Wednesday, June 14, 2017

I Have A Plan...

Hi folks...I HAVE A that's a bold statement if ever I heard one and one that may well come back to haunt me...what I should have said is...I have an idea in my head to recover the cubbyhole coffee break stool in Tim's fabulous Eclectic Elements fabric...
and I'm thinking CORRESPONDENCE to match the notice board that's still a work in progress.
But upholsterer I am before I rush in and make a total pig's ear of it...I definitely need to HAVE A PLAN in place...perhaps trying it out on cheap as chips fabric first which I can then use a template...any hints/tips/advice and ideas will be welcome.
And I have a little bit of catching up with the Furry Boy to do if I'm going to join in the fun over at Get Hip For Summer...
But I'm putting my Project Manager hat on again to pick up another 2 drawer units from Ikea to finish off the Kallax units...I was convinced I'd ordered the correct amount of door and drawer units but obviously maths isn't one of my strong points either and then a quick dash across town to collect the 2.440 metre long counter tops...why they won't deliver is a bit of a sore point but I have checked and they will fit in the car with the back seats down...fingers crossed I didn't mess up that calculation or I may have to play the "little old lady/flutter my eyelashes" card in the DIY car park at the first available man with a white van.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. love your plan Kath and look forward to viewing the finished project xx Looks like you are enjoying Tim's Stamping Platform x
    Hope all works out with your units/tops and I am sure a gentleman will help you out if required

    Sending my best wishes
    Annie x

  2. I have done a wee bit of upholstery (only a footstool) but unless you are going to simply staple the fabric in place, I would definitely do a template from some spare fabric. At least you can tweak it before using your beautiful Tim fabric.

    How silly of them not to deliver that size of counter top!! Hope it did fit in and that you got it (and you!) home safely! Hugs, Anne xx

  3. No upholstery tips here I'm afraid but a template cut from some inexpensive fabric sounds like a good way to go, good luck with the upholstery and with the countertop! Deb xo

  4. Sounds a good plan ... dressmakers for example would usually do a mock-up before using the real fabric. You could use cheesecloth or even an old sheet. How you can do the upholstery on your stool depends a little on it's material, especially wat he underside looks like. In the worst case its hard plastic which can be fairly thin and even brittle, so when you put staples in, you might be damaging it. In that case I'd simply sew a made to measure drawstring "bag" cover.

  5. All of it sounds fabulous Kath and much like the other ladies have already said I would do a template using cheap fabric or an old sheet first. That's about the limit of my knowledge about upholstery.
    The board looks awesome already and I will be checking out Tim's fabric too as I haven't seen that design and I have a few ideas for it.
    I know some basics about making the board but I'm not sure that you need help with that, lol, if you do give me a shout as I have made a few in my time and also are you using more than one fabric on the board as it looks like you have cut pieces out and started to applique them, as always thanks for sharing, I'm off to see what the lovely Buddy has been up to, and please accept my apologies for lack of visits, I am only just starting to heal from loosing my lovely dog last year and I've avoided anywhere that has photo's of animals because of that Karen x


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