Monday, October 19, 2009

It's Monday...

Morning know me....if something gets up my assured you will all hear about it....oh yes I am prone to having a little rant and rave occasionally but even I was stunned into silence last night.....words fail me and all I have to say on the matter shockeroonie....what is going on.......WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND IS VOTING FOR JOHN & EDWARD...blimey they can't have that many family members and friends....and why has Rachel been in the bottom two both be honest this whole X Factor thing is playing havoc with my nightly visits to all my bloggy buds....instead of popping over to see what you have all been up to....I am glued to the box loving every minute...well apart from the Britney Spears number by YOU KNOW WHO....and the highlight for me last night was Cheryl's number one hot outfit missus and all those guys in uniforms strutting their stuff.....blimey the old blood pressure definitely went up a notch or two....but can't quite make up my mind about Whitney.....great number but she seemed rather strange when she was chatting to Dermott....or should I say when Dermott was trying to drag a conversation out of her. 
What am I up to this week....well I have a sneaky feeling this week is going to be a bit manic.....dashing off this morning to deliver some cards I made over the weekend (will share tomorrow) and then a quick dash across country to my favourite little aladdin's cave of all things crafty.....yes I am off to visit Jacqui at Simply Create....need to pick up some "Christmas Magic" papers for my lovely Fiskars buddy Ann and according to my lovely bloggy bud Debbi....there are lots of new things in stock....oh dear....can I be good and resist temptation.....what do you think...I may have to console myself...well last night was a bit of a shock and I haven't recovered yet.
TUESDAY.....I have two very special visitors......Brodie and Oliver are coming to stay for the day..... a little bit of bad planning on my's CRAFT DAY ON QVC....not that I would be watching the whole thing but I do want to watch "Martha Stewart Crafts" at 11.00am.....and perhaps a little bribery is called for .....if Grandma can have some peace to watch her programme....then there may be a special treat after lunch.....the Polar Express DVD and a yummy ice cream cone to lick while naughty am I....but it works everytime.
WEDNESDAY.....I need to get my head down and get the DT stuff finished off because on.....
THURSDAY.....I am off on a the SECC to meet up with all my lovely buds and then before you know it.....we are back to Friday again.
As promised.....the rest of my SC&P cards........

Catch up with you all tomorrow......Hugs Kath xxxxxx
Edited to add.....just got home from Alford....the weather is atrocious....and the roads are awash with water....bit of a nightmare journey on windy narrow back roads....and guess what.....Simply Create was not open today......will have to go back on Wednesday......not a happy bun!!


  1. i love your cards Kath :-)
    must say i agree about whitney ...she just seemed soo spaced out? very odd? sadly my 13 year old likes john and edward? have to say they were very funny in those suits but i was shocked they are still in :-)
    hope you're well love caroline x

  2. Morning Kath, AGREE, AGREE, AGREE, I was gutted last night that 2 decent singers were in the bottom too, but there are a lot of 5 year olds out there who have Mobile Phones, LOL, I was so disappointed in Whitney, she was on something....I was worried about Cheryl taking the stage with her, but I think Cheryl was FAB......poor Ricky, not cute enough, but did a great "sing off" 3 sleeps to SECC, butterflies dancing about in my stomach for both 12am tonight and Thursday....see ya there...Hugs Avril xxx ps Great Cards....LOL

  3. Hi Kath, right there with ya concerning XFactor J & E should have gone out in the first week! I shouldnt watch it as I get so annoyed and shout at the tv. Anyway, fab cards, really do like the colours may have to try this combo myself. Have a great day, take care Ann-Marie xxx

  4. Beautiful card Kath, they look wonderful in the mag. Have a great day and hello to your furry sweetheart. Anesha :-)

  5. I totally agree - who is voting for them?! Although last week I was glad they stayed and Kandy Rain left, one of the girls went to my school and was a total bully but that's another story!!
    Your cards are fabulous as always Kath, the colours and how you've layered the top card is gorgeous!

    Beth xx

  6. Gorgeous cards Kath.Love the 3d effect bells.Can't comment on X Factor as I don't watch it.Looking forward to seeing you again on Thursday.We'll need to arrange where to meet up.
    Cass xxx

  7. Fantastic cards Kath, lovely designs and my fav colour combo too :) Donna x

  8. brilliant card love the desing great colurs too love cheryl xxxx

  9. Yes I agree get rid of those silly boys, and Whitney was as high as a kite. You have a busy week and I'm sure you'll get it all done. Love the cards, love the colour combo.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  10. Wowzers! Simply stunning card.

  11. `Gorgeous` cards Mrs kath..
    Have fun with the Grandchildren...
    and enjoy your Day with Jaquie....oh and `Enjoy` craft Day tooo...:)xxx

  12. Gorgeous cards Kath!

  13. Hi Kath!
    How are you? Hope you are doing well.. those cards are lovelyyyy! Makes me in the christmas mood allready! xxhugs Marley

  14. Oh these are stunning Kath!
    So sorry that your crafting spending was spoilt!
    kim x

  15. I am from Northern Ireland and even I can't have them twins. Cheryl was right when she said I can't believe Ricky is going and they are still here.
    Lovely cards as usual, enjoy your week

  16. More great cards Kath. I've not got my copy of SC&P yet but I will this week. Still disappointed that I won't see you at SECC cos we are going on Sunday - maybe next time! You must be so disappointed about Simply Create not being open. I always look forward to going there, Jacqui has such lovely goodies!!!

    Kat xx

  17. Hi Kath,

    Not an X Factor fan I'm afraid so haven't a clue.

    However, I love your Christmas cards. The colours are great. Love the clock and cat.

    Hugs Ali x

  18. Hi Kath - gorgeous cards as always - you are such an inspiration :)
    I'm sorry to hear your shopping trip didn't go quite as planned :(

    Well I don't think I have to tell you my views on those darling twins :0
    And I was sure Whitney was going to have a wardrobe malfunction half way through her mime - oh sorry, singing! But after seeing her scouring the floor whilst the gorgeous Dermot was trying to talk to her I almost wished she had! Does anyone know what she lost.................other than a few fans I would imagine!
    The sad thing was my daughter missed Saturday's show so before she came on I raved about how gorgeous she looked and how great she was with everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!! I must've meant someone else!

    I will be boycotting if THEY stay next week! (I said that last-night too!)

    Carol x

  19. kath thank you so much for visiting me, and your words of encouragement, I've just had a lovely wander through your blog - delicious eye candy in there lady - I LOVE your cards :-)

  20. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT either Kath... those twins get right up my nostrils... and If they get to the end 'I' will lose the will to
    Poor Rachel is really having a hard time of it and she has a fab voice...bless.
    Think Whitney was 'on' summat deary me... she definately was a penny short of a bob me thinks.
    Errrrm better tell ya how much I'm lovin' all your Christmas card designs... rockin' missus... before you think I'm writing a blog post for
    Sorry... you know me fingers run away with me as much as me mouth!!
    chris xx

  21. Absolutely stunning Xmas creations. You are definitely a bottomless pit of MOJO!

  22. Wow gorgeous cards
    Where DO you get your brilliant ideas!
    Now the X factor debacle!! What can I say the whole of bloomin' Ireland must be voting for those two... And you and I must be thinking along the same track because that is EXACTLY what I was thinking about Whitney, strange behaviour nothing at all like her Oprah interview, Robbie last week - Out of his head and well not sure what Whitney was up to!!!

    God you must have been PO'd going up to Alford - I can just imagine your face KAth!!!



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