Tuesday, March 4, 2014

One Happy Fiskars Bunny...

Hi folks...I'm feeling a bit cock-a-hoop this morning...it's been a rather productive start to the week on the DIY front...I managed to tick a few more tasks off that list but before the big painting doors and frames marathon starts...I need to go and order the new spindles and handrails for the stairs (who knows how long they will take to arrive) and then wait for the joiners to return to fit them...I tell you who said being a project manager was easy...a logistical nightmare with the word WAIT featuring on a regular basis.
But back to the crafty stuff...tooter-oot-er-oo...the Workshop Project for Hobbycraft NEC is in the bag...
I decided in my wisdom to use the Dylusions Inks to colour up some Fiskars workshops card...a lot of card in fact...so after Saturday's class at The Papeterie...I took over the workshop table...laid out 20 sheets of A3 Diamond White Cardstock for a great big production line spritzing session...
why mess up your own work place when you have access to someone else's is my motto and the job was done in a jiffy but it might have been a good idea to wear gloves...driving home with a police car in my rear view mirror did have me wondering if they had spotted my "up to no good" hands and were about to pull me over and my "mad as a box of frogs" reputation was definitely sealed when I popped into my local M&S for milk causing much hilarity at the tills about me printing my own bank notes but I'm not home and dry just yet...pardon the pun...it looks like I might be wearing gloves for the foreseeable future when venturing out in public places...you'll know how bad they were when even Mr Scrubbie was flummoxed...despite 3 days of showering and scrubbing...there's still a faint tinge of the Mrs Shrek look about my fingers.
But ever onward...I now need to cut these big boys into 4" x 4" squares...
and get on with the rest of the kitting...
See you all tomorrow
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. That made me laugh out loud. But if your hands are still stained it's not funny. Try rubbing them with nail varnish remover - it dries your akin out like mad but I've never yet met an inkstain it didn't shift! (That's something I learned at school when I wanted to dress up and go out at night and didn't want my inly hands to give away the fact that I was still young enough to be at school)

  2. I can't believe Mr scrubbie didn't work Kath - they must have been terrible - lol xx

  3. I can absolutely picture all of this!
    Incidentally, you may also have inadvertently worried any Sci-fi fans you came across during your "blue hands" phase (The Film "Serenity" features bad guys who are described as having "hands of blue"...)
    Hope you manage to get them clean soon! x

  4. That's a great tip from Jane, must try that one.

    You really did give me the giggles, I can just imagine your concern at seeing the Police in your mirror. I think your inky fingers were worth it too, those sheets of card look amazing, like the beautiful Mediterranean sea..... Hugs, Anne x

  5. I use bleach Yikes!!! it does work a treat but you need lots of sweet smelling handwash afterwards...Love the colours you have created....Hugs May x x x

  6. Lovely shade of blue have you tried hairspray not your best elnette as I have heard it works With police behind it was a good job it was blue and not red !!!!! Best wishes ginny x

  7. I had to giggle at this tale Kath!!

    Christine x


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