Friday, August 10, 2012

Promise you won't laugh

Morning'll never in the month of Sundays guess what I've been up to but before I regale you all with my latest adventure...time to share some denim cards...

 and just for fun...a pocket card...
made from a pair of jeans...another destined for the bin item but I had second thoughts and right this minute I'm cutting up what's left of these bad boys...doing my bit for recycling and stocking up the cubbyhole's material stash...who knows die cut denim flowers may well be the new crafty trend.
They definitely had to go...not because they were old and worn out simply because they so nearly got me arrested...oh yes that made you sit up and take notice and I'm willing to share my tale of woe only if you promise not to laugh. Being a bit of a scruff at heart...jeans are my normal go to work in the cubbyhole attire...well nobody sees me apart from the Furry Boy and he's not into fashion.  My wardrobe probably consists of more jeans than anything else...lots of those cheapos from M&S and hey if they get splashed with ink or paint or get mucky from our morning strolls it's not a big deal but one particular pair developed a serious problem...the zip just wouldn't stay up....irritating to say the least having to constantly pull it back up...I'm inclined to think that it must have been couldn't possibly have anything to do with coffee cake and my ever expanding girth.
But I soldiered on until things came to a head....imagine my horror when I realised I'd been walking around my local Tesco with my shoppie door wide open and the world and his wife now know about my big girl knickers...whatever is the world coming to...another of my nine lives used up...another lucky escape in the life of this "shouldn't be allowed out on her own" daft as a box of frogs crafter.
See you all tomorrow
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Great story, Kath.......I've been there, too! LOVE your jeans flower and pocket cards - I'll bet you'll start a new craze!!

  2. Love the denim flower!! Love your story and your ability to tell tales on yourselff!! I love everything you create in your cubbyhole!!

  3. Hi Kath, I was on my way to shutdown when I spotted your gorgeous card - I think you may well be right and denim will be the next crafting trend. The denim flower is great. Elizabeth x

  4. Oh! Kath..I'm not laughing, truly I'm not..[sniggering maybe and smiling very broadly]...gorgeous card, I so love your denim flower, really gorgeous, fabulous creativity, and so stylish..I'm off to cut up my kids jeans...well I'm not using mine, they dont fly low

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  5. Kath love your flower and your story. I have a pair that needs cutting up, not a fauly zip, just looks very fashionable, with lots of tears in it. I bet that will be the new fashion...and I can firmly state that I was there where it all started...LOL. Have a great weekend, Ursula

  6. Love the cards Kath, maybe you could make one of those zip flowers with that pesky zip.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Hugs Carol xx

  7. Tee-Hee.. promise just a wee giggle.. Well I love that denim flower & pocket fab idea! Now where is the DH and his jeans... Hugs May x x x

  8. That's hilarious Kath - the kind of thing I'd do too!! I love your denim flower and the pocket card is so much fun. Thanks for sharing xx

  9. Oops! Great recycling, love the denim flower, might have to give that a go.

  10. ...oh Kath I think at some point we have all suffered a wardrobe malfunction but maybe not on the scale of whats on offer in the supermarket, it's a good job we never see these people again (sorry just stifled a giggle)...totally loVe your denim pieces and the dimension on that flower is awesome...have a super weekend...Mel :)

  11. Oh Kath, you have made me chuckle this morning with you little story - thank you!!
    I really love the way you have used the denim. I never throw jeans away either, last year my daughter made 2 really trendy bags with a pair.
    I hope you have a good weekend

  12. just love those denim creations! and those jeans obviously worked a lot better as crafty stash than as jeans lol!
    Kim x

  13. Oh Kath your post make me laugh...what a fabulous idea...must tell my girls to let me have the grandchildrens cast off have made 2 lovely cards


  14. Well, I did try not to laugh but I have a silly big grin across my face :) Lovely cards made from those naughty jeans. WendY x

  15. Excellent recycling Kath, what fantastic work & it's obvious we are getting better weather at the moment, as you would normally feel the draught if the shoppie door was open! Enjoy the sun while it lasts, Jx

  16. Fabbytastic Kath. Love the denim flower and gorgeous background. Maybe pull-ups the answer hee hee! Carolxx

  17. Oh Kath, you do make me giggle. I think we've all been there at some point.
    Love the card, the denim flower is gorgous and the the pocket card is brilliant!
    Have a lovely weekend. Linda x

  18. Hope they were clean Kath!! Great story.
    Love your creations today and who would have thought that an old pair of jeans would have made such great cards.

  19. Oh you do make me chuckle Kath - the scrapes you get into.Bless. Fab idea of recycling your jeans - might have to give it a go.Gorgeous creations.Hugs Debbie x

  20. oh wow these are gorgeous Kath and i do believe you have started a new craft trend it looks great xx

  21. Oh dear - just think it could have been much much worse - just as well you don't belong to the no knicker brigade.
    I love the flower & your ingenious use of items for crafting never cease to amaze me. You certainly added a new twist to the term 'pocket card'. No I didn't laugh!
    Paula (PEP)

  22. Oh Kath

    Sorry it did make me laugh, when did you find out when you got home.... oh dear never mind and at least the offending item won't let you "down" again (LOL) and now looks pretty made into a lovely flower!

    I've got some old jeans on the spare bed with me thinking I'll keep these to do something with, so thanks for the denim inspiration might just have to make some now!

    Take care


  23. Gorgeous cards Kath. That's a nifty bit of recycling!

    I'm still sniggering about your trip round Tesco with the offending jeans!!

    Kat xx

  24. I love your denim recycling. The denim flower is gorgeous, I agree, it may well be the next new trend.
    You nearly killed me there with laughing Kath. I'm not fully recovered from a nasty chest infection and laughing sends me into a fit of coughing, (it must have damaged my chuckle muscle)
    You alway make me laugh, I'm living dangerously visiting you here, lol. Thanks for the giggle.
    Alexandra x

  25. These cards are jeanius! Super clever and beautifully done! Hugs, Lesley

  26. Kath...Your demin flower is awesome! Like the pocket too! And you always make me laugh ... just remember that I'm not laughing at you ... but rather laughing with you.

  27. Love your story!
    Now, here's mine...
    I had a pair of jeans that had just started to develop a small tear right at the base of the beltloop in the back, above the pocket. Didn't think much of it as it was a small tear and I didn't think anyone would even notice it. I headed off for a day of stamp shopping and errands. Went to a few stores, some were a ways from home, about an hour's drive. On my way back home I decided to stop at my local K-Mart. I walked past the customer service desk and an employee told me that I had a hole in my pants! I thought he must be looking awfully close to see that! I answered with a rather terse "I know it!" and went on about my business. One more quick stop on my way at my bank. When I sat back down in my car, I inadvertently ran my hand along my backside and imagine my horror when I discovered my pants had split open from the beltloop all the way down almost to the back of my knee. Yup, my butt was hanging out for all to see it in all its glory. Thank God I do wear underwear! (Never did go back into that K-Mart for months after!).

  28. Hi Kath, I am assuming it was the Fashion Police and not the real ones! Great story though and gave me a much needed good giggle so thank you. Love your denim flower and what a great use for no longer loved denim pieces. The pocket is amazing and so original, I do think it may catch on! Crafty hugs, Anne x

  29. Oh me Kath...havna heard the term 'shoppie door' in years, now I'm getting funny looks from the dog because I'm giggling away to myself!

  30. You make me laugh!! Your denim flower is absolutely brilliant, gorgeous card!
    Lorraine x


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