Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What's on My Workdesk Wednesday

Woohoo it's lucky are you to have the company of your favourite Furry Boy for the second time this old crafty Mum is losing her post done for today..well that just won't do..couldn't let my bloggy buddies down so your Favourite Blogger...Handsome Devil...Knight in Furry Armour has stepped in to save the day but it's going to be short sweet and to the point as my hooligan chums are coming to play today.
Time for our weekly visit to Julia's place or WOYWW where all you crafty folks throw open your crafty doors to let us have a snoop...well forgive me if I pass...crafty stuff just doesn't do it for biscuits or bones and I'll be right over.
So what's on the cubbyhole workdesk today....very hush hush apparently...lips are sealed kind of stuff..sworn to secrecy and I have no intentions of spilling the beans...even I know the difference between naughty and downright stupid.

You'll probably know what all this stuff I don't have a clue
the latest technology for crafty pensioners
You have to pop over tomorrow and see what has arrived in the's absolutely fabilicious if I say so myself...I'm tempted to shed a little tear at the kindness of one of my lovely bloggy buds.
See you all soon
Big Hugs and Furry Snuggles
I've been over to Julia's and there's no-one answering the door...where could she be?


  1. Really Buddy? Has that slipper turned up yet? You really should take a trip around blogland, there are some real cutie little doggy ladies out there.........your Mum's desk looks so interesting today, can't wait to see what she makes of that lot! Have a great day my Knight in Furry Armour xxx Crafty hugs to Mum, Anne x #21

  2. Hi Buddy you are looking very handsome out there in the sun. I was going to get Comet to have a chat with you but he has gone fishing with the boys! I wonder if your Mum is making something for a baby. Those colours look so pretty on her desk. Happy WOYWW to you from Helen 39

  3. Your mum's desk looks so organised Buddy. Sewing isn't my thing. I always relate this to chores like stitching on buttons and mending seams or doing hems...ughh!
    I do admire those (like your mum) who have the patience and love of stitching. I'm looking forward to seeing what she makes with this lot.
    Now go find that slipper!
    hugs Alexandra x

  4. hi again Buddy! I am another non sewer, so I too am in awe.. Will try to get back tomorrow to share the reveal.. sounds intriguing! Helen, 6

  5. Morning Buddy, seeing you has started my day off well. Hugs xx

  6. Hi Bud, here's another not able to sew little person so really admire someone who can.
    You're looking so suave today.
    Cheers, Elaine #10

  7. Argh Buddy, after all your work and I was late to get the post up....had a computer know the sort that takes AGES and someone else to walk in a fix in an instant! Argh! Am intrigued that your Pensioner (LOL) is yep, will be back.

  8. You are very clever Buddy! I have a cat who can also write too. Animals are normally more brainy than humans! Happy WOYWW! Karen T 66 x

  9. Dont tell me Mum's making a new pair of slippers?? you handsome boy... Looking foward to seeing what your lovely mum makes from that yummy material... Have a fun day... Hugs May x x #11

  10. Hi buddy you a clever thing , I'm not very good with sewing but i'm going to have a go . jill#32

  11. Hi Buddy - good to see you again, your mum could tell you that I am definitely not a sewer - a button is my stretch and even that sometimes falls off the first time hubbie puts on a shirt. Will have to learn him to sew his own buttons!!

  12. hi buddy,am impressed at your blogging skills and shall be returning for another visit :)
    happy woyww
    kay #35

  13. well Buddy - I haven't got a clue what those things are either. Now don't you go getting too close to those long sharp things - they'll prick your nose & paws.
    Enjoy your day with the hooligans.
    Paula (PEP)

  14. Saving the day Buddy, well done. Love those fabrics on your Mum's desk. Hope you both have a great day. Hugs Anesha

  15. thank goodness for you holding down the fort Buddy, what would your Mum do without you??

    Is she making you a new outfit? It's a bit girlie for a handsome lad like yourself!

    Love Poppy & Bella xx

  16. Thanks for that Buddy! I'm having a great first WOYWW... Since I'm in at 128 (bit late, I know), I thought I'd visit all the 8s first of all and then see how much further I get, and so far every one has been a delight, and now I find this one hosted by you - brilliant!
    Alison x

  17. Hi Buddy, I have no idea what all that stuff is either - I really can't sew! xx

  18. Hi Buddy and Kath,you make a great team, always eager to please. I was surprised to read in your comments that so many crafters couldn't sew or just didn't like sewing, it was my first crafty thing at a very early age. Love the colours of felt and material on your workdesk, hopefully we'll see the end product tomorrow.

  19. Oh there’s no doubt Buddy that you mum would be lost without you to step in the breach when she forgets….or should that be too busy… blog. Mind you, she knows it’s all safe in your paws.

    I’m intrigued by the ‘secret’ stuff and can’t wait to see what it all turns into.
    Oh……and I really, really need some of those needles!

    Happy Crafting!

  20. I'm going to be watching to see what you are creating! You have piqued my interest!

  21. If that is felt I see to the left then it should be noted that I love the pastel shades. As I'm so late, I'm off to see what was so secret and fabilicious ;) Have a lovely weekend, Elizabeth x #24