Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Saga of Mrs Sat Nav...

Hi folks...the saga of yet another of my "couldn't make it up if you tried" adventures but this time it wasn't me that was having Mrs Numptie moments but more about that in a mo.  Set Up Day is always a bit frantic and with 280 squares to be cut from the magnet paper I was in need of some  "time to bring out the big guns" assistance and it just so happens that I work for a company that is renowned worldwide for it's cutting tools so I grabbed the brand new Fiskars Procision Rotary Trimmer...a serious piece of kit which made light work of this task and it sure impressed this "been around the block a few times" crafter...
the dual rail system eliminates blade wiggle ensuring you get straight ultra precise cuts every time. The Rotary Bypass blade never needs replacing and will cut multiple layers of cardstock, paper and thin chipboard. And the added bonus for us folds for easy storage and transportation.  I haven't got mine room in the suitcase I'm afraid but I'm hoping he'll arrive soon along with this rather cool tote for my Fuse... 

which I have already earmarked as my new hold luggage for the Birmingham trips...very more worries about fitting in lots of crafty splurge purchases.
But back to the saga of Mrs Sat Nav...after set up...half of the weary Fiskars team...Hina at the wheel...our lovely Commander in Chief Caroline in the back with the luggage and me as back up navigator set off on what we thought was a short hop onto the motorway and off again to arrive at our hotel but Mrs SN had other ideas and goodness knows what page of the map she was looking at...she kept repeating "take the 6th exit at the roundabout" so we did and lo and behold there was our hotel but on the other side of the motorway...not daunted by such a little hiccup we continued...waiting for her to update but suddenly she was silent so we drove on until we could do a U turn and head back to the roundabout thinking that perhaps we had miscounted the exits...counting carefully we took the 6th my kilt the same very one and here we are again in sight of our hotel with no way to get to it so we put our heads together and worked out that it wasn't the 6th exit we needed to take but the 5th so maths isn't her strong point either.  We remembered from November that there was a petrol station just before the entrance to the hotel and as we turned in Mrs SN was busy telling us to "keep right and continue for another 1.5 miles". But ever optimistic the Fiskars girls left the hotel each morning hopeful that today would be the day she would get it right...
but it wasn't to be and every night we left the show to embark on another "where will we end up" adventure requiring a "head in my hands...get me a drink" visit to the bar...
our trip to a local Toby Carvery on Saturday night to meet up with our lovely Fiskars buddy Rachel was hilarious...Mrs Sat Nav took us via Coventry...5 miles in completely the wrong direction when the venue was only a hop skip and a jump from our hotel so determined to prove that our navigational skills were better than hers...on the way home we switched this crazy lady off and did it our way....yeeehaaa there were cheers of delight and lots of hooping and hollering when we pulled into the hotel car park and headed for the bar to celebrate.
See you all tomorrow with more news from The NEC and a little give-away
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Sat Navs sometimes have a mind of their own...goodness me what a pain! I love the look of that cutter Kath and the fact it folds is brilliant x

  2. Hi Kath great story, you could write a book, maybe the Wayward Sat Nav as the title. Cutter looks fab x

  3. I do love to hear about your escapades, this one is so funny (but not at the time I bet). Love the look of that cutter, think I might need to invest in one of those..... Hugs, Anne xx

  4. so glad you manage to see the funny side of this Kath - it must have been so frustrating xx

  5. Oh dear that sat nag sounds as bad as ours - we have a german car and it doesn't like English postcodes, will only take the first part. When we finally get to destinations now, we always remember to set them as a memory point - that way subsequent trips to the same place, we don't get lost. That fuse tote looks great, very sturdy and roomy x