Monday, October 12, 2009

An Old Codger

Morning folks...there are lots of disadvantages to being an old codger or to use the politically correct term...a Senior Citizen and the first one that springs to mind is when you wake up in the morning and feel as though you have been run over by a steam roller in the night and believe takes longer and longer before you can kick the old body into shape and get up the necessary energy to get on with the day but...there are also advantages....
I went online to First Scotrail to book another train ticket to get myself down to the SECC...just for one visit the show and meet up with some buddies and what must Scotrail be thinking...probably that I am an absent minded old bat who has forgotten she has already bought tickets but the good news is with the over 55 Club I got a return rail ticket to anywhere in Scotland for just £ would cost me at least £30 in diesel plus the hassle of driving 3 hours there and 3 hours why drive when you can park your bum on a comfy seat watch the world whizz by enjoy a coffee read the newspaper and let the train take the strain.
Then shock horror...I remembered I would actually have to buy a blooming ticket to get into the went online to ICHF and hey presto another bargain for booking ahead and even more discount because I am a Senior there no end to the perks of being an old codger. What I need to find now is a crafting company who also give discounts to us old codgers.
And the 64 million dollar the advantages outweigh the disadvantages...well the jury is still out on that one...I seem to have a bit of a snuffly nose and am sneezing for Scotland...poor Buddy has ALMOST jumped out of his skin on more than one occasion and yes all you ladies of a certain age will no doubt be nodding your heads...violent sneezes at our age = WET KNICKERS
Ok so I am all set to travel down to the SECC on Thursday 22 October...probably won't arrive until 11.00am but if anybody out there wants to meet the old codger in person and of course I am assuming that the usual band of crafty hooligans will be attending...please e-mail me and we can arrange a time and place...maybe all meet up for lunch...a crafty purchases etc and I would love to put faces to names of all my lovely bloggy buds I haven't met yet.
Hugs Kath xxxxxxx


  1. Kath I have got tears streaming down my face, so funny reading this, I am hoping to get to the SECC on the Thursday, and I am going again on the Saturday or Sunday with my daughter, but I need a day on my own, to do my things, if you know what I mean, I would love to meet you in person....I will e-mail you when I know for sure what I am doing, Hugs Avril xxx

  2. hey the wet knickers phenomonen isn't just at your age lol
    hope you have loads of fun at the SECC - I'll be accompanying you one day, Grahams shifts have prevented me going the last 2 years

  3. Had me pmsl there Kath with your post.Think I'll be needing a tena lady.Well you can count me in,as I'll be there on the Thursday.Looking forward to seeing you again.
    Cass xxx

  4. PML what you like Mrs...unfortunately I'm still not going :( but will be with you all in spirit.

  5. hope you've plenty dry knickers then Kath pmsl What are you like?
    Anne x

  6. Hey Kath as always your morning post has had me in giggles - you really should write for a newspaper - your writing is fantastic!
    You forgot one of the perks of being older is wisdom. I need wisdom lol im 26 and fail to learn from my mistakes so make the same ones over and over.....mybe its just stupidty on my part!

    Did you see Dannis apology last night - not much of one really was it. She basically was saying dont have a personal converstaion with her as she will talk about it on the show!

    Anyway have a nice day

    love tasha xx

  7. Awww Kath, You don't half make me giggle. I love reading your posts, sometimes here life isn't always smooth but I know when you show up on my dashboard I can get at least a smile out.
    Thank you, your a lovely lady.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  8. Hi Kath,

    Although I am mid forties and can commiserate - having had children at 39 and 41 the same thing happens when I sneeze!!!! Don't let on though!!

    Ali x

  9. Oh Kath, you really do make me laugh. I wish I could go to the SECC because I've never beeen, but not got enough spare cash to go :(
    Pity I wasn't your age then I would of been able to go lol.
    Have fun for me!
    Hugs Lora xx

  10. Hi Kath, you always make me laugh! I'm just disappointed that I'm not going to the SECC till Sunday. We go down in a bus, stop at the Horn on the way down and Cupar Angus on the way home for tea. Really looking forward to it now. Just hope new grandchild is before 25th or after lol!

    Kat xx

  11. Well Mama Kath
    You know I'll be there, along with the other bottle red head...says she's taking me in the car, so I can load up on stash...forgets that she may need to shoehorn me into the damn car!
    See you then...
    G x

  12. I can recommend Tena Lady for the sneezing/laughter moments, Kath! See, there are advantages to being an old duffer - cheapo tickets to everything. Must be nice....;) I've had to cancel my trip up to Glasgow, so I will be waiting to see your purchases posted here. (Violently green with envy, I might add.) Hope those horrible sneezes disappear by then, anyway. Otherwise it'll be like a scene from Little Britain.x :)

  13. Ha ha ha! What a lovely image I have now! I hope you have a lovely time!

    Beth xx

  14. LOl well thanks for the Laugh!! but I to have to say that the knickers phenomonen isn't just age te heheheee! But I do think your advantages stakes also are that you are not at work so able to go on a thursday too! hope you have a brilliant time and I am sorry I can't come would love to meet you!
    should you be travelling near Penrith at any time would love to meet you! maybe you could come Visit me at the shop :0)

  15. Well Mrs, you know what they say - lots of sneezes make lots of peezies. So blame them not yer age xxxx (I would!!)

    I was with someone once at the NEC - I hope to God she never reads this cos she will know who she is - and we laughed so much going back to the car that she literally peed herself where she stood. How I didn't join her re laughing at her is beyond me and I am nearly peeing myself now remebering it.

    Wish I was going to the SECC - one day I will for sure - but you have the best day and get loads of nice crafty stash.

    Biggest hugs and hope the nasty sniffles beggar off, and soon xxxxxxx

  16. You do make me laugh! Wish I could come meet ya. But it's a bit of a long haul, seeing as I'm in the States!

  17. Oh Kath, I wish I lived nearer, it would be great to meet up with everyone and you just make me giggle so much. And great cards by the way!!

    Jo x

  18. Kath -- you should write a book -- I love this story (and I can relate) 'cause there is a steamroller at my house too.

  19. hiyaaa

    Made it here at last!!
    ROFl at the wet knick knacks and believe me you don't have to be in the fifty plus range for THAT to happen!!!
    sooo jealous of your day out to the SECC!!!