Sunday, July 4, 2010

Big Thank You's and a little give-away

Morning to all my lovely bloggy chums.....yes it's your gorgeous bundle of golden deliciousness one year older maybe but still cutting a dash with the ladies and I've got my hang dog face on today and no wonder...will explain in a mo but first I need to say......
big big thank you's to all you lovely girls who sent me birthday wishes and a huge cuddle for my lovely friend Anesha for the card and pressies that I showed you last week...check them out really are the nicest girls and I would love to meet you and smother you all with doggy kisses....Mum is shaking her head.....OK I admit that I do go a bit overboard when it comes to the welcoming visitors bit but I'm just a big friendly kind of a guy.
And to celebrate my birthday Mum said I could do a little give-away
Stampin Up Papers & Cardstock
Good Neighbors stamp set
Twill Tape
Flowers and bling

And if you want this parcel of goodies to be winging it's way to you at the end of this week....just leave me some bloggy love and I will choose a winner next Friday.
And why is my nose out of joint....for starters I have had enough of this weather....far too hot for someone like me who doesn't have a summer wardrobe...I am stuck with the big furry coat all year reduced to sleeping under the conifers in the garden in the heat of the day and the indignity of having the birds who live there pooping all over's a disgrace.
As for this tennis sofa has now got a reserved sign on it...there has been absolutely no activity in the crafty department....the crafty lady has been permanently seated watching the ball going backwards and forwards and crikey what's all this leaping in the air and shouting "YES" all the time....scaring me poor Dad hasn't fared any better he's been forced to take up residence in the front room with nothing to watch but the World Cup....think it's time us boys came out in protest.    And the final straw....Mum took off on Friday to visit my lovely chums Jacqui and Anne at Simply Create....."you can't come Buddy...dogs are not allowed " and then she comes home and tells Dad about the gorgeous dog who popped into the shop with his owner....well is it any wonder I have a face like a wet weekend.
But things are looking up...Dad tells me that the tennis finishes today so I'll get my sofa back ..the sun has fallen out of the sky....yippee it's raining so I won't have to run the gauntlet of those pesky birds.....just need to work on the visit to Simply Create and I'll be back to being a pampered pooch once again.
Happy 4th of July to all my American buddies
Big Hugs & Snuggles
Buddy xxx


Anonymous said...

Lots of hugs and kisses Buddy, I can't believe that you had to do with out your sofa, glad you have it back, as for the hot weather try and keep your chin up. (Perhaps Kath will fan you while you recline on your sofa)!!!

kathleen said...

lots of kisses and cuddles Buddy.Glad you are getting your sofa back.Hope the weather is a bit cooler for you today.
Have a good day,
Kathleen x

HoneyB said...

Morning Buddy and many happy returns. Glad things are looking up for you but not sure what you can do about the visits to Simply Create as it such a fantastic shop so you won;t be able to stop her going but might be able to work on being able to tag
Hope to see you again soon
Lyn x

Anesha said...

Hi Buddy, you are very welcome and I would love to meet you one day and I don't mind doggy kisses at all! It has not been nice for 'people' with fur coats on these last few weeks. I now she's a cat but, Skipper is finding this weather just as bad.:)
Those bad birds pooping on you, you can't let that happen. I am sure that you mum will take you to Simply Create on her next visit now!
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Lots of hugs Anesha :)

Annie said...

sending you birthday wishes Buddy, I hope they give you a nice liver and bacon cake, or at least a good Sunday morning fry up breakfast! woofs and wags from Aero and Piper too.
hugs, annie x

Sue said...

Happy Birthday Buddy, hope you have a dog on good day, sure mummy will make it up to you after today!!lol
Great post Kath made me giggle. have great day, enjoy the finals, sue,x

Kirsti said...

Happy birthday Buddy!!! Hope it's a good un....not into tennis myself do can't see the fascination and I can't believe it's raining again(not looked out yet)...oh well I may even get some badly neglected housework done today then...have a great day!!! (((hugs))) kirsti x

Lorraine A said...

