Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Happy Announcement...

Hi folks...I'm happy to announce that the legs are almost back to normal...I've got that old magic spring in my step back again...thank goodness for that...I was a little worried that I might have to resort to hiring a zimmer for the 5 day NEC marathon which is just a week away now.
3 days in a row of beautiful blue sky sunshine and you can't help but think that Spring is on the definitely puts a smile on your face to see these gorgeous guys nodding their golden heads in the breeze...
and it's going to be a "feast of flowers" kind of a day  for the cubbyhole crew...I really really need to get stuck into my DT projects for the weekend and hey here was me hooting and tooting because I managed to make ONE Kusudama flower and my lovely bloggy buddy Polly has made hundreds of these gorgeous blooms...
check out this absolutely stunning Bridesmaid's Bouquet of Kusudama flowers beautifully decorated with old earrings..little gems and tiny crochet flowers.
Polly's youngest daughter is getting married at Easter...a shabby chic style wedding and the whole family has been making Kusudama flowers...200 made by her son-in-law not mention another 100 fabric flowers...more flowers for the table decorations...86 mixed style button holes and 86 hessian-knife fork and spoon wallets with flowers...phew I take my hat off to you Polly...what a fantastic are indeed a Kusudama flower gold medallist.
And now for a proud Grandma ecstatic grandson Brodie has been chosen to be one of the Aberdeen Football Club mascots at Sunday's Cup Final at Parkhead...woohoo one excited young football fan and one very excited Grandma who will be glued to the box and no doubt shedding a tear or two.
But the proof of the pudding is in the eating or so they say...we'll see how the old legs hold up on this morning's stroll...if I can keep up with The Furry Boy then all is well...if's back to the horse linament
See you all tomorrow 
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Glad to hear you are back on form Kath. Those flowers are fantastic what a dedicated family they are.I bought a carboot full of primulas yesterday so I will be busy but the end result will be fab X

  2. Those flowers are just stunning! I must admit, ever since I discovered papercraft (and Pinterest), I feel I should divorce hubby, just so we can get re-married and use some of these gorgeous ideas.
    Our first wedding was somewhat of a budget affair (including a 2 day honeymoon in Aberdeen! lol), and it somehow seems worth it to re-do the whole thing crafter's style!

    How brilliant for Brodie! My brother will be so jealous. It was his number one wish when he was a wee lad.
    Enjoy the walk, I'm sure the legs will be just fine! x

  3. Hi Kath glad the old aches and pains are improving. What gorgeous flowers, a real family effort and it will always be remembered fondly. Congratulations to grandson, such pride when you see him walk out, nothing can beat that feeling x

  4. Those flowers are stunning Kath. Great news for your Grandson too.
    Hugs Erika.

  5. Glad you feel back on form Kath. I gave our lawn the first cut of the year yesterday and every muscle is screaming out - please send your horse linament this way. Congratulations to your grandson - what a great memory this will give you all. xx

  6. Fab flowers, they will be gorgeous on the day. Congratulations proud grandma too!
    And best of luck out there with the furry boy today - no zimmer for you!


  7. Good to hear that the aches are easing. Congratulations to Brodie, it must be every little boy's dream!

    The flowers are stunning in those beautiful papers and the decorations are gorgeous - clever Polly (and family) Hugs, Anne xx

  8. Glad to hear the legs are getting better Kath - but don't stay away too long from the old treadmill - I find if I go away on holiday I seem to lose all my fitness and feel like I'm back at square one!!! Enjoy the football at the weekend. - fabulous for you and yours xx

  9. What a fabulous bouquet! Glad the old legs have come back to life - woke up with a cricked shoulder (must have been doing a samba in my sleep!) so didn't make it to the allotment today - grrrr - hope to do better tomorrow. X

  10. Those daffodils are beautiful. It's great we're getting some long awaited sunshine now.
    As for those paper flowers, WOW! The bouquet is gorgeous. Well done Polly and her paper folding team.
    I'm glad your old legs are back to normal, I'm sure your furry pal, Buddy will be too.
    Congratulations to Brodie! What a fabulous memory for him... and you! You'll need to get lots of photos then do a fantastic footie scrapbook page for a memory album.
    I hope the sun shines again for the match at the weekend. Have a great time.
    hugs Alexandra x

  11. Hi Kath, hope the legs are back to normal and you enjoyed your walk today. Gorgeous flowers, amazing how some crafters can turn them in to something really special. Brodie will be so excited, our lots off down to cheer them on as they do every week, hope they win! I love to see the kids coming on at the beginning, it's the only bit I watch (not a footie fan)...Trish


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