Thursday, October 22, 2009

woo...hooo.....I am on my way

Morning folks...hopefully by the time you read this I will be well on my way to Glasgow...sitting comfortably..enjoying a coffee and no doubt reading the newspaper....chugging my way south on the First Scotrail Express to the SECC....and fingers crossed Mr Blogger has done as I asked...or I am talking to myself.
Boy oh boy it's been a real busy week and I know that I am going to thoroughly enjoy my day out meeting up with all my lovely buddies and no doubt making one or two little purchases.
Remember the cards for Allsorts yesterday....yes the ones that I thought needed a little bit of oomph


and time for the sneaky peek...yes I'm afraid only one....I won't have a Polkadoodle card this week.....basically I just ran out of time.

and have to share this with you all.....out of the mouths of babes.....Brodie my delish little grandson is as bright as a button and 5 going on 55.....and what was the cause of me being well and truly put in my place and it just goes to show that you can't pull the wool over a child's eyes....well not all of the time.

as we sat at the kitchen table having our breakfast....I could see Brodie eyeing up my mug.....and the conversation went like this......

"Grandma....your cup says Kit Kat"
"Yes" I replied....I got it with a "Kit Kat" Easter know Kit Kat the biscuit.
"Well Grandma.... that isn't how you spell CAT" is not a kicking's a curly C" but you know that KITTEN has a kicking K why is that?
Hoping that he would then get on to another topic....too early in the morning to try and explain the strange ins and outs of the English language.....but OH NO.....he carried on.....

"Let's play a game......I will say a letter and you have to tell me something that begins with it" and my first letter was "N" I said....NAUGHTY....NICE.....began to struggle at this point and in a silly moment said..KNICKERS...well quick as a flash he said "Grandma...Knickers doesn't start with "N" has a Kicking K at the beginning but you don't say it.....that was me suitably put in my place by
need to watch my P's and Q's in future.
Will catch up with you all tomorrow with all the gossip from my very mad but oh so friendly group of crafty buddies and what I bought at the SECC.....
Hugs Kath xxxxxx


  1. Love the touches of red Kath. Hope you'll have some photos to share of your day out. :)xx

  2. Have a totally fabulous time!
    Oh Brodie is as bright as a button!!!
    kim x

  3. Thanks for sharing your Brodie story with us--I loved it! What a difference the red snowflakes made in your cards--brilliant!

  4. Oops! too late... I wanted to make a comment on your previous post, saying the cards needed absolutely nothing extra.

    They are fine "after", but I loved them better "before". Is it OK for me to I say that?

  5. Whatever you do is fine with me, I love all your cards.
    Looks like Brodie is going to be a super star.
    Enjoy your out, and looking forward to seeing your purchases.

    Big Hugs Carol x

  6. Another amazing card, you are mind -blowingly tallented. Your cards are unique and always spectacular xx

  7. Love your cards with the touch of red too. Hope you have had a fabby day at the SECC. Can't wait till Sunday. Aren't grandkids wonderful. Poppy is only 23 months but she is such a chatterbox already.

    Kat xx

  8. The red is great. Love kids to day, so smart, had a good lol at that.
    Kicking K indeed, would have helped me a bit many years ago. Lovies xxx

  9. The red really does it.
    I hope you had a good day.

  10. Stunning card, sweetie, love the layout! Delish colour combo too! How cute is Brodie LOL, bless him. Have fun at the show, spend spend spend!
    Hugs Tab xxx

  11. Wow Kath - i thought the cards were fab before but youa re right - the li'l touches of red really do make them "pop"! Hope you have a fab day out ... and it's fab to know there are still kids out there who know their kicking c form their curly c!! :-)
    Pau;ine x

  12. Out of the mouths of babes! Have a fabby day out, I think I'd have to remortgage the house if I ever went near a papercrafts fair!

  13. Hope you have a fabulous time and I can't wait to hear about what you bought. My granddaughter is the same way. Have to watch everything I say and do around her.

  14. gosh Brodie sounds like my Willow and him were separated at birth. they're so serious too lol
    have a great time at the SECC - and I don't want to hear all about it on your return :( just kidding lol
    oh and wow - i can't believe the difference you made to those cards with a few wee red snowflakes

  15. R is for Roaring Red - love the card both ways. The wonder of little minds, after you swallowed the lump in your throat (sob) did you try smothering him with big nanny kisses, cos I know would hope you have a great day..Sue

  16. Wow Kath another amazing card. Have a nice day.
    hugs Piaxx

  17. Lovin the cards, cant beat a bit of red. Does it every time. As for the groovy mug, I have the same mug sat next to me as I read your blog and write this comment. No kit kat though, boo hoo.
    Have a brill time in Scotland, wish I were there. x

  18. Stunning cards as always Kath.Kids grow up so quick once they start school.Sounds like my Louis.Was fab meeting up with you all again,and you kept me laughing with your stories.
    Big Hugs
    Cass xxx

  19. wow brilliant that is all i can say simply stunning love cheryl xx

  20. The red does really pop the cards up. Nice addition. The kit kat story is fab it made me laugh kids are so great !

  21. LOL! Grandkids are the BEST! They certainly keep us on our toes, don't they! :) LOVE your cards! You're right, the red was the perfect touch to make them pop! hugs!

  22. Still lovely cards Kath and such a sweet story!! Jo x

  23. Aren't they all just the cutest, lol! Hope you had a fab day, Kath - looking forward to hearing all about it.
    Suzanne x

  24. Wow Kath the red looks fantastic!!!
    Hope you have had the most wonderful day and I look forward to window shopping on your blog tommorrow lol!!

    hugs Emma xxx

  25. ADORE the tree card. Super great. Big giveaway over at my blog.

  26. Love your tree cards Kath!!! Totally gorgous!
    Have a wonderful weekend
    Peet x


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