Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Best Laid Plans

Morning folks...yesterday was a day of the best laid plans and all that.....and not just for Federer still reeling from the shock and this gorgeous weather along with the tennis ain't half been playing havoc with the cubbyhole conveyor belt.  I usually take my first coffee of the day outside....sitting on the step at the back door in my jammies and for me this is the best time of the the peace and quiet before other folks are up and about.....just me..The Budster and our birdie friends.
And right outside the back door is a huge Weigela bush which despite the bad winter we had is hanging thick with flowers....
 don't know the variety but it has variegated leaves and flowers in a range of pink from the palest right through to gorgeous fuschia
and all this getting up close and personal with nature has it's pitfalls.....after our morning stroll I decided that the lawn was looking a bit scruffy...half an hour tops for a quick haircut and of course once you start you see lots of other little jobs that need doing so I spent almost the whole morning out in the garden and why not....we are halfway through the year and autumn and winter will be here before we don't feel guilty folks....enjoy the summer while we can....crafting can wait for the not so nice days....and my bum was glued to the sofa watching a thrilling mixed emotions afternoon at Wimbledon....well done Andy on fighting back to win through but oh dear up against Rafa in the semis....Friday is definitely going to be another no crafty day.
And as it's the lst of July it's time for a brand new challenge over at Get Funky.....I am not taking part this month.....well it's been a busy old time at the cubbyhole and I'm having a bit of a break and trying to take things a bit easier....but never fear I will be back hopefully for the August the meantime my lovely buddies on the Get Funky Team have excelled themselves once again pop on over and feast your eyes on their gorgeous creations.
But I should have kept quiet....woke up this morning to mist and rain so no coffee alfresco today and no crafty stuff either....I am abandoning the cubbyhole and taking myself off for some catching up with and chat...a great way to unwind...and I will catch up with you all tomorrow.
Hugs Kath xxx
Edited to add:  By the way....the engineer arrived as promised...the telephone line is fixed and I am now back in communciation with the outside world


Anesha said...

Glad to hear your phone is fixed. Have fun visiting friends today. Hope Buddy had a great Birthday and hope girlfriend got his something nice! Hugs to you both.

Kat said...

Pity about the weather. Just a bit yucky when I took Maddy out but now it's full blown rain. Still I need to get busy with some DT cards. After I've phoned up to change my broadband provider to Post Office. Not nice when you get a letter telling you that the price is going up 50%. Funny when you phone up to leave them they can keep the price the same and even give 2 months free. Thanks but no thanks!

Have a lovely day.

Kat xx

ursula Uphof said...

Have a good day with your friends, terrible to watch the tennis now, will stick to football as Holland - my hubby's team are still in. Hope your good weather is back soon

ursula Uphof said...

Have a good day with your friends, terrible to watch the tennis now, will stick to football as Holland - my hubby's team are still in. Hope your good weather is back soon

Tatanky said...

Hi Kath ! what a gorgeous Weigela bush you have. And you're right enjoy the weather !!! Here in Mexico rainy season has begun...actually hurricane season. Let's hope we don't get very hard ones this year.

Macpurp said...

your day of coffee with mates sounds a great plan! enjoy x
love teen xx

Rufus said...

Oh yes, Kath. This years Wimbledon has been full of surprises! I'm sure that Roