Sunday, October 25, 2009


Morning's your furry bundle of golden deliciousness and believe me I am a great deal furrier than usual...WHY because something I saw in yesterday's newspaper has well and truly got my hackles up...I think you had better put the kettle on and take a are going to be SHOCKEROONIED ......
I think this whole world is going to humans are making a real mess of things and is it any surprise when then are folks like this roaming around. Robert and Brenda Yale have apparently found a solution to the world's environmental problems and they tell all in a new book "Time to Eat the Dog...The Real Guide to Sustainable Living" claiming that folks in Britain should be discouraged from owing pets because and wait for it folks....
we are a threat to the environment.  According to these two numpties who obviously have nothing better to do with their lives...owning a dog is having the same impact on the environment as driving 6,000 miles in a gas guzzling 4 x 4. They go on to estimate my carbon paw print in terms of the amount of land needed to grow food to feed me and even suggest...cover your ears my canine buddies...that my owners would be advised to eat me and get a more environmentally friendly pet like a goldfish. WELL WE SHALL SEE ABOUT THAT.  Apparently it's all about choices...changing your lightbulbs...using a cloth bag when you go food shopping and EATING YOUR DOG and all said without a by your leave...let me tell you mateys there is a BIG BIG difference between changing a lightbulb so the planet can survive for another billion years and MURDERING YOUR BEST FRIEND but I have been doing a little bit of research here and may have stumbled on a solution to save the world and if I was you folks...I would be very very worried.
The average human in the developed world needs 6 hectares of land to feed him throughout his lifetime compared with 0.36 hectares for a dog or what do you bet some bright spark in some obscure Government Department will eventually work it out...keep all the dogs and cats and get rid of the humans and I would suggest that they start with Mr and Mrs Vale.
The world's gone completely nuts...wouldn't you agree and my Mum almost blew a gasket when she read it would seem that I am not in any imminent danger of being put on the menu and the only pawprint she is interested in are the mucky ones I sometimes leave on the duvet when I duck upstairs for a snooze.
I bet these nutty green wellie hippie drop outs never stop to think of the love and joy such furry delicious boys as myself bring to millions of families across the world ...the companionship to lonely vulnerable old's OK Mum I wasn't referring to I am calling on all the dogs and cats of the world to stand up and be counted...we are not going down without a fight...I'm off to have a snooze but I will definitely be keeping one eye open in case those nutters come to call and a little bit of advice...if you agree with these two numpties...don't bother to e-mail me...I might just be tempted to see how good you are going to taste.


  1. Well now Budster, I missed that particular piece of news yesterday but have no fear I'm in total agreement with you - bet they'd be as tough as old boots and wouldn't taste too good anyway lol
    Anne x

  2. I was shocked when I saw that on the news yesterday too Buddy...there's no way I'm eating the dog...I'm vegetarian! lol
    And as for getting a goldfish instead...they can't go for walks...or play what's the point?!
    I think you're safe...a glodfish can't keep your Mum's feet warm on these chilly winter nights! lol
    Helen x

  3. OmG!!! what is this world coming to. Don't worry Buddy....Scruff is safe in this household he is so much more fun than the goldfish...Botox. I would become vegetarian before I would 'Eat the Dog'.

  4. Hi Buddy,
    I'll tell you what....maybe we should eat Mr & Mrs Vale!!!!.......on second thoughts... i bet they would be all gristly anyway!!!! and with thoughts like that they obviously have no brains either....i prefer intelligent mammals such as your good self :)
    I don't eat meat & haven't for years, so no worries on that score! Say Hi to your lovely Mum for me and enjoy your snooze...

    Big Hugs
    Carol x

  5. Well my goodness Buddy the amount of C**p these people talk we could never get into a bag!!!! I have covered little squirts ears from this terrible story.

  6. Oh Kath! We told Betty and Cooper not to listen when we heard this on the TV earlier this week. You know what they say about opinions...LOL! Love Buddy's take on the whole issue...Kris

  7. Dear Buddy,no one in their right mind would eat you,you're too adorable plus you keep your mum's feet warm.
    Cass xxx

  8. Oh I knew you would be safe Buddy as am I. My mum wouldn't get rid of me especially after she rescued me from a dogs home so why on earth would she eat me?

