Thursday, May 25, 2017

The Camera Doesn't Lie !!!

Hi everyone...thank you for all your kind comments here and on Facebook about the cubbyhole make-over...I have to say I was tickled by some of the comments that it all looked so tidy...well they do say the camera doesn't lie but that certainly isn't true...with some careful photo editing and a little cropping here and there it's easy to conjure up a false just so happens I chose not to photograph the DIY supplies and messy painting supplies still strewn about the room...
Tidy crafter I am not but I will admit to being a bit of a TIDY freak when it comes to storing my craft supplies...a place for everything and everything in it's place...makes life so much easier and I've been struggling with my crafty stash being here there and everywhere so yesterday I used those feminine powers of persuasion to convince hubby to empty bookcase No 1...give it a clean down...move it back to it's rightful home and fill it up again. And he knows me so well...he actually took a photo of the contents so that everything would be replaced correctly...
 ONE down...TWO still to go...
and before he could escape...I persuaded him to give the previously Kraft coloured stamp storage folders a matching coat of Chic Shadow emulsion...
In the meantime...with one eye on the reluctant painter...I cracked on with Magazine Commission No 1 which happily is now in the bag. Sometimes it comes together like magic...sometimes it's a bit of an "all round the houses" affair and this was one of those occasions which means there's a pile of discarded backgrounds...not right for this particular project but too pretty to throw away...
and I will be making them into cards soon but I have a reputation to uphold so first job of the day will be to TIDY this little lot away...
and suss out how hubby feels about moving Bookcase No 2...cover your ears...just saying.
Toodle-oo for now
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. We are all guilty of photo editing Kath....haha....why not, but I have to say, the room is looking stunning, love the matching folders, fab idea....soon be done and dusted...literally....haha....have a good day, it's going to be a hot one.....x

  2. That really did make me have a giggle, I can just imagine hubby photographing the bookcase now....! The matching folders do look wonderful, I hope you can persuade him to do more for you today, at this rate your room will soon be back to normal! Hugs, Anne xx

  3. Hi, Kath,
    Well...all I have to say is that hubby is a keeper. Clever boy to take a pic of the bookcase before emptying it so that he could put everything back the way you wanted...You've trained him well lol. You were right about the wall colour, it's fantastic, you must be so proud that it's almost back to normal. I keep looking at mine and I know it needs decorating but I baulk at the idea of having to move everything out on my own. I tell myself that it would be a great opportunity to dump anything I don't really need but still can't seem to get motivated. Mine is all DIY and I have parts of old cupboard doors as my worktops covered in that famous Blue Peter 'sticky-backed plastic'. I've seen some nice stuff in Wilko that I'd like to recover it all perhaps that's all the incentive I need...fingers crossed they have some in stock when I pop in tomorrow rash am I!?!?! Lol
    Bejay xx

  4. Hi Kath,
    You must be delighted with the progress of your new craft room storage, I think it looks
    GREAT so far and it is amazing that you are able to carry on crafting and preparing projects for magazine submissions. I love the new pale grey box folders your amazing hubby painted for you. He is a star just like you.
    The 'set aside' backgrounds, that you are saving to use on later projects, look absolutely stunning. Could you tell me how you went about creating them please, I would love to know,they certainly look as if they might have been fun to make? The results have so much detail and are very impressive.
    I am looking forward to seeing the next lot of work in progress photos of your room and maybe one or two with you sitting comfortably and proudly at your desk with a cup of your favorite beverage as you settle into your fantastic new work space :)
    Warmest best wishes and an abundance of all things good for your day ahead,
    from across the Channel here in France.

  5. Hi Kath

    The CubbyHole is starting to look great. Have Chic Shadow in my Kitchen. Nice Colour Choice.

    Sarah x

  6. It is looking fabulous (even if the floor is being used as additional storage for the DIY stuff LOL).
    Have a fabulous weekend.
    Toni xx

  7. Our men do come in handy every now and again don't they? I am loving the colour you have chosen for your cubbyhole which will be fabulous once everything is back in, light and airy. Have a wonderful evening.
    Linda xxx


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