Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Another Numptie Moment...

Morning's been a week of numptie moments and that's the truth...the embarrassment of flashing my big girl knickers...forgetting a couple of birthdays requiring a quick trip to the Post Office with the "never going to get there in time" cards and the return of a parcel containing the biggest numptie moment of them all.
Remember this from yesterday....
a little secret shopping spree...a "cheer me up" guilty pleasure moment to boost the morale after failing miserably last week in the Crafty Olympics and oh boy has it jumped up and well and truly bitten me on the would seem that we already have his twin brother residing in the cubbyhole.  Well this was certainly "blow me over with a feather" news to me...I can't for the life of me remember buying this...just goes to show that the new die-cutting filing system ain't working as it should.
What a stroke of luck it was bought from Countryview first online stop for all things Timmie...great customer service and super duper speedy delivery and when I explained our cubbyhole dilemma to Susan...she probably had a good old snigger but there would be no problem exchanging the duplicate and there would be no extra postal charges to pay for sending the replacement...definitely my kind of shop...10 out of 10  Countryview Crafts for helping me to dig myself out of yet another numptie moment hole.
I'll leave you with another card and tags made with Craftwork Cards...gorgeous Christmas Ornaments Pad...for once lady luck was on my side...Tim's Stormy Sky Distress Ink was an exact match for the embellishments...

I'm intending keeping my head well and truly under the radar for the next few days...locking myself away in the cubbyhole well out of the way of those pesky numptie moments but The Furry Boy will be popping on to keep you company doubt with his take on life in the cubbyhole.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Oops glad you wee able to exchange your die. Love your card and ornaments they are super. Have a great day and hugs to Buddy.

  2. Gorgeous cards Kathy, I love seeing what you create. Glad that you have gotten your "boo-boo" fixed. I think we've all been there at some stage or another.

  3. funny Kath but these things happen and i'm sure we have all done them too, great you could exchange...loVe your gorgeous makes, your really warming us up for the coming season...have a super day with the Budster...Mel :)

  4. We belong to the same club Kath.. I have done that too (cough.cough Twice) Both times it was sizzix dies.. tee-hee.. we must have the same storage system..
    I adore these cards & tags.. Perfect colours & design.. Hugs May x x x

  5. That's good to know about the wonderful customer service you received.
    Your card and tags are stunning, I really love the colours

    hugs Sue

  6. pmsl that gave a me a giggle Kath. Ya silly beggar.
    Love the card, those tags are gorgeous too. Clean and simple at it's best.
    Anne x

  7. Oh Kath, you made me giggle - not because of what you did but the fact that I have done it too, more than once I might add! I too love Countryview Crafts, they have the best prices, great customer service and no P&P, they really are stars. Your card is gorgeous, love the blues and the clean lines, perfect for Christmas. Crafty hugs, Anne x

  8. Whatcha like lol fabulous creation as always off to check out your link

    Ali x

  9. Glad you managed to exchange your die, we've all been there I think. I know I have, more that once!
    Great cards, I love the colours of this new range and you've come up with some lovely designs. Hmmm.... Must start thinking about my Christmas cards. Have a great day. xx

  10. not to worry, happens to everyone eventually! Love the tags and card :)

  11. Gorgeous makes Kath. Funny how we're drawn to certain toys and can't remember if we already have them. Buy from them too, great service time and timer and time and time again ha ha. Carolxx

  12. Gorgeous card and tags again Kath.

    Not surprised about you buying the same thing twice. I've done that more than once. unfortunately the last time I did it I didn't realise for a while so I couldn't send it back for a swap! Last one was a die but I've done it with stamps too!

    Kat xx

  13. Hi Kath,heeeee heeeee we all have those moments.Beautiful cards.Do hope you and all the family are well.Huge Big Cuddles for

  14. must have really liked that die! ;0)
    Gorgeous cards - love the icy blue!
    Just popped by to say thank you for the gorgeous birthday card you sent...think I 'need' that flower die! Sorry to be so late, but I was away for my birthday, and your card arrived while I was was like having a second birthday when I got home this afternoon! :0)
    Helen x

  15. Now these blues, whites & browns are rather special & love those tags. Glad you managed to salvage the numptie moment. It does happen - ever so easily.
    Hope the head down strategy works.
    Paula (PEP)

  16. Hi Kath, Nice card and tags, lovely colours too. It would be impossible to remember eveything so I've given up trying, makes life much easier.

  17. Glad to hear you could sort your numpty moment out ok. Your cards are really pretty. Take care Hugs x ChrisB

  18. I'm glad I'm not alone in
    re-buying stuff, lol
    Your cards again, are gorgeous Kath.
    crafty hugs from a fellow numpty
    Alexandra x

  19. Well I'm bookmarking that store, wonderful service. So did Buddie get his grooming? I don't know how, but the photo on Wednesday's post really does look a little stern...made me smile!

  20. Well I'm bookmarking that store, wonderful service. So did Buddie get his grooming? I don't know how, but the photo on Wednesday's post really does look a little stern...made me smile!

  21. gorgeous card and tags, love the colour!