Wednesday, March 12, 2014

In A Word...Fandabbidosie

Hi folks...I had an absolutely fandabbidosie fabulous fun time down in Glasgow...this is a mega post with lots of pics coming up so it may be a good time to make a cuppa and take the weight off. And the fun started the minute we got on the Scotrail train in Aberdeen...jammed packed with lots of MB groupies all heading to The we pulled out of the station the Train Manager came on the intercom..."Hi Girls...Welcome to this Special Mickey Bubble Express...we will get you all to Glasgow as quickly as we can". After checking in to my hotel...a quick shower...the all important polyfilla job and changing into my Buble Party Gear...I hopped in a taxi to the SECC for a catch up with lots of crafty buddies...
it was lovely to spend a couple of hours chatting to Jane and Penny at Art of gorgeous bud Lorraine at Pink Frog...David at Samuel Taylor...the lovely Rich at Lili of The Valley...Anni from Damselfly Crafts and Ann who was working on the Decopatch stand before I headed off to the Stitching Hall to check out these gorgeous embroidered creations from my lovely buddy Linda on the Embroiders Guild stand...
and look what caught my eye...the Knitted Village...absolutely stunning and the detail was mind boggling...

But the magical time was drawing near so I got myself a coffee and popped out to the front door to wait for my fellow Buble groupies...the lovely Allison and Elaine and lo and behold I got chatting to these two beauties...the gorgeous Fiona and Tracy who were also hyper excited about their date with Mr Buble...
so we headed to the nearest bar for a little swallie (alcoholic beverage in Glasgow speak)...thanks girls it was lovely to meet you and spend some time chatting.  And then my mega mega excited companions arrived and I'm sure you can guess who was the main topic of conversation as we tucked into a yummy dinner and a few more swallies...
before we headed across the way to The Hydro...
the 13,000 crowd nearly took the roof off the building when the gorgeous Mickey Bubbles arrived on stage and treated us all to over 2 hours of sensational Buble favourites...a truly fabulous rocking and rolling experience I will never forget but I'm not going to bore you with all the "didn't come out as well as I hoped" photos...those strobe lights may be great for effect but they don't half play havoc with your camera but I did manage to get a little video of one of my favourite MB songs....Save The Last Dance For Me...
and it pains me to tell you that my lovely buddy Allison actually touched his hand on his "meet the fans" walkabout...not that I'm jealous or anything but my face has now turned a peculiar shade of green...lucky lucky girl. He didn't want to leave and neither did made 13,000 folks very happy Mickey Bubbles...we love you and yes you were "fricking awesome".
I had a great night's sleep no doubt dreaming of you know who and a hearty Full English before I set off on my planned retail therapy marathon...arrived at Argyle of Glasgow's premier shopping streets at 10.00am to find it deserted...where was everyone...
and quickly realised that the previous night's mega non-stop 2 hour dancing marathon had taken it's toll on the old legs...crikey I could hardly put one foot past the other so after just a little shop I took myself off to the M&S Cafe and spend most of the morning chilling out...drinking coffee...thanks to my free Hot Drink vouchers...
before I tackled the short walk up to George Square and another rest stop before heading to the station to catch my train back home...
Obviously my old legs can't keep up with my "she thinks she's still a young thing" brain...perhaps I should be acting my age instead of my shoe size...well that ain't gonna happen and despite the feeling right now that I may never walk properly again...would I do it bet your life I would...NO PAIN...NO GAIN....haste ye back to Scotland Michael...I'm sure I'll be fine after a couple of days of warm baths and lots of horse linament. But the brain seems to have joined the dottery old lady party...I need to consult the calendar because I have absolutely no idea which day of the week it is...
See you all tomorrow
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Aw... what FUN, Kath! Love your photos and thanks for sharing our Canadian treasure! I enjoy your post thoroughly!xoxo

  2. What a wonderful time you had Kath. Fabulous pictures of both MB and Glasgow. No wonder your aching a bit. Hopefully your pain has gone by now. Wish I had been there. Hugs Rita xxx

  3. Sounds a fabulous time was had by all Kath, I hope your legs are on the road to recovery...the photos are fantastic...Hugs May x x x

  4. Well I am sure the aches and pains will be a reminder of the fabulous time you had. What an exciting event. Loved the pictures especially the knitted village x

  5. Love that knitted village! No point going to a concert to stand like a statue, so glad you gave it yon and had a hoolie! Aches and pains are the price you pay ... ask me how I know, I'm waaay too old for the concerts I go to ha! hope the aches fade much faster than the memories .. Ger x
    P.S. That pic of M&S Argyll St had me going, Millers craft shop is just around the corner! :)

  6. What fun Kath, loved the photos x

  7. wow Kath - looks like a totally awesome day - thanks for sharing the video - and for all your news - it was particularly nice to see the streets of Glasgow - I lived there for a couple of years in what seems like a different life but I loved the vibrancy of the city. Don't recall the hydro though! Big hugs to you xx

  8. Obviously you had a great time. Thanks for the video looks like you had great seats. I went to see Bryan Ferry last October and had VIP tickets and met him for photos and chat. What a night.I'll never forget it. Such a lovely man !!x

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  10. Hi Kath, lovely photos, I've not been down since they started the Hydro so great to see it all lit up at night. So glad you the show was fantastic but I don't think he would ever disappoint an audience would he? It must have taken ages to knit that gorgeous village, everything looks so cute. Speaking of gorgeous, what about this lovely sunshine we're getting just now, roll on summer time...Trish

  11. The knitted village is just fabulous. Thanks for sharing your photos with us and the little vid of the Man! Hugs, Anne xx

  12. That knitted village must have been a labour of love. What a feat! Thanks for sharing your night out with us here, looks like you had a great night and quiet visit in the town. Glasgow must have been treating you gently after all the excitement of the night before, lol.
    I'll be in Glasgow tomorrow, near George square too, but not so much fun for me though, I'm attending a work meeting there. :o(