Happy Birthday Buddy :-) Glad things are looking up for you now and you will soon be back to your nice routine :-)
I am sure your mum will take you next time ,,, it's just not fair is it ,,, her going off like that to meet up with other doggies and leave you behind !! :-)

hope you get lots of lovely treats today :-) maybe a walk to the park for a romp with your lovely girlfriend !! :-)

Lols x x x

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Buddy!!

You always look so handsome in all your pics, how do you manage to look so cool with all this hot weather?? :-D

Gwendolyn said...

Happy B-Day! Hope the weather is somewhat cooler for you! Also for my own dog Gila, a Border Collie. She doesn't like this weather....

Love Gwendolyn

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Buddy. Thanks Kath for such nice giveaway. Enjoy your day.

Sarah A said...

Hope your birthday was as special as you are! Poor you suffering in this heat, Casper and Tinkerbelle have been the same and can be found either sprawled out on the slate kitchen floor or under my bed LOL! You should get a cat friend to chase those birds away for you or mither Kath to get a purpose built shelter under the tree so those birds don't mess your gorgeous coat up!

Great candy, you have such good choice in the crafting department!

Take care and good luck with getting the sofa back ;-) pity you can't benefit from ear plugs to drown out that shouting and cheering hehe I can hear her from here!!

Sarah x

Unfading Spring said...

Hi Buddy, Happy Birthday, hope you had a good one, so glad the weather is a little cooler for you today, and never mind only one more day of tennis and then back to normal. I don't like the tennis much either, hope Mum remembers to feed you. because when I was a kid I never got fed while the tennis was on.

Maybe Mum is worried you might get too excited at the craft shop, maybe when you are a bit older and calmer.

Big Hugs Carol xx

Helen said... are having a bad time of it Buddy!
And as for not allowing you to go to the craft shop...I'm sure they'd get masses of extra customers if they advertised a 'special guest appearance' by one of blogland's brightest stars! lol should get your sofa back tomorrow ;0)
Helen x

Kathy Rogers said...

Happy Birthday Buddy, do0n;t worry I'm with you about the tennis and football, never mind it wil all be over soon and you'll be able to reclaim you rightful spot.

ginny c said...

happy birthday buddy, told my girls how you are suffering with the heat, polly & daisy have had a trim well springers seem to develop a big old furry coat, milly a lab so havent had the trimmer on her. Sorry to hear about tennis & world cup it will be normal service soon. Well the trip to craft shop perhaps their is another reason for you going , how does mum explain the stash she brings home to dad.It buy two get 1 free, discontinue lines going cheap, can you see were i am coming from

Mummylade said...

aww, let's hope that long face lightens up soon

Anonymous said... funny reading about your daily antics Buddy!
So pleased that you'll be getting your sofa back later today!
Carole x

Elsina said...

Happy birthday Buddy, hope the weather cools down for you. Can't stand the heat myself :)

Marg said...

Happy Birthday Buddy - hope it's a good one with lots of treats to make you smile again x

WoodbankCrafts said...

Happy Birthday Buddy, I do feel for you doggys in this weather. Make sure you chase those birds once the weather cools abit! :) x

Stamps and Paper said...

Happy Birthday you handsome boy....hope mum has lots of treats in store for you....thank mum for giving us the chance to win some lovely crafting goodies..


Denise said...

Buddy my golden furry friend, you can lavish me with wet doggy kisses any day of the week. Wish I lived closer to you cos we could meet up and then you and my Meg could have a chase about session. The birds in our garden are fighting among themselves today. Those young sparrows can be viscious little devils when they want to be.
Big hugs and tickles behind the ears - Denise & Meg

Suzanne said...

aaaawww - poor Buddy. I would love to meet you and get lots of lovey kisses, lol. Happy Birthday, gorgeous one. Leave your mum in peace for a bit longer, like your dad says - it's nearly finished now. I know how you feel - between football and tennis I am driven demented. Not long now though, lol
Suzanne x

Denise said...

