Monday, August 13, 2012

Everyone's a winner...

Morning folks...up with the birdies this morning but feeling a bit bleary eyed after staying up late to watch last night's Closing Ceremony...what can I say...fabulous bits and not so fabulous bits but hey it's each to their own and a very fitting end with Take That...the fabulous Darcey Bussell and The Who proving that the oldies can still rock it...the light show was out of this world...we really know how to put on a show and I did have a giggle at Boris disco dancing...

but it's time to announce the winner of the Mini Makes Kit from The Ribbon Girl...
Congratulations Sue
if you e-mail me with your address your goodie parcel will be on it's way to you soon

I'm just wondering how I'm going to manage without my Olympic fix...for someone who doesn't watch daytime TV...well hardly ever...I've been glued to the box for the last 2 weeks...the planned Olympic Viewing Timetable went completely out of the window and I found myself sitting on the .sofa most days spellbound...wasn't it fact there isn't a word in the English language that would come close to describing how fabulous it all was. I'm so proud of all our was very emotional sharing their Olympic moments...whether they won medals or not each and every one is a champion...
The words of wisdom on this month's calendar page say it all....
but as wonderful as it was stressful heart in the mouth stuff and to be honest I feel like I've been pulled through a wringer...absolutely shattered after jumping every hurdle...swimming every lap...pedalling round and round the velodrome and jumping every obstacle on the 3Day Event course...much more exhausting than cubbyhole duties but no hopes of a medal for me in the Crafty fact I ran out of breath about half way round after nailing the Fiskars Workshop card and the Prima Demo Projects for the NEC and had to do the "no pain no gain" thing to get the step-by-steps done...

and I still have the prep Marathon to run...crikey I need to get in some serious training for that one....perhaps a few practice sprints around the track with this little lot....the much neglected crafty list will kick start the crafty fitness...
and how long have I got before the Paralympics begin and another Viewing Marathon takes over my life again...catch up you all tomorrow
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Congrats to Sue... I know what you mean Kath, I will miss the Olympics it has taken over (in a good way) my life for the last two weeks...Sooo proud of all who took part..Hugs May x x x

  2. I too will miss the Olympics. We always watch as much as we can and this year was so special as always.

  3. Yippee, I see I am the lucky winner, thank you so much Kath. I will Email you my details.
    Yes, I have really enjoyed the Olympics too and it seems a shame it's over.

  4. Hi Kath, I am going to miss them hugely too, have loved every minute of them and looking forward to the Paras, think we have a couple of weeks rest though. I would give you a gold medal Kath, for continuing with all your crafting and doing the games! Love your sneak peeks today and that new Sizzix frame die, I have it but not used it yet so looking to you for inspiration. Congrats to Sue! Crafty hugs, Anne x

  5. It's going to be difficult settling to a routine after the last two weeks. It'll be good to see that you've caught up with the crafty list though Kath!

  6. Hi Kath, by the sound of you I'm almost glad to have been at work and not at home watching the tv lol!

    I'm just watching the closing ceremony now. The flags are in and the athletes are just coming in. Great thing being able to record tv programmes!

    Have a good day and try not to work too hard.

    Kat xx

  7. I wondered if the schedule would hold - obviously not but it sounds as if you kept on top of things........ Well done with the step its too. Looks interesting with the Sizzix frame........
    Paula (PEP)

  8. Congrats to your winner. Will miss the Olympics as well. Hope you and Buddy have great day. Hugs Anesha

  9. Hi Kath,and well done to Sue. Your cards look nice and bright there and the die looks not too delicate. I'm looking forward to see what you make with them.


  10. I agree with you Kath, they were wonderful to watch. it was so nice to have the opportunity to see the excitement everyone showed. I loved seeing the background clips around London.
    Won't the Winter Olympics be back in a couple of years ?
    Love your cards all the time. You could make such a sweet video and let us see Buddy. Give him a big hug for me.


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