Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The camera doesn't lie...

Hi folks...well I did manage to salvage my Wanderlust project BUT they say the camera doesn't lie...definitely NOT TRUE...because in real's not as in your face ORANGE as it looks in the photos...let's just call it a rather bright RUST...
I may have missed out the crackle technique on the back panel but more than made up for it on the centre one...
A live and learn experience but hey...if everything went according to plan all of the boring would life be...

My Wanderlust Journey is being put on hold for a I'll be back in the world of Fabulous Felt but first I need to look out the sou'wester and wellies for our wet and guaranteed to be muddy morning stroll in the forest and I suspect we'll both need a hose down and some snuggle time with a big fluffy towel.  Have fun whatever you're planning and I'll see you all tomorrow.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. I think your make turned out fabulous Kath x love the crackle of the centre panel and the layout of your embellishments

    Like you we have rain again, which was pretty heavy last night so the ground is sodden

    Enjoy your walk

    Annie x

  2. I love rust, no matter what colour it is, so this looks pretty amazing to me Kath, the crackling is superb and the butterflies are just the icing on the cake! Gorgeous!

    Sadly, it is coming down like stair rods here, but I guess we need it....

    Hugs, Anne xx

  3. the rust & crackle, tis stunningly beautiful!! Horrible weather here too Kath. Hugs Axxx

  4. I just knew you would turn it into something fabulous, love it Kath...
    The over night rain was torrential, but at the moment we have sunshine, so lets hope it was just a good garden

  5. Wow, I just adore this creation. What an amazing project. Sending hugs to Buddy. :)

  6. WOWSERS!! This is fabulous! I love the crackle and great background. I hope you enjoyed your walk and didn't get too muddy.
    Linda xxx

  7. Looks like your project turned out fine to me, Kath! Love all the texture on the back panel and the crackle is so effective, and the blue and orange tones work so well together. Maybe one of these days I'll venture into the inky, messy side of crafting but for now will admire your artwork in the virtual crafty world! Hugs, Lisa x

  8. Fabulous piece Kath - hope you didn't get too wet.
    Toni xx

  9. Hi Kath,
    Dare I say that I've had to close the curtains in my front room because the sun is too bright!?!?! Mind you, it was hosing it down last night. The pots really needed the moisture though and I don't mind if it rains at night :).
    The project is fantastic, Kath. There are so many TH products that I want to try but saving up for complete new storage for the craft room really has to come first...I've decided to go for some towers of Really Useful Boxes for everything and a nice hand-held label printing machine to mark them all up with...then I can go made and start buying some new products to play with :).
    I think the 'bright rust' looks fantastic, Kath and I love the crackle on the panel.
    Bejay x

  10. Oh My! I need to come and take a class (or rather many) from you!!! How you do this is beyond me! So beautiful and so cool!

  11. This is absolutely fab! I love the bright rust colour, it really stands out! I hope you enjoyed your walk and didn't get too wet! xxx


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