Tuesday, April 21, 2015

It's Time For A Give-Away...

Hi folks...the sun seems to have taken up permanent residence in my neck of the woods...3 weeks of beautiful sunshiney days with just the occasional hiccup...I can live with that and what better way to kick off a gorgeous blue sky Wednesday than with a give-away...a very generous £10 voucher to spend in The Ribbon Girl online store from the lovely Mary and Andrea...
you could be treating yourself to some of these gorgeous goodies...

all you have to do is leave your name with Inlinkz below before 8pm on Sunday and I'll announce the lucky winner bright and early on Monday morning...
And sunshine means alfresco breakfasts at silly o'clock...my favourite time of day with only my furry companion and the birds for company...
I'm slightly obsessed at the moment waiting to see if the re-seeding of the lawn is going to work...eyes peeled for the slightest hint that eventually there will be an all-over carpet of green again...a bit like watching paint dry but the resident sparrow population have other ideas...the news that there's a new restaurant in town has travelled fast...the cheeky little beggars are obviously embracing their very own social media technology and "tweeting" all in sundry to come and enjoy the "all you can eat" breakfast lunch and dinner bonanza...
my scary "scarecrow morning hair" look doesn't seem to work and the resident guard dog is too busy snoozing so we may have to resort to drastic measures and kidnap one of the neighbourhood cats for a week...here kitty kitty.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. You are so generous Kath. Thanks for the giveaway !

  2. My daily routine is to read you post, with a cup of tea then its of to work. Thanks for the giveaways and inspiration Kath and of corse not forgetting Beautiful Buddy xxx

  3. Thank you for the chance at the giveaway.
    Lovely photo of Buddy 'laughing'. We have sunshine at the moment but you would need to wrap up like Nanook of the North to be able to sit out of a morning - temps don't improve until about 1pm most days. Hope the sparrows don't remove too much seed.
    Toni xx

  4. Ah, the birds! The only thing I can think of is something my old Dad used to do - take some top soil (from elsewhere in the garden), sprinkle it over the seeds and pat down. Birds generally only like seeds and won't 'dig' for them but will take those on the surface. You could tie aluminium foil strips to some sticks to scare them, but they generally get used to that quite quickly..... good luck with them!

    Buddy is looking very fetching this morning Hope you have a good day and thanks for the chance to win the give-away too! Hugs, Anne xx

  5. Oh Kath, brekkie in the garden is my total fav too!
    We have worked on our bird feeding station (as my OH calls it lol) over the past couple of years and we now have such an array of gorgeous birds all through the day visiting that it makes it even more of a joy (and trust me, I'm a city girl! I don't do outside! but even I love it now!
    My OH planted a new section for wild flowers for the birds! But he bought 3 x as many seeds as he needed to 'allow' the birds to eat some!!! I kid you not!!! I think he needs to start crafting lol
    Hugs for the fab giveaway hun, you are a star x
    Sandie xxx

  6. Thanks Kath for the chance to win.
    Love the photos of Buddy x

  7. We don't get the sun till lunchtime out our back Kath, so its alfresco lunches for me and my furry friend Hugo !!

    hugs Diane xx

  8. Good luck with the birds Kath ..... and thanks for the chance to win. Have a lovely day. xx

  9. Thanks and good luck with the lawn. We are enjoying our outside room too courtesy of the sunshine.

  10. Very generous of you Kath - thanks for the chance! I hope the rest of your week is wonderful Karen x

  11. Oh dear, those little birds look like they're enjoying the feast!

    Thanks for the chance to win a lovely prize. Good luck everyone. :-)

  12. Thanks so much Kath for chance to win. Love the Ribbon Girl. Lots of beautiful sun here too. Nicola x