    However if we all became vegitariarians (not that I eat much meat) the land used for grazing cattle and the land used to make the feed for the cattle that graze is emance maybe if we just let them eat natural stuff instead of poisioning the wild life with (making them unwilling canables) hence horrid break outs I realy feel there are much more manageable ways of cutting down on our carborn foot print other than eating out beloved pets

    Love Dawn, Dita (the dog) and Hunny (the cat) xxx

  9. Oh my god!! What a pair of nutters! I've have to shield Poppys ears from this piece of news!

    Beth xx

  10. Oh Budster,
    I was telling my husband all about your post when my 3 year old piped in and said "You can't eat our dogs they are too nice", Me and my husband have decided it might be better for the enviroment if some happened to eat Mr and Mr Vale instead, maybe a nice couple of Alligators.
    Happy posting Buddy
    Tracy x

  11. Hi Buddy, they do sound like nutters. My Skipper will have words (purrs) to say about their silly ideas. Hope you have a good evening. Hugs Anesha and Skipper.

  12. ROFL!!
    Well what can I say Buddy Boy!!
    Bet the air was blue when mum saw THAT!! (Paws over ears Bud!!)
    Och there are so much dafties out there just ignore them - no one is coming for you THAT I can say for sure!!!


    The Furries are safe as houses!!

  13. Humans are killing the world not animals so lets start by tipping Mr and Mrs Vale off the planet and then continue with the rest of the numpties and low lifes - they'll soon be screaming about their "human rights".

    Buddy for Prime Minister!

    Love Flossy and Oscar

  14. Molly dog here, Lorraine, Gary and Conor rescued me too so hopefully that means I am safe. I don't cost much to feed and never ever ever go to the vet( except for them awful yearly injections ). How could Mr and Mrs Vale say that about us loving caring creatures.

  15. I too was totally shocked by this 'dog worse that SUV' report (see my latest blog post).
    Oh, and by the way, Hi, nice to find a like minded blogging dog who also stays in my neck of the woods!
    Cheers, Hamish.

  16. I read this too Buddy and there's no way we could eat our pets, I haven't told my Gizzy and Tango, too harsh for their little ears. I think perhaps Mr and Mrs Vale should start walking everywhere if they are so set on saving the environment, perhaps they would get lost and we wouldn't hear anymore of their stupid ideas then!! Jo x

  17. Happily we didn't read this Buddy...or it would certainly have ruined our day as well....there's no chance our mum is gonna let her 2 best furry friends end up on a plate.....licking one maybe...err maybe you better not tell her we said that!!!
    from your comrades in arms Stella and Chester

  18. Hiya Buddy, Well I managed to switch TV channels and get the papers in the recycle bin before my boy 'Jake'could here or read any of this stupid news. Mr & mrs Vale should maybe go in the recycle bin, I'm sure they would make good compost!!

  19. Hi Buddy thanks for telling us about that article. I'm two days papers behind so haven't read it myself. Think an almost 14 year old Cocker Spaniel would be too cheugh (not sure how you spell it but mum will know what I mean) Labrador might be nice.....just joking! What kind of nutter would suggest eating your best friend!!!

    Kat xx

  20. Buddy I've been wondering why Brad has been skulking around for a few days - he must have heard it on the radio whilst I was out! Archie & Millie wouldn't have heard it tho as they're always curled together in a ball purring or charging around the place attacking each other! Brothers & sister's eh!
    I will have to spend some time convincing him that I wont let any of these crazy people anywhere near him!

  21. Hi Buddy, I think the better thing to do would be not to print all that rot in the first place. Then there would be more trees soaking up the carbon dioxides & producing oxygen. Some people will do anything to get in the news. My two cats are recycled & since I've spent about $5000 on one there is no way I'm eating either!!!! Take care of you & your mum :D.

  22. Buddy, just send those nut jobs to me ~ we'll recycle them! I'll feed 'em to the alligators we've got here. Think of all the trees that got chopped down so they could print that rubbish! I know that you aren't worried since you take such good care of your Mum and her cold feet! She'd never last without you! Our kind (non furry 2 legs) need your kind (furry, friendly, four legs) I don't care at all about your "paw print"!
    Hugs and an ear scruffle,

  23. UNREAL!!
    I wonder how many trees these people had to chop down to publish their "book". (Rubbish is a better word)

    Budster...there's always Canada...just sayin...if you need an escape. ;o)

    Who gives these sorts of nut balls their 15 min of fame anyhow?!?!? Im not sure who to be more angered at, the dolts who wrote the thing, the loosers who published it... or... well ALL of them for that matter. Good Lord!

  24. Those people are `barking Mad` Kath!!!!!ggggrrrr big `Woof` for Buster:)x

  25. Sjoe Buddy, I am so glad that you have taken this standpoint and support you whole heartedly. Its common knowledge that owning a pet i.e. golden deliciousness as yourself, prolong a human's life with 10 years! Now thats something to think about hey!