Sunday, October 11, 2009

Shame on you......

Hi Folks...I am so looking forward to snuggling up on the sofa tonight and watching a bit of telly....can't wait for tonight's X Factor.....who is going to be voted off and wooo..hooo...Robbie is back and Alexandra Burke too.....why.. for a girl who is not in the least bit into TV I absolutely hooked on this programme....and I sincerely hope that Miss "Big Mouth" Minogue is made to apologise publicly for her cruel and vindictive remarks to Danyl or even better booted back to whence she came....what an absolute disgrace....poor guy was mortified and what really makes me sad...was the smug smarmy look on her face....she enjoyed every minute of humiliating this guy on live TV.....this silly woman has absolutely no talent and how sad that someone would stoop so low just to get their name in the headlines ....well for your information Miss "Two-Bit Celebrity..with A Famous Sister".....I for one don't give a stuff what his sexual preferences are.
Catch up with you all tomorrow.....on the trials and tribulations of being an OLD CODGER.
Hugs Kath xxxxxxx
Edited to add: well pardon me....for being offended at what was apparently just a bit of fun banter...and Simon had over-reacted.....who are they trying to kid.....the look on Danyl's face last night told the truth....and I bet Carol is overcome with joy....the twits...sorry twins are still in.


  1. I love the x factor too, i hope those twins get voted off!
    And yeah i can't believe Danni either! It was so nasty the way she said it too! Poor guy!
    Enjoy tonights results show:)


  2. Couldn't agree more Kath in this day and age is a disgrace.

  3. I totally agree with everything you say here Kath - they get a bad enough press as it is without the judges putting the boot in too! I'd like to see Danni get up and perform 'live' - she wouldn't get past the first round lol

    Love Lynda xxx

  4. You go Kath! couldn't agree more. I really felt for that guy last night. Looking forward to what she has to say tonight.

  5. I'm with you on that one Kath!

  6. Oh Kath I am addicted too - ive never watched the live shows before - but this season is so much talent!
    I am a HUGE Danyl fan - i think e is a fab performer and hot too boot - i dont get why his sexuality is an issue - Will young rocked it up in pop idol!
    I didnt hear her comment the phone went at that time - agggghhhh but noone should have the right to humiliate you - im with her - send her back to aus!
    love tasha xx

  7. HERE, HERE Kath!!! No not the bit about you being an old codger, pmsl, the bit about Miss Danni.... what a nasty pice of work heh?
    Hugs Tara xx

  8. Here here Mrs K xxxx I could not agree more. I was horrified to hear her say that. The poor guy looked like he didn't know where to put himself. Mind games I think, to try to put a stop to girls voting for him. Apparently she said it was a joke but I didn't find it in the least bit funny. My nephew is gay and if I thought somebody would embarrass him like that in such a public way I would be mortified. I've totally lost respect for her - it made her look like a snidey mare for sure and just to try and gain a few more votes. I agree he is a cocky litte sod but that is no reason to do that. Shame on her indeed - she should be sacked. Biggest hugs xxxx

  9. I'm with you all too - there's a big piece on the BBC News site (entertainment) about it - how it started last week between them and she (wrongly) carried in on during the show! I was half expecting Simon to sack her - I was dumb-struck when I heard her say it!

    I'm so looking forward to tonights show too :) Don't need to be too clever to realise who will be going tho - bless their little quiffs!

    Carol x

  10. well said Kath, what has their sexuality got to do with it anyway.

    Not watched it yet, recording it though, got the b*****y darts on.

    Hugs Carol x

  11. I'm with you Kath it was a publicity stunt that backfired on her...send her back to Aus I say lol!

  12. I am with you on this too hun she should never have said that poor guy was so embarresed its up to him what he does stupid woman,how on earth did the twins get put through rrrrrrr oh and as for that girl group well cheryl was right they said they wanted to be taken seriuosly and they came on dressed like that. Never mind more fun and games next week. I love love that show best veiwing on tv hugs cheryl xx

  13. Hi Kath - totally agree with you .. it was a disgrace!And totally embarrassing .. the silence in the studio seemed endless! Personally i think it was a cynical ploy to put Danyl off his stride and take him down because Danni thinks she's he's the favourite and she has a couple of other near-faves, so she would boost their chances if she can see him off. But if that's what she was trying to do I think she totally misfired. Only the most hateful bigot would enjoy seeing somebody being humiliated like that. Ironicaly Danni has probably done his chances in the competition a favour - serves her right I say! Whatever nicey nice "kiss & make up" comments Simon gave the camera tonight i bet there were rucntions after last night's show and I wouldn't be surprised if he gave her a right b****ing!
    Danyl to win is what I say :-)
    Pauline x

  14. Hi Kath, looks like we missed something here!!!!!
    I'll have to check "the tube"!!!!
    OK whatever. Your summing up of Danni is about spot on as entertainers go - don't send her back please!!!!
    As for Simon......well he loves a bit of controversey.....It helps the ratings. This has everyone talking..... and that's what they like!

  15. I totally agree with you Kath...Danni knew she had dropped a could have heard a pin drop!...what a total b***h!!...send her back to oz! Debbie x


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