Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Blimey with a capital B...

Hi folks...today's the day that the day after the day after syndrome kicks in...hard to describe how I feel right now...parts of my body that I never knew existed are currently aching...I feel as though I've been trampled by a stampeding herd of elephants...run over by a convoy of trucks and flew all the way home hanging on to the back of the plane but hopefully in a few days I'll be back to running about like a headless chicken again...thank goodness my Bling Fling Walk wasn't scheduled for this coming weekend or I'd be doing it on my hands and knees.
And talking of Bling Fling I was absolutely overwhelmed by the generosity of the lovely crafty folks at The NEC and thanks to David from Samuel Taylor, David and Brenda from Craft Obsessions, Jane and Penny from Art of Craft... my lovely Fiskars teamie Lynne...special crafty buddy Carol...the lovely folks who came to the Fiskars Workshops and the lovely guy at Aberdeen Airport...I have boosted my sponsorship total by £133.25...thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart.
But back to the mystery of the 4kgs heavier coming home suitcase...how could that have happened when my NEC shopping list was rather modest...the usual must-have Timmie stuff from the lovely David and Brenda at the Craft Obsessions stand which is always rather handily situated across the way from the Fiskars stand.
OK there was the odd extra little splurge here and there...a blending mat from Clarity Stamps...
but nothing that was going to create suitcase packing nightmares...how wrong was I.
You may remember my fascination with the gorgeous gorgeous creations by Jenny Muncaster at Stitches using Pebeo products..beautiful art canvasses which the lovely Ashley from Pebeo assured my Fiskars teamie Hina and I that we could create and promised us a little goodie box to play with...if this is little...I dread to think what big would be...
but with absolutely not a scoobie doo how to use all these products...Jenny...Ashley and the Pebeo team 
very kindly gave us a fabulous one to one workshop at the end of the day...
and here's what I made...our 15 minutes dribbling products everywhere was great fun...left to dry overnight and the texture is amazing...
still have a long way to go before I can make anything as gorgeous as the huge canvasses Jenny created at the show...

but would I have room for all my goodies...a practice packing run was required back at the hotel and it quickly became clear that I might just be able to fit everything into my suitcase if I wore 6 layers of clothes on the way back...that was until Rob MDF Man set the cat amongst the pigeons...Blimey with a capital B...there was no way on earth I would manage to squeeze these beauties in...
but my lovely Fiskars teamie Hina came to the rescue and kindly agreed to speak nicely to Mr Hermes so they are scheduled to arrive in the cubbyhole soon...meanwhile I need to have a bit of a clear the decks session but I'll be back tomorrow to share our "couldn't make it up if you tried" adventures in the company of crazy Mrs Sat Nav.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Am swooning with envy Kath! Looking forward to seeing what you create with these goodies too!
    I remember your post last year after NEC and you were a bit uncomfortable then - hope it eases for you soon x

  2. Wow Kath, what a lovely load of crafty goodies. I'm looking forward to seeing your creations with these.
    Chris x

  3. Wonderful new stash Kath, the round blending tools are on my birthday wish list for next Tuesday...fingers crossed my Hb takes note!! Hope you are a bit more comfy after a day a home. Looking forward to seeing your new creations x

  4. Wow Kath you are one lucky lady with all these goodies. Sure the aches and pains will soon disappear when you start playing x

  5. fab new goodies Kath - I'm surprised you weren't more that 4kg over! wonderful stuff! Have fun with that pebeo stuff - looks amazing - and looking forward to seeing what you do with those draws - I'm altering a set for my dads 80th and not feeling inspired at the moment!!! Big hugs Kath xx

  6. Love your canvas, the colours are gorgeous and the I wish there was touch available for those dribbles. Can't wait to hear how you use the products, enjoy a rest today...maybe? x

  7. Wow Kath, it looks like you may need to knock a wall down in the cubby hole and extend your room - lol! The painting looks like lots of fun and you will love decorating thos drawer from Rob, they are fantastic quality. Hope your aches ease soon... Hugs, Anne xx

  8. Kath your little dribbled canvas is fabulous - love the colours and the textures look wonderful - it looks like a work of art - which it is of course - hope you soon feel back to your normal self, Mary xx

  9. Sorry you're feeling rough today but looking at all those goodies must lift your spirits. What an exciting time you're going to have.Looking forward to sharing the creative processes! Jan

  10. Hi Kath, hopefully that body of yours will get back to it's old ( well maybe not so old ) self again and you'll be running around like a spring chicken once more. What a pile of new goodies, where do you start?..Trish

  11. I love Pebeo products and these canvasses are right up my alley! My legs and feet are just coming round from my walking week-end and I actually managed to put on a pair of high heels tonight to meet the High Sheriff of Berkshire. An amazing lady and she didn't clap me in irons - which was a bonus! Love the look of those drawers - a girl can never have too many....X


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