Tuesday, May 10, 2016

We're having a heatwave...

Hi folks...woohoo we're having a heatwave...in the words of the song "a tropical heatwave and the temperature's rising" and I'm doing a happy dance...it's such a treat to have 3 or 4 days of beautiful warm sunshine on the trot...I'm a real outdoorsey girl so no surprise I spent the whole weekend in the garden with The Furry Boy supervising from his sunny vantage point...in his usual "I'm not sleeping...just resting my eyes" style...
while I busied myself with a bucket of paint and the biggest brush I could find...giving the shed a bit of a long overdue make-over before moving on to the new fence and strange as it may seem...I was finding the whole outdoor painting experience rather therapeutic...
that is...until I moved on to painting the dreaded trellis...crikey that's a painting the Forth Bridge kind of a task and no mistake...
and check out the crackle...genuine weather beaten crackle...not the craft product kind but determination and lots of cuppas won the day and there were whoops of delight when it was done.
Hubby will be digging out the last of the shrubs today...he doesn't know it yet...I need to pick the right moment to drop that bombshell and then I'll be laying the weed suppressing mat...visiting the garden centre to buy new plants and loads of pebbles to complete the "making life easier for this old gardener" look.
And I even got round to giving my Fiskars mower it's first outing of the year...
and no maintenance required after it's Winter slumber in the shed either...the coated steel blades are still as super sharp as they were when it came out of the box. They do say the glorious weather is set to continue until the end of the week so I'm taking a "I won't tell if you don't" break from the cubbyhole and I'm writing my sick note as we speak. Let's enjoy it while we can.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Dont blame you for taking a rest in the glorious sunshine Kath we all need a break from the craft room at some point...


  2. Make the most of it Kath, it has turned wet & muggy down here in the South. So enjoy it while you can.
    Toni xx

  3. Great to hear you and Buddy are having some of that hot yellow thing in the sky lol,long may it last.Love your painting and that crackle is brilliant.Take care,don't over work the husband toooo much hee hee.Huge Huggles and Cuddles for Buddy.xxx

  4. It has been so wonderful Kath, may it long continue, and the smell from the washing is so gorgeous, oh I love it......don't overdo the painting lady, looks great but chill abit...enjoy....xxx

  5. Oh Kath, beautiful brushwork on the shed, trellis and fence going on there :). I wish my garden was big enough for a shed...I guess if I pulled up the apple trees I'd have the space but then I wouldn't have any use for it as it would take up al the garden lol. I'll most likely end up with one of those storage trunk thingies you can get:). Yesterday down here in the south west we had RAIN!! It helped me notice that the gutters needed sorting...thank goodness I'm in a bungalow. So this morning, as it was dry, I went out with my multi function ladder and promptly nearly fell off as the bottom of my trainers were wet! I managed to get all the disgusting much out of the gutter but it splattered all over the path, so the next job was to wash it all down...the handle of the broom snapped!! I managed with a reserve and once I was able to wrestle the manhole cover up I could sweet all the standing water down there. Of course I told her furry ladyship to get in and she decided it was a better option to run through the quagmire I'd created...what a good job the kitchen floor is still bare concrete until the new flooring is delivered. The sun is out now though, the dog is asleep on the sofa, the cat is asleep out on the path (before it completely dried) and I'm sitting here letting yet another cuppa go cold, getting over my morning adventures :)
    Bejay x

  6. Your garden is looking gorgeous, I spent the day in the garden yesterday on a sunbed soaking up the rays. Today here in my neck of the woods it is raining! Typical! I hope it the sun is still out up your way.
    Linda xxx

  7. You did a great job Kath - do you hire yourself out by any chance - great rates - lol! Sadly our beautiful weather turned into wind and rain again today. My friend Mo has been visiting for a few days, we missed the sunshine as we were too busy crafting, and now it's raining - gotta love British weather!! Hugs, Anne xx

  8. Hey! Lovely work and I love the color. You're talented not only in the craft room, but outside as well! When you've got it, flaunt it, so they say! :) Great job!

  9. Lovely picture of the furry boy. I have a golden retriever too. He is 14 and we lost his half brother two years ago from a twisted gut. They are such a lovely breed aren't they? Good work with painting. Your garden looks fab, well done. x


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