too. Maybe mum will be able to join you, relax, and get her feet up too when she gets home.

  9. Hi buddy, I hope your wish came true and that you watched a movie and had some yummy treats but only after you had a kick around with the football! Hope Mum had a brilliant day too. Crafty hugs, Auntie Anne xx

  10. hope you got your wish Buddy!
    also hope that you let the family have a wee bit of a lie in - too early a wake up isn't good for anyone hugs Karen & Eddy x

  11. oh Buddy , I know what you mean about ranting Mum's.... ours is just the same! We wake Dad up, he is much nicer in the morning.

    woofs and licks
    Love Poppy & Bella xxx

  12. Hope you had a great day with the grandkids Buddy. I bet Mum had a lovely time at the Papeterie. I missed it cos I had to work. Poor me!!

    Kat, Max and Blue xx

  13. Best alarm clock anyone could ever own Buddy!