Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Is there any willpower going spare...

Hi folks...I'm wondering if anyone has some spare willpower they could send my way...I'm struggling to stay indoors in this wonderful sunshine weather...looking for any old excuse to play truant and duck outside...hanging out the washing and snatching a quick 10 minute coffee break....popping out to the photo studio...sounds posh but it's just that old storage room at the back of the garage ended up in another 15 minutes in the sun coffee break and willpower flew right out of the window when Mr UPS came to call...
with a parcel of new goodies from the time I got to grips with my nemesis...releasing everything from it's packaging...the day was gone...
but I have managed to finish some projects and there are sneaky peeks to prove it...

one more play with Flower Garden...I did warn you I was a "have no willpower" hopeless case
See you all tomorrow
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. I tell you what we could do Kath - you can have and enjoy the sunshine in your gorgeous garden with the fabulous furry friend to all, Buddy. Then all you would have to do is get all your DT goodies sent to me and I'll create them for you hun - if only it was that easy lol!
    I'm not a sun seeker so the sun doesn't really matter to me and I get burnt very quickly too and I'd happily swap sunny weather for some of your glorious goodies. Just off to check out what else I have missed the last few days Karen x

  2. Enjoy the sun while you can. Dull here today hope it is better up there x

  3. You have to make the most of the sunshine Kath do I do blame you ..,looking forward to seeing what's in your package


  4. Lovely peeks.
    Make the most of the sun whilst you can - it's looking very grey down here and the forecast is for thunder storms by tomorrow.
    Toni xx

  5. Is there not a wee job you could do while you are in the sun? Die cutting or spritzing paper?? That way you get best of both!! Crafting and sunshine, perfect! Coz here in the west of the central belt the sun is shining again, magic!

    Big hugs
    Roni :D xx

  6. Like Toni, we are expecting the weather to turn tomorrow too, so I would say just enjoy the sunshine while it is there and judging by your beautiful sneak peeks you are managing to enjoy the sun and do some beautiful work too!! We are just off to the Garden Centre now..... Hugs, Anne xx

  7. Oh my! no contest hunnie box of goodies to play with or sun in the garden...errrr new box of goodies it is then and probably no sleep too lol
    The sneek peeks look awesome, can't wait to see them in full x
    Sandie x

  8. I'd enjoy the sun while you can and craft when it's wet - get the best of both worlds then!!

  9. Enjoy the sunshine as much as you can Kath x

  10. ah Kath - willpower has a time and a place - and this was neither! Big hugs Rachel x