Friday, August 17, 2012

On Yer Bike....

Hi Folks...I do apologise for the rather abrupt title of this post...I'm not being rude...just a bit taken aback by the latest suggestion from The Furry Boy...where did his sudden obsession with getting me on a bike come from ...up to now we've been quite happy with the tried and tested Shanks's Pony but I'm not totally against the idea of cycling because I can see the benefits....

toning up the bum...tum and thighs
giving the old heart a good work out
using the car less = saving on fuel
yes all in all good healthy out in the fresh air exercise

but there are lots of "what if's" not to mention a few big BUTS...

the need to invest in a safety helmet sets alarm bells ringing...will I be stepping into the world of dangerous pursuits...will I need knee and elbow padding just in case I unceremoniously fly over the handlebars and me in lycra cycling shorts...well let's not even go there...

I wonder if it has occurred to The Furry Boy he'll have to kick it up a few gears to keep up...gone will be the days of his ambling along sniffing sessions...crikey I hope he doesn't have any ideas about riding pillion..
will I be missing out on nature's snacks as I speed past on 2 wheels
keeping my eyes peeled for those muddy waterhole hazards...
perhaps I should just avail myself of the free fitness equipment provided by our local Council...yes the same one that is constantly cash strapped but yet can find the money for stuff that nobody uses... 

But I may have hit on a solution...the "try before you buy" option...there's a perfectly good...used twice mountain bike and helmet in the garage...another of hubby's great intentions so I'm willing to give it a go for a week and if I don't kill myself I may just take the plunge...never say never...the purchase of a new mode of getting from A to B is definitely under consideration.
But before I rush off to have a little practice whizz around the block it's time to announce the winner of The Furry Boy's little give-away...
please e-mail us with your address Brenda and we'll get your parcel off in the mail
See you all tomorrow for a brand new Colour Challenge over at The Ribbon Girls
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Kathy, oh my you and the handsome ball of fur do live in beautiful surroundings. Truly blessed you are.

  2. Hope you have fun on your bike. Looks like Buddy has a wonderful place to walk. Enjoy your weekend and keep cool. Hugs Anesha

  3. Goodluck with your bike plans
    I can't imagine being without a bike. We Dutch are almost born on one. But then again, no hills in Holland! That makes it a lot easier.

  4. Wonderful photos, everything looks so green and fresh.
    Hugs Sue

  5. Hi Kath, well good for you, I like the try before you buy option and it won't be just you tightening up the muscles, Buddy will have to break into a trot to keep up - oh but will that make him hungrier for more food though...maybe walking is not so bad after all. Crafty hugs, Anne x

  6. Good Luck with the bike plans Kath.. Not sure if Mr Buddy will enjoy a trot than a stroll.. we'll see!! I must say Buddy you look as handsome as ever in these lovely pics.. Have a great weekend to you both!! and A big Congrats to Brenda enjoy your win... Hugs May x x x

  7. sounds like a new adventure allround Kath, I have to say the fitness area and the tennis courts look awesome, we have nothing like that here in Eastbourne all our council money goes on keeping the seafront and promanade looking great...fabby pic's of the furry boys trails...Mel :)

  8. Think Buddy is a bit big for pillion - mind you I've seen a pair of poodles in a basket & cyclists with their companions running alongside down by our canal so it has been done!!! I think Buddy will think again for sniffing looks like too much fun.
    Have a brilliant weekend.
    Paula (PEP)
    Still raining here.

  9. gorgeous surroundings Kath. love the photograph of the wood area - it's so stunning! what about getting a little cart thing that you can attach to the back of the bike and buddy can sit there when he needs to - it will certainly get your heart racing pulling him along lol! Karen x

  10. Think I'll just stick to walking with my boys. I never did have a bike when I was little. Learned when my college class was going to Millport for a field trip. But.....we hired bikes there and they had a basket on the front which kinda unsettled me so I took it back to the hire shop and decided to walk!! Too old to start again now, dogs would laugh at me.

    Kat xx

  11. Kath you'd look a treat in Lycra, perhaps we can find the furry boy some four legged versions so he can look all smart keeping up with you! Give him a hug for picking my name for the goodies, I'll be emailing you shortly when I've got up on your other goings on this weekend.