Monday, August 20, 2012

What a Weekend...

Edited to add: not the news I was hoping for and I'm not too happy with the conflicting reports I've had this morning...the emergency vet called me before she signed Buddy over to the day staff to say that she was really pleased with him and I should be able to take him home today but when I spoke to the nurse she said he's not eating and they are not happy to discharge him until he does...obviously he's not eating because he's missing home and thinks he's been abandoned but I'm waiting for the vet to call me back with an explanation...not a happy bunny right now.

Morning folks...woohoo I'm counting down the hours until that magic phone call to say that the Furry Boy will be coming home today and can I say how much I appreciated all your words of comfort and really meant a lot whilst I was pacing the floor and climbing the walls waiting for really has been the longest rollercoaster 24 hours of my life...quite a weekend in more ways than one. Hubby decided to start demolishing the downstairs bathroom...we were planning a complete make-over but not just yet but I suppose it was his way of keeping himself busy whilst we fretted about our sick Furry Boy.  I'm 2 days into the "try out before you buy" cycle experiment...are you itching to know how it went...from the waist up everything is A/OK...from the waist down...not so fact that's putting it mildly...the truth is hubby's bike is far too big for this "vertically challenged"...short legged crafter...if I put my feet on the pedals then I'm sitting on the bar which isn't the most comfortable situation and if I sit on the saddle my feet don't reach the pedals...a no win situation really and crikey who invented this modern instrument of  torture they have the cheek to call a my way of thinking it should be large enough to accommodate your bottom...more like a horse saddle which is smooth...rounded and the perfect shape for that delicate part of your anatomy to sit on comfortably...not something that leaves you barely able to walk.
And there's the added difficulty of the helmet being a tad too big...not easy finding your way round country lanes when you can't see where you're heading but despite the little hiccups...I'm rather enjoying it...once I've invested in my very own midget sized bike and the Furry Boy is back to full fitness..the training will begin...who out Chris Hoy...Rio here I come.
But living dangerously hasn't completely taken over my life...there's been a bit of crafty stuff in between and I was itching to play with my DT Project of the Month Kit from Craftwork Cards...well named I think...
love the chipboard cards which are perfect for colouring with Distress Inks...the mannequins and dresses and the vintage chipboard tickets are so cute

See you all tomorrow
Hugs Kath xxx