Thursday, May 19, 2016

It's All GO...

Hi's going to be ALL GO in the cubbyhole today...I'm on a mission to finish off a FELT FRENZY magazine commission...
because the gravel has whole ton of the stuff to be moved from the driveway to the back garden...
it's going to be a slow "Rome wasn't built in a day" bucket load at a time...that's for sure. I did think I could muster a human chain of friendly helpers but suddenly everyone seems to be busy but it looks like this will be yet another task put on hold...according to the man from The Met it's going to be RAIN...RAIN...RAIN right through the weekend...
so it's time for PLAN B...marooned in our crafty space "watching the rain run down the window"...getting back to the many crafty list projects waiting their turn on the cubbyhole production line sounds a far more fun alternative.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Sounds like life is busy, busy, busy for you at the moment.
    The garden is looking great and the shingle will really finish off that corner by the shed.
    Gosh you have lots lined up on your crafting list - have fun.
    Toni xx

  2. Wow Kath, that's a lot of projects there on the go, you need to spend time in the craft room, so perhaps the rain is a good thing - for once! Hope you get some help with the gravel... Hugs, Anne xx

  3. Looking forward to seeing your projects! Maybe it's good it's going to rain cause you can have fun crafting and your helpers might be free when it stops! xxx

  4. Oh my your are a busy bee! Good Luck! Look forward to seeing your projects.
    Linda xxx

  5. Oh Kath,
    At least you have loads of projects to keep you busy until you can get out to the garden again. I have the same problem on a smaller scale though thank goodness. I'm putting a gravel path through the dirt in the back garden after digging up all the grass. I've managed to dig out a channel for the weed fabric to go down...then it rained!! My seating area has come to a standstill as well, apart from all the nasturtium seedlings that have decided to pop up out of nowhere lol. I'm cheating though and am laying an instant 'lawn'...artificial grass for this girl :). It's come on in leaps and bounds over the years and it looks so lifelike these days, if you go for the more expensive types. It's still cheaper than laying turf and buying a new lawnmower and it's also cheaper than gravel (which my back wouldn't allow me to move anyway). I just need the weather to change again so that I can get out there. I did manage to make a pretty card today though so I wasn't too disappointed in the end :)
    Bejay x

  6. A huge task to get the gravel round to the back garden. Maybe a kindly neighbour will offer a wheelbarrow Kath !! What about the grandkids.....can you enlist their help ?
    Anyway...looks like you are not short of things to do rain or shine !!! Look forward to viewing your projects as always

    Hugs Annie x

  7. The garden is going to be so lovely. Good luck moving all that gravel. Makes my cranky old knees hurt to look at it. It will be worth it when finished, however.


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