Just had to pop back Buddy and let you know you aren't the only lovely gorgeous K9 in the dog house. 11 week old Tinks (long haired Jack Russel) next door is in big big and bigger trouble. While her mum nipped upstairs she got into the pile of dirty laundry awaiting the washing machine and has strewn it all over the garden. Talk about airing your dirty washing in public eh.

MrsK said...

Happy Birthday Kath!

Keep ya chin up lass it will get better

Take care

Sal xx

-Agnes- said...

Congrats to Buddy and thanks for the chance of candy... it's hard to get up to anything in this heat I know! What you want is a cool tiled floor in a room with the curtains drawn all day long! If you prefer the outdoors, how about a pillowcase full of ice cubes in a bín bag underneath a blanket. Coolpacks would do fine if you are not tempted to chew them up. Hope this helps.

nnalorac said...

Well Buddy, my advice is get too the settee 1st this afternoon, I'm sure mum will share, enjoy. nnalorac.x

scrappyjacky said...

Have you thought about sabotaging the TV,Buddy!!!

Fluffles said...

Very Happy Birthday Buddy, sorry your birthday week hasn't been the best. Maybe with all the ball sports on TV tho you could get one as a present to lift your spirits...better than that, we could arrange to meet at Simply Create & I'll bring you one! Jx

Kat said...

Glad you had a lovely birthday on Wednesday Buddy and got some cards and goodies. At the moment my Lab is lying on "her" chair in the conservatory. Her Dad isn't in to football and I'm not into any sports so she's quite happy and just waiting for her Sunday walk with Dad.

She probably understands how you feel in the warm weather as she has a very thick coat too. A lady told me the other day that she was taking her Goldie to be trimmed but the trimmer would also be able to remove a lot of hair (sounds painful). I forget what it's called but apparently it's recommended for Retrievers and Labs.

Rain seems to have stopped now and the sun's come out so Maddy might get a dry walk after all.

Not long now till you get your sofa back.

Hugs Kat xx

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday Buddy! I'm glad you'll have your sofa back! But mum does love tennis!
Thanks for saring Kath. I love coming to visit!

Sandra said...

Happy Belted Birthday - he is a cutie!

Jacqui said...

Buddy I don't want to stir it but I have to say your Mum has been asked to bring you to see Anne and I, you are very welcome and if you let me know you're coming then I'll have lots of treats for you and guess what I even have a we sofa that you can have pride of place on, so maybe next time....and who knows maybe Tilly, Emmy and Alfie might pop into see you and then theres always Benson and Suggs!!!

Alex said...

Arrrrh Buddy, you should have your sofa back by now, am sure Mum will spoil you rotten now that Wimbledon has finished lol - wonderful goodies you managed to snag away as well, very impressed ;) xx

Lorraine said...

Hi Buddy, at least the tennis is all over now! Our poor dog Molly is black so she is dying in this heat aswell. Get a visit to Simply Create soon because when they meet you they will never let you leave.

Allison said...

Happy Birthday to you Buddy

mckinkle said...

Wishing you Buddy a whole heap of doggy gorgeous pressies!

Its great that the temperature is cooling so you dont get into any trouble chasing those pesky birds after messing up your coat!

I think you'd have been rolling your eyes at the monster who is Murphy who came to visit me yesterday; he just didn't stop for one moment!!

Keryn x

Mandy said...

Hi buddy just stopping by to congratulate you on your Birthday.
I think someone of your status should never have to give up one comfort& their should also be an over head fan at least.Perhaps your weekly allouance from allowing people to pet you shld be spent on amobile air con unit.
Enjoy your Birthday celebrations
hugs & kisses plus a box of bonios

JustYolie said...

Happy Birthday Buddy! :)

Bluefairy4U said...

Oh Buddy, happy Birthday and how could mummy leave such a darling baby like you behind. Well you will be having your couch back soon and the weather is turning cooler so you will be one happy Buddy, hugs and kisses to you and mummy Jo xxxx

Anikraft said...

Hi there,
I have just come over from flickr and love your home sweet home canvas and cards too.
Will be checking your blog more often now that im a follower. Great inspiration!!!
Also, would love to join in on that lovely giveaway if possible.
Keep up the great work!
Anika xx

Enfys said...

