Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Have You Ever Felt...

Hi folks...I'm back in the cubbyhole after spending the weekend in the company of my crazy mates...the Friday Girls...gallivanting around the countryside despite the "all seasons in one day" weather and come evening the intrepid adventurers were ready to crash out and watch TV (crikey the final episode of Line Of Duty had us on the edge of our seats) or continue our ongoing Scrabble Champion battle or in my case...with a magazine commission nipping at my heels...catch up with some crafty homework using my bulging at the seams  "have you ever FELT you're showing all the symptoms of suffering from yet another addiction" box of yummy felt...
getting ahead of the game with some very relaxing felt decorative stitching...
magazine commission naughty sneaky peek coming up...
And with only 3 days left to tackle this week's list of things to do...I suspect it's going to be one of those "oh what the heck" kind of weeks...for starters...that rarely seen lately yellow ball in the sky is back...so do I continue with the garden tidy up or just have a "there's always tomorrow-12 Tags of 2016" play day....decisions...decisions.
Toodle-oo for now
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Love the sneak peek and the bag of flowers ready to be made into something fabulous! <3

  2. Your sneak peak looks very interesting Kath


  3. Love the look of that felt.
    Reading about the weather in your cornernof the world makes me all the more thankful that we decided to move to Crete. We've been celebrating Greek Orthodox Easter this Sunday with a bbq with a few Dutch friends, and we were able to sit outside until 9.

  4. Felt is to tactile... I dare not indulge in another 'must have' though but your beautiful flower has my fingers itching.... nothing nicer than sewing onto felt! Sounds like you had a great weekend and let's hope that Mr Sun stays with us for the rest of the week too... Hugs, Anne xx

  5. Sounds like a super weekend and your 'peek' looks so pretty.
    Toni xx

  6. Hi Kath,
    I'm feeling the need to root out my pack of felt and have some fun :). I saw it recently and wondered why on earth I bought it in the first place...thinking that I must have picked it up instead of craft foam. Now I feel I need to get crafting and make some funky flowers.
    Wow...I have to agree with you about Line of Duty...I didn't see the first two series (DVD order is needed I think), however, I really got into it and was worried that 'Dot' Cottan was actually going to manage to talk his way out of everything...he was a real smooth operator wasn't he. Poor Steve spent most of the last show in the cells didn't he, being despised by the uniforms...whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty, I asked myself. Now I can't wait for series 4 and will have to console myself in the craft room while I wait...what a chore...NOT!!
    Bejay xx

  7. Great post Kath.Love the sneaky peak.Huggles to you and Cuddles for Buddy.xxx

  8. You have certainly been busy Kath and your sneaky peak looks gorgeous..........look forward to viewing the rest of the project x I am still cleaning my craft room and with all a stash accrued over the last 23 years it might take some time!!!!
    I really need to be ruthless, but thats's not easy !!!!

    TFS and hugs
    Annie x

  9. Lovely sneaky peak. I hope you have had a good day!
    Linda xxx

  10. Wow, these felt flowers with stitching are such fab embellies! Great inspiration, TFS!

  11. Thanks for the sneak peek, looks wonderful! Enjoy the sunshine or Tim tagging or hopefully both! Deb xo


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