Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It's a Baby Fest

Morning folks.....yes it's your bundle of golden delicious bloggy buddy....keeping you up to speed with the mad frantic goings on in the cubbyhole.....boy it's been a bit of a baby fest and blue papers flying everywhere...the reason for all the activity...everybody seems to be stocking up on baby this is a bit of a worry.....don't know much about this baby malarkey and I am not likely to find out either after my visit to the vet....but we won't go into the details of that....what I want to there an epidemic out there or is this baby thing infectious....and then there were birthday cards and baby thank you tags to make....I am tuckered out just thinking about it.    I did think that maybe I should offer to help....but have never managed to get the hang of those scissor thingies and those darned little sticky pads drive me nuts...they get everywhere.....but with a little burning of the midnight oil....we got them all maybe we can now get back to just the normal manic goings on in the cubbyhole.

Did I tell you that I have a new feather's like sleeping on a cloud and I thought my Vetbed was luxury....let me tell you folks this is the Creme De La Creme of Doggy I am off upstairs to catch a few zzzzz's while the boss lady has her shower and then we are off for our strolll.... but I hear tell there may just be a challenge card later.
Hugs "The Budster"


  1. Hi Buddy, love the card your mummy made. Your new bed sounds wonderful. Hope you have a great walk. Hugs ANesha :-)

  2. Love all the baby goodies, awww your so funny Budster, new bed sounds lovely.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  3. Good heavens! I haven't got a feather bed.. Can I come up and share yours? Or do you mean you're using your MUM'S new feather bed, eh? In which case, I'd better not try and share it. Might be a tad crowded. lol!

    Loving your mum's baby cards.. Very gorgeous.

    Bye for now, handsome..
    Chris xx

  4. Hola Buddy !!! Thanks for sharing your mum's cards. They are all LOVELY. As usual I loved your post

  5. Hi Buddy, tell mummy I love her cards.
    Now don't go getting muddy paws on that bed, or else you will be in trouble.
    Hugs Carol x

  6. You enjoy that feather bed Buddy!! and watch out for those flying sticky pads on the paws!!!

  7. Hi Buddy, thank your mum for letting you show her cards, they are gorgeous. Now your behave and remember to wipe your feet before you get on her new bed! Big cuddles Jo x

  8. Hello, Budster!
    I'm glad that you Mum is busy so you got to blog today, have missed hearing from you. Not to worry I'm sure that you won't catch the "baby virus" that seems to be going around. Sure do like the sound of that new feather bed you and Mum have gotten. Will be even better once it gets all cold and shivery. Just make sure you remember to always clean off your feet, Mum's really don't like dirty feet in bed!


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