Sunday, October 25, 2009

Tonight's the Night

Hi the words of the song.....TONIGHT'S THE NIGHT.....hopefully that the twins are sent packing.....if not....I will be ready to take up holy orders and spend the rest of my life as a crafting NUN.
I can hardly bear to watch and if it wasn't that I would miss the mega serious eye candy going by the name of Mr Buble......I would probably take myself off to bed early and pray that reason prevails.
and if my wish isn't granted...well who knows the mood I will be in tomorrow.
Hugs Kath xxxxxxx
Edited to add:  High on a hill stood a lonely goatherd....lay odl lay odl lay hee hoo


  1. Well said Kath lol .. I can't believe they are still in either and it really was stomach churning to watch their performance last nite .. totally agree with you the only good reason to watch other than them getting voted out is the very delicious and very gorgeous Mr Buble .. enjoy the rest of your sunday evening.

  2. OMG! I can't believe it.... I am gobsmacked. WHY????? Poor Danyl! It's so unfair when the jokers have gone through :(
    The only thing we can do is keep that gorgeous image of Mr Sexy Buble alive in our minds to take away the pain.

  3. Hello there crafting nun, i am not happy they are still in, however the more HATE they get in the press and the boo's, the more people will vote for them in to wind the judges up. I just think that after the Hate finishes, and people will accept them, they will go as with all reality shows x

  4. ooooops hope your crafting isn't affected by that absolutely crap result! We think J & E's dad is counting the votes!

  5. Kath I'm so glad I didn't read your post BEFORE watching - you'd have got me even more fired up and convinced that this was the end of the Quiffed Two!

    I promised to boycott last week if they stayed in and I wont say what I promised this week!!! But as you can guess I didn't stick to last week's promise anyway ;)

    If Danyl had gone I think Simon would've fired everyone else!

    My thinking behind it all is that people are voting for their favorite - and therefore only voting once or twice - whereas if we were voting OFF I'm sure J & E would win outright (if you know what I mean!)
    I like Lynda's theory of their dad counting the votes tho ;)

    How is the habit for glitter waste by the way ;)

    Carol x

  6. Aggghhhh!!! Who is voting for these Chuckleheads??!!! I totally agree with you about the yummy Mr Buble though!! ;-)

    Beth xx

  7. Can you believe the little blighters are still in GRRRRRRRRR.

  8. Who is voting for them? Who? Who? I just don't get it!

    Jan xx

  9. ROFL - Hope you've ordered your crafty Habit!!!

    I'm beginning to loose the will to live with it all!!
    The WHOLE of Ireland must be phoning in to vote...
    It's no longer a fair competition really, it should just be the judges voting.