Thursday, July 8, 2010

A big secret....a sneaky peek and a little toot....

Morning folks....I am going to let you all into a big already know that I am seriously addicted to rubber especially Hero Arts and Penny Blacks and have been known to splurge the cash on increasing my paper stash but did you know that I am also a serious need to run for the hills and rush to delete yourselves from my followers list.....a relatively harmless addiction but one that has cost me a small fortune over the years....comes from the Greek word Arktos meaning...bear.....yes I collect those gorgeous furry bundles commonly known as TEDDY BEARS.      They used to sit on shelves all around my family room  but when I got the urge to declutter and minimalise my life....they were all packed away in boxes apart from a few favourites and I had to force myself to curb the urge to add to the collection which over the years grew to massive proportions.....just couldn't resist buying a Harrods bear anytime I passed through Heathrow or my Orient Express Steiff bears and even one from the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong and it hasn't been easy...up to now I have resisted temptation but all my resolve went flying out the window when I saw this cute let me introduce you all to my new adorable friend Roger....

He now sits on my bedside table.... a wonderful reminder of my day at Wimbledon 2010 and the Furry Boy has been warned not to touch....remember his friend Hamish....well in a nutshell....Hamish has gone to Teddy Bear Heaven....found him out the garden badly mauled with his stuffing hanging out beyond repair so guess who was sent to the doghouse.
Just time for a little sneaky peek before the naughty boy and I set off for our morning stroll.....

and  fingers crossed I can manage to muster some crafty inspiration and spend the whole day having fun in the cubbyhole.
And to finish off a little toot......I was asked by the lovely Alison Wood over at Art Of Crafts if she could do a little feature about me and my blog.....of course I was thrilled to be asked and if like me you are a nosey can read all about little old moi...HERE.  
Don't forget to check back tomorrow when Buddy will be announcing the winner of his little give-away.
Hugs Kath xxx


HoneyB said...

Just read the interview and it's lovely. Intrigued by the sneeky peek looks fab.
Lyn x

Denise said...

You certainly have a passion for furry bundles Kath. So poor Buddy is in the dog house again ..... Did Buddy invent the expression "It's a dog's life"? Went on my shopping spree yesterday but not for stash. Ended up on stocking 'Meg up with bags of James Wellbeloved, Joint
care and dental sticks, Meaty chew sticks and then the garden birds with seed and loads of fat balls. Oh well there is always today for stash after I've taken my mum to do her weekly shop.
Keep the tail wagging Buddy and I'll speak to you tomorrow. Take care both of you. Hugs and tickles behind the ears - Denise XX

kathleen said...

Love the new Bear Kath,but i bet Buddy is tempted.

kathleen x

nnalorac said...

Lovely write up Kath, left my take on it! The peek looks yummy. Yes, there is something about teddies, have a couple lying about the house myself. Enjoy the sun, rain next couple of days so they say. nnalorac.x

Sue said...

Hi Kath
a great read as always luv the new furry friend, looks very cool in his gear,very pretty sneak peak, hope you have good crafty day, sue,x

Sarah A said...

Hi Kath

Loving the new man in your life... Roger!! He is gorgeous!

My Mum collects Steiff bears and it costs me a small fortune buying presents for her LOL!

Loving the sneak peek, very intriguing.

Have a fab day and hope Mr Mojo is back in full force.

Sarah x

Anesha said...

Cute bears Kath. I can't believe that lovely boy would have done anything like that! lol Poor Hamish. Hope you both have a great day. Hugs

Alison Wood said...

Hi Kath

I am very glad that you like the interview on my Art of Crafts blog and thank you so much for taking the time to do it. Your cards pictured look fab.

Regards, Ali

Suzanne said...

aaawwww - hes gorgeous, Kath. Have to admit, I have a thing for teddies too. But I like the cherished teddie range - they too are now packed away in the loft. Off to read your interview now
Suzanne x

Kat said...

Hi Kath, how famous are you lol!? Loved the interview.

I have to admit to having more than a few bears myself but I think I may be almost cured now!!

What a naughty boy Buddy is. My Lab had a taste for wood when she was a puppy - door surrounds, chair legs etc. Someone told me that choccies like wood. But she also systematically destroyed a soft dog bed. Her first and last!

Can't wait to see the rest of the sneaky peak, love the colours.

Kat xx

Lorraine Robertson said...

Looking at that wee cute face sweetie, it really is no surprise that you couldn't resist him...

Big hugs
Lorraine xxx

Lin said...

You too! I've been collecting bears forever, but like you, many of them are packed away now; haven't been able to part with them. And you taught me a new word today - did not know that I was an arctophile :)
Nice article, congratulations! Always love coming here to visit. Hugs!

Barb said...

Love reading your blog, Kath! I'm so glad to know there are more people out there with this addiction! (My mom was one of them.) Love your new Wimbledon bear! I can see why you could not resist! Love the peek...can't wait for more!

Bluefairy4U said...

Hi Kath and Buddy just read your art of crafts interview, it was very helpful and I bet a lot of people will take heed and follow what you have said. Love the new Teddy just like me I love them too especially the HARRODS ONE !! Had to stop did you also go for the beanies. I have only one little one on my bed now.
Love reading your blog.
Hope buddy doesn't get jealous gorgeous Buddy xxxx
lol Joxx

Lorraine said...

What a great interview Kath, you must be chuffed to bits. What you do everyday is amazing, your a great inspiration.

Anne said...

Hi Kath - super interview . Another thing we have in common - TEDDIES !!!!- I have a collection too although not bought many recently having moved to this smaller -- much!!!smaller house.
Sorry there were no stamps at the shop today for you . Will call if they arrive tomorrow
Anne xxx

Ruthie said...

HAMISH!!!! ----Noooooooooooooo!

Did you bury him?

Maybe Buddy didnt do it? Who framed Buddy????

Free the Buddy One!


Ruthie said...

HAMISH!!!! ----Noooooooooooooo!

Did you bury him?

Maybe Buddy didnt do it? Who framed Buddy????

Free the Buddy One!


Caroljenks said...

Roger is cute!

Great interview too - nice to read a little more about you and your background - yep, I'm a nosey parker!!!

Carol x


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