Tuesday, May 9, 2017

On The Assembly Line...

Hi folks...after almost a week of glorious sunshine...the weather has decided to revert to it's usual unpredictable self...come September we may be looking back and remembering that Summer consisted of that week way back in May...happened last year and the year before. And speaking of the unpredictable...surprise...surprise...the "butter wouldn't melt" wonky alarm clock is still up to his old tricks...
and I'm thinking I may just have to have to resign myself to the fact that if you can't beat them...you may as well join them...time to enrol as a member of  the "early to bed...early to rise-makes a man healthy wealthy and wise" club.
In the meantime I've been hitting the assembly line and having fun with Tim's new Assemblage goodies...I'm not really a jewelry person...in fact I don't even wear a watch but hey ho...you know me...anything Tim Holtz and I'm powerless to resist. So when my parcel arrived from Simon Says Stamp...
I dug out the jewelry making tools I bought from QVC many moons ago on a mad whim and started out rather gingerly...don't run before you can walk was my first thought...to make a simple personalised charm bracelet...
and you know what...it was so easy to make and I love it...
but I had to add some charms and beads from my stash and a few bits and pieces from Tim's 
Idea-ology line...
because when they went on sale at Simon Says Stamp...I was in Paris and immediately went into panic mode...you know that "what if they sell out before I get home" feeling and frantically ordered a "willy nilly" assortment with no forward thinking or planning involved. So I need to go shopping again for a few more bits and pieces to add to the bracelet before I move on to the next Assemblage adventure...making a necklace or two...
Simon Says Stamp still has some of the Assemblage line available to buy HERE
and just when you think you're having a Happy Mail Day...the arrival of the item I've been lusting after since Tim revealed it on Facebook Live suddenly turned into a very ECSTATIC MAIL DAY...
I had a sneaky feeling I would love it but this "been around the block" crafter is absolutely blown away by the quality and design...love the easy to flip lid when using rubber or clear stamps...that little tab at the bottom makes opening and closing it a breeze...no constraints on the size of card...in other words...it does exactly what it says on the tin - effortlessly creating precision stamped images and in my humble opinion...leaves all the others on the market in it's wake. I know that lots of you are waiting for yours to arrive but hang in there...it is well worth the wait...you are going to love it.
But no crafting...stamping or jewelry making for me today...I've got my "lady who lunches" hat at the ready and I'm off to meet up with a crafty friend for a yummy lunch and lots of chatter.
Toodle-oo for now
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Hi Kath
    Love the bracelet, is there no end to your talents?
    Enjoy your lunch
    Chris xx

  2. Love that bracelet, always so nice to personalize something just for you...look forward to more ...
    Enjoy your lunch out...Hot weather back tomorrow if you believe the beeb....x

  3. I've had the stamping platform a while and agree how good it id although I don't do anywhere near as much stamping as you do. Love the bracelet - well done on having a go.

  4. Ooh, Kath...
    I'm turning green with envy here. Not only have you made a charm bracelet to die for but you've also got your stamp platform!!
    I'm still waiting for mine. Due to being poor (everyone say aww)I decided not to order from Hochanda even though they had immediate delivery but I went for a smaller UK company who were offering it a lot cheaper with free shipping. I think they've been shafted a bit with their deliveries probably just because they are a smaller firm so I'm trying to be really patient as I've been given a dispatch for the end of the month, so not too much longer to wait. I did have a MISTI but I sold it as I was fed up with not being able to stamp where I wanted on a big project, so I'm sure that my patience will be rewarded when my stamp platform does arrive...oh, and the good news...the money from selling the MISTI bought me a much needed new mono laser printer YAY!!
    Bejay xx

  5. Fabulous bracelet Kath, love the look of the goodies, hoping to get some while I am away in America next month :)
    Linda xxxx

  6. The stamp platform is on my list of 'must haves'.
    Love all your jewellery bits and the bracelet is fabulous.
    All very well with the Golden boy still getting up at "silly" o'clock but he can have a snooze whenever he feels like it - hope it gets sorted soon.
    Toni xx

  7. Your bracelet is beautiful Kath, I love all the elements you added to yours (not finished mine yet...) and woohoo to the stamp press - I am officially in love with mine, I really cannot believe how much easier stamping is with one! Hope you had a lovely lunch... Hugs, Anne xxx

    PS - they are saying we might have a drought here soon....

  8. Totally awesome Kath !!! Might have to invest in these items now !!! Love Buddy's picture and I guess its better to join him !!!

    Sending you best wishes
    Annie xx

  9. Kath your fur baby is sooo adorable . I am waiting for the day our golden retriever puppy smiles like your darling....such a happy face!! And ooh no wonder you were tempted to get the new line of products...you have made such a gorgeous project!!
    Dr Sonia


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