Wednesday, August 8, 2012

No WOYWW for me today....

Morning's Wednesday but there's no joining in the fun over at WOYWW for me today...I'm off with my sleepover guests to the flicks to see Brave then lunch at TGI Friday's and if the weather behaves we may just be tempted to roll up our trousers for a quick paddle at the beach...isn't it fabulous that you can act like a kid again when you're out and about with your grandkids.  What they don't know is Grandma needs to be home to cheer on her horsey Hero...the fabulous Nick Skelton in his quest to bag a second Gold in the Individual Showjumping Event later this afternoon.
And talking of GOLD....there's a super duper parcel of GOLD loveliness to be won over at 
"Wow - we're so proud of the fabulous performance by everyone on the Great Britain 2012 Olympic Team - whether they won a medal or not - all of the competitors, coaches, mentors, scorers, volunteers, every one of them - that we're offering a fabulous Gold Giveaway to celebrate the 21 Gold Medals (that was the total as at 17.37 gmt on Tuesday 7th August 2012)  and who knows how many still to come!!"

The plans for my TH Tag went a little haywire courtesy of the adorable hooligans and the Olympic Viewing Schedule and just when I'm already in panic mode about the much neglected "growing by the minute" crafty list...Fiskars popped into my Inbox with a reminder that in ***9 weeks time*** I'll be on my way to the NEC for another 4 days of workshops...crikey that's scary...silly me for thinking that November was ages top priority this morning is to get my bum booked on a Flybe seat before the hooligans are up and about and looking for breakfast....
and worry about the cards and sourcing all the supplies ready to start on the marathon of all marathon prep jobs is all about having fun...the crafty list nervous breakdown has been put on hold until tomorrow.
Hugs Kath xxx
Edited to add:  oops sorry for causing major panic in the card making's not 9 weeks but 13...missed out one whole month in my calendar calculations....should put my specs on before carrying out such an important task


  1. ...sounds like an action packed day for you Kath filled with fun and yikes to think November is only 9weeks away is more than a tad scary...Mel :)

  2. Hi Kath, whew - you have a bit more time now, thank goodness for you. I am MIA from WOYWW today too, bit under par but will be watching later too - Go GB! Ax

    PS - hope you have fun at the beach! THEY DO SAY, DON'T ACT YOUR AGE, ACT YOUR SHOE SIZE..

  3. Just catching up with your blogs - lovely to hear you have the grandkiddies with you. Sounds a good mix of work/Olympics/play!

  4. Good Morning Kath, hope you have a lovely day with the grand kiddies Grace is with us on Thurs and Friday,
    Hope you booked the right flight Kath, hope to make it to the NEC this tome.

    Big Hugs Carol xxx

  5. Have a great day and have fun. Hugs to Buddy. :)

  6. Gosh you gave me a fright with your 9 weeks!!!!

  7. Have fun with the sandcastles! Now I'd leave the swimming to Buddy as his coat will keep him warm but you could always do a bit of dipping your toe in just to test the temperature. Enjoy the Olympics - you've certainly been educating me.
    Hope you enjoyed the film by the time you read this.
    Oh no! That means the dreaded C******* is coming around again.
    Paula (PEP)

  8. Oh lucky you Kath, I'd love to see Brave. Hope you've had a lovely day with the grandkiddies.

    Kat xx

  9. Hi Kath hope you've had a lovely day with the kiddiwinks. I've been and watched Maddison have her swimming lesson. Off to catch up on the olympics now. Hugs x ChrisB

  10. Hi Kath,I hope you got your flight booked ok and had a great day with the kids, the weather hasn't been very great I'm afraid.

  11. Hi Kath,I hope you got your flight booked ok and had a great day with the kids, the weather hasn't been very great I'm afraid.

  12. Yikes!! a fun filled day... I bet you love the movie my Grandson did.. you will be so tired later Kath... its worth it though I love acting like a 5 year old with my Grandson.. although my DH would say that would be most days.. Tee-hee.. Missed you at WOYWW.. Hugs May x x X X


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