Wednesday, May 4, 2016

May The Fourth Be With You...

Hi folks...I'm a bit late to the party this morning after yesterday's pottering around in the garden session...cutting back shrubs...tidying up borders and pots meant the old body needed some serious coaxing just to get out of bed. The problem is I don't do that whole "Rome wasn't built in a day" thing...I'm more a "I've I'll finish" kind of a girl and that's why at this moment in time I'm walking like a pregnant duck and wondering where I put that can of WD40.
Spring has finally arrived...the plants are beginning to wake up from their Winter slumbers and put on a bit of a show...

so it was time for me to do my bit and get rid of the grime that Winter left behind and that can only mean one thing...don the "fashion statement" welly boots and look out the power washer...
the magical wand that powers it way through the grime but should come with a Government Health Warning...get the angle wrong and you'll have a mouth full of spray and a mud splattered face...
but once everything starts to dry...there's a feeling of  "before and after" satisfaction despite the fact I'm soaked to the skin and the old body is in need of some serious pampering...
And with the garden tidy up not quite finished...will it be another "garden" day...well that all depends if this morning's stroll with my Furry Companion loosens up the achey muscles but hey...let's be optimistic...all will be well...after's National Star Wars May The Fourth Be With You and ME especially...
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Hi Kath, I know what you mean...the hint of a sunny day and we're out there going mad. I have to say that it was bordering on too hot down here yesterday as, for once, there was no wind. I went out the back and decided it would be a good thing to pull off all the flowerheads of the dandelions that have taken up residence. Better to do that than let them seed, I'm thinking..of course, it didn't stop there...why take off the flowers when the ground's soft enough to pull the plants up? Thirty minutes later I'm bent over double unable to stand up straight and I'm trying to stop the dog from digging where she shouldn't. She turned 8 on Monday and she's only just discovered that it's fun to dig...the other night, well 1:00am, she wanted to go out. I just ipened the back door and went back to bed to wait for HOUR later she's still not back so I stumble out of bed to go look for her...she's spent the hour digging a very large hole and I found her just sitting in it looking around to see if anything is going on!! She had to have a darned good soaking before I let her anywhere any furniture, something I didn't expect to be doing at that time of the morning lol
    Bejay x

  2. I have just popped into the house from the garden, what a glorious day, washing out and blustering away in the's so good to be outside, even if none of us can walk later, it's so worth it...onwards and upwards Kath...your garden is looking good...enjoy...xx

  3. Your garden is looking good Kath - enjoy the sunshine.
    Happy May the Fourth.
    Toni xx

  4. My the Fourth be with you too :) Thank you for sharing your photographs of the garden. Happy to report the weather has been gorgeous here too.
    Linda xxx

  5. LOL dear lady, you never learn do you?! I am not surprised you are sore, I hope today was a better day for you! I love that your clematis is ready to burst into bloom, hopefully summer is on the way. Please pace yourself.... Hugs, Anne xx

  6. Morning Kath. I so know where you are coming from!!! I to will work until the job in hand is finished!!

    Usually with the other half sighing and asking when are you going to stop??? So annoying.

    I hope your walk helped you this morning, just being with your gorgeous dog must help?

    Any how hope you have a good day what ever you do. Hugs. Jan.x


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