Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Look who's back....

Hello to all my lovely bloggy buddies...yes it's your bundle of golden deliciousness...not looking quite as gorgeous as usual but I've been through the wringer for the last few days...laid up in intensive care with the worst tummy upset ever and I want to squash any spurious rumours that may be doing the's official...straight from the vet's wasn't down to my scavenger habits but a super bug that I picked up somewhere. I had the nicest care team...the vet and my very own nurse were so kind to me giving me lots of snuggles when I was feeling lonely but they don't half love giving you a good old poke and prod...not to mention the indignity of having your temperature taken every few hours...I did suggest she could stick it under my leg but she was having none of it and I was definitely miffed when she shaved my gorgeous golden locks in several places...leaving me looking a bit patchy and to add insult to injury stabbed me with long pointy things...
But I'm feeling much better just can't keep a good dog down and it's so good to be back home...I've handed in my sick note and will be taking some time off from my cubbyhole crew duties to rest and recuperate but I have a sneaky feeling I can kiss goodbye to anything in the way of pay for quite some time to come...the coffers are well and truly empty...the cupboard is bare...the old 5 star medical care wiped out the crafty stash purse and made a huge crater in the cubbyhole budget...oops might be an idea to keep a low profile for a while...head down and keep out of hot water.
I would like to send THE BIGGEST SNUGGLIEST HUG ever to each and every one of my lovely bloggy buddies and Facebook friends who kept Mum's spirits up and sent lovely messages and get well hugs.  And a special big hug to my lovely bloggy bud Polly from Wales who's having her own tough time caring for her hubby after he fractured his pelvis and was kind enough of think of me and send this beautiful card.
No doubt I'll be hanging around the cubbyhole getting under my old Crafty Mum's feet and will see you all very soon.
Big Hugs & Furry Snuggles