Wednesday, May 3, 2017

No News Is Good News...

Hi're probably familiar with the phrase "No News Is Good News" but it certainly doesn't apply to the current state of affairs in the cubbyhole...the new flooring has arrived and is safely stashed in the only available space...behind the sofa in the front room....much to hubby's dismay...
and the carpet tiles in the cubbyhole have gone to the skip in preparation for the arrival of the joiner...
but considering there's been no phone isn't looking hopeful for this week and the man with the buckets of plaster seems to have disappeared off the planet. But instead of tearing my hair out and sitting in a corner with my thumb in my mouth...I'm a bit too old to have a toddler tantrum...don't you think...I've been doing what I always do in times of stress...getting my hands mucky making lots of Distress Oxide backgrounds for a marathon die-cutting session...
and then it's "nobody move...sneeze...make any sudden movements and definitely no Furry Boy tail-wagging" construction time...
I'm trying to keep myself busy and get as many DT and magazine projects nailed...trying to get ahead of the game before the errant tradesmen finally make an appearance and the cubbyhole is totally out of bounds.
And I'm still trying to come up with a solution for the wonky alarm clock otherwise known as The Furry Boy...
my adorable "butter wouldn't melt" pudding face hooligan has just kicked things up a notch and for the past two nights has been wide awake...bouncing on and off with the bed with that "come on Mum-it's time for breakfast" look on his face at...wait for it...4.00am...
and if he's thinking about scoring a hat-trick tonight...the gloves are off and one of us will be spending their nights in the garden shed and just for the record it won't be ME.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Oh dear Kath its not getting easier for you is it,bet you they all turn up at once and wave a magic, glittery wand...well, whatever they wave about, Bob's your uncle, the meantime the sneak peaks are looking for sweet Buddy, maybe spring fever...have a good day...xx

  2. Oh Kath,
    Two of your comments really hit home to me. I'm waiting to have my bathroom converted into a wet room. It's all been approved by the council and the contract has been awarded.I had a letter from the council telling me all this with the addition that all I had to do now was wait for the firm to get in touch to arrange an this space! My sister is coming to visit in July and she's expecting to see the new wet room, don't hold your breath, sis lol.
    My furry baby is just like Buddy although she gets me out of bed in the middle of the night just to let me know that one of the cats is sitting on the back doorstep lol. She's pretty regular and always wants to go outside at 5:30, so I usually just open the door and go back to bed lol. What would we do without them.
    Bejay xx

  3. Oh no, just when things were looking good too.... fingers crossed they both turn up soon! Having had no central heating in our garden room since December, they finally turned up today to fix it.... I am saying nothing....

    I love the colours of your Cityscape properties, they look amazing - I wonder why I didn't think to colour the background card instead of each individual building... Hugs, Anne xx

  4. Oh dear Kath, so sorry the plasterer and joiner for the floor haven't turned up. You definitely are very patient, what would we be like without our crafting I wonder? I hope buddy behaves himself and doesn't get you up at the crack of dawn. Wonderful creations and inspiration as always.
    Linda xxx

  5. I just love your little garden!

  6. ...LOL oh Kath your so amusing! hopefully all will be done before you know it sending lots of love x

  7. Let's hope Buddy gets his timings sorted LOL.
    Certainly looks like you have been busy with all your DT bits & pieces.
    Toni xx


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