Thursday, March 6, 2014

Anyone for Coffee...

Hi folks...crikey where does time certainly doesn't stand still that's for sure...hamster wheel and constantly playing catch up springs to mind but the projects for this afternoon's workshop are done and we're all packed up and ready to go. I'm planning a feet up lazing on the sofa kind of a morning...chilling out with a coffee or two and catching up with the latest issue of Craft Stamper and the February issue of Simply Homemade sent to me by the lovely folks at Practical Publishing...
featuring my Fiskars Coffee Break...Mother's Day Card
check out the gorgeous free paper collection and very on trend canvas labels...
and I'm hooting and tooting from the rooftops...I've actually managed to make a Kusudama flower...
it's hardly earth shattering news...not likely to become a YouTube sensation but for someone who is challenged on every front when it comes to following instructions and has steered clear of the wonderful art of origami or paper folding...I still can't believe I managed it and hey it looks just like the one Julie made on Create and Craft at the launch of the fabulous Paper Artistry Kit from Craftwork Cards...gorgeous double sided Kitsch Papers...matching die cuts and woohoo double sided Candi...
And if you want to have a go at making this gorgeous Origami Dahlia....
Julie has shared a fabulous step-by-step "perfect for numpties like me" tutorial on the Craftwork Cards Blog...I'm off to have a go...will you join me and if you haven't got the Kitsch Collection yet...a little birdie tells me it's now available on the website HERE
See you all tomorrow
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Good Morning Kath. Good for you to get everything done and I think you deserve a feet up kinda day. That Origami flower is amazing, specially made with such gorgeous papers. Hugs Rita xxx

  2. Hi Kath everything looks good here. Must admit not too good on the old paper folding myself, but will have a look. Yours looks great, enjoy your feet up time today x

  3. Kath
    Stunning flower and they really are easy to make aren't they, but they look amazing!
    Loving the Kitsch collection!
    You must have a go at the Dahlia it too is easy but looks great on a card or as a flower in a bottle!
    I made some really small ones and added them to cards which looked lovely too?
    Enjoy your lazy morning, I would like to join you for a coffee on the sofa, but lots to get done today!
    Watch this space!

  4. you're so clever Kath - it looks brilliant - and those papers look gorgeous xx

  5. That made me smile, I had a day making those Kusudama flowers and only managed 2 but they are beautiful. Saw your Mum card in Homemade, I think Fiskars should attribute beautiful creations like that. Love the little crochet sheep on page 30 too.
    Enjoy your feet up time, you certainly deserve it! Hugs, Anne x

  6. I must try making those because I think they are beautiful, thanks foe the inspiration x

  7. Looks like a good day Kath - enjoy! Fabulous dahlia too. Susan x