Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Back To The Crafty Day Job...

Hi folks...it's been a bit of a juggling balls and spinning plates kind of a weekend for the cubbyhole crew starting off with unpacking the 22 box delivery from Ikea...
the unpacking took way longer than the actual construction and I now have enough corrugated cardboard to last me for the rest of my life...
but when it comes to flat pack....Ikea units are the creme de la creme...they are so easy to put together and I even managed the last one single handedly when hubby took time out to have a cuppa and my Furry companion decided he'd had enough of construction for one day and sneaked off for an afternoon snooze.
but Rome certainly wasn't built in a day and this particular project is far from completion...there's still a pile of door and drawer inserts to tackle... 
the bookcase wall to move back in from it's temporary home in the kitchen...
and get the worktops fitted when hunky joiner who has just become a Dad for the second time returns from his 2 weeks off  "bonding with new baby" paternity leave. In the meantime...we're making do with our temporary cardboard work surfaces and happy that we're back to working in a 50% functional clean and bright crafty space instead of a grotty building site...
and I have to admit...I'm grateful for a little breathing space before we contemplate the most daunting task of all...moving the rest of the crafty stash back in and deciding what's going where.
In the meantime...it's back to the crafty day job to catch up with a list as long as my arm...nailing magazine commissions...having fun with the gorgeous June Card Kit and a fabulous new release from Simon Says Stamp and fingers crossed...if the aforementioned all goes according to plan...some much needed "sitting at the kitchen table with a cuppa" relaxing playtime with another yummy parcel of Assemblage...
Have fun whatever you have planned this week
Toodle-oo for now
from the "can definitely see the wood for the trees" Cubbyhole Crew
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. All coming together beautifully Kath.
    Toni xx

  2. Onwards and upwards Kath, glad to see it all coming together, and happy to see it's not upsetting buddy boy to much...haha.....x

  3. Hi Kath, l can't wait for the finish it's looking really good plenty of space to house your amazing collection of crafty goodies! and Buddy will be glad when it's finished too l expect............enjoy your day with your new projects xx

  4. The cubbyhole is coming together Kath and looks amazing x don't envy the sorting out and placing of the stash though !!!!! Have fun with the new stash and I look forward to viewing the Assemblage makes

    Hugs Annie x

  5. Oh my Kath, this is going to be an amazing cubbyhole once you have finally finished. Jealous just a tad! Loving the Assemblage too, hoping to get some while I am in the US visiting my friend :)
    Linda xxx

  6. It is all looking great Kath, although I don't envy you putting all those doors on (I suspect you have done it already - lol). Looking forward to seeing your latest makes! Hugs, Anne xx


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