Hugs and birthday kisses to Buddy. You will get back to normal now that the tennis is over, extra long walks this week to make up for Missus K tennis neglect.
big hugs
En xx

Tracy said...

Hi Buddy,
Nowt wrong with doggy kisses, as I get covered in them all the time from my two furry boys. My boys have tons of fur Buddy so I know you must feel it with all the heat. Stay cool boy.
Tracy x

The Paper Princess said...

Hi Buddy

Sure hope today is a better day for you! Sending love your way - thanks for a chance to win some goodies from you!


Life At Camellia Cottage said...

Buddy, I hear that folks in scrap stores keep a special stash of treats under the counter just for celebrities like you - keep working on your Mum!

Oh, and please put in a good word with her for me in the giveaway!


Nat said...

Happy Birthday Buddy,wow you sure have many people who adore you, incluging me!!:)

HazelQ said...

Happy bday Buddy!! Don't feel sad, I'm sure that very soon mum will take you to Simply Create store :) keep working on it.

Jamie said...

Your dog is gorgeous. Oh, and I love your blog too :0) jamie

Rosie said...

Buddy I am sorry this is a late Birthday wish, but both Sasha and DeeDee send sloppy kisses to you too. They both understand how you have been feeling in this heat, and also feel you indignation at having the birds pooping over your back. I know they would both love to meet you, and Sasha totally understands the need to make visitors 'very' welcome when they come to the house. Rosie, Sasha and DeeDee xxx

Esther said...

Hi Buddy,
My small one who loves to see your face says it is cooler here today so hopes it is the same for you and you can stop baking a little. !

Tatanky said...

Hi Buddy !!! Happy belated birthday ! I'm with you ! I dislike hot weather too although I have summer clothes they're not my favorite I prefer my arms covered hehehe. Nice candy and thanks for the chance to win.

Nora said...

Happy Birthday Buddy xxx

Christine B. said...

Belated Happy Bitrthday Buddy. Hope you got lots of hugs and kisses and yummy treats. Thanks for a chance to winx ChrisB

ScrappingHappy said...

i love birthdays hope u enjoyed yourself kisses


Happy Birthday Buddy! We rescued a dog named Buddy a few years ago because everbody needs a Buddy! Great name for great dogs! Keep that tail a waggin'!

Lisa said...

Buddy! You're so precious. My golden, Tucker, would like to come snuggle with you on the sofa. Is there room?

Thanks for the chance to win!

Anonymous said...

Hi Buddy
Oh boy, I do sympathize with you having to wear a fur coat and put up with the naughty little birdies! On the plus side though you don't have to wear sun cream or worry about getting sunburnt do you? I'm doing a very passable impression of a lobster today as I've just got back from a camping trip and it was between 30C and 35C every day and not a cloud in the sky. Hope you had a fabby birthday.

Hugs and kisses
Brenda xxx

chilli pip said...

Birthday wishes Buddy

irinka said...

Happy Birthaday Buddy!!! I'm sure you get all attention you want from your Mum and now from us crafters. You are such a STAR, I love your pictures

Anne said...

Ok Buddy , Jacqui says it's ok to come to the shop so if you let us know your coming we'll get mum to make it "take your pets to work day " and we'll come and meet you there !!
Muffin and Freebie xxxxx

Fi said...

Happy Birthday Buddy!!

Bet you're glad the crafting has recomenced and the sofa is now clear for you to lounge on!


Lisa said...

Hope you had a wooftastic birthday Buddy! My fur baby, Meadow will be having her first birthday soon and I'm already trying out cake recipes for her. At the moment, her favourite is pineapple muffin!

Daisychain said...

Hope you had a great birthday Buddy and got thoroughly spoilt. Hugs Christine x

Pinkcoke said...

Oh how I wish I was allowed pets...buddy you deserve to have a full blown picture of yourself on the web - what a gorgeous coat! Hope you had a great day, and looking forward to the next post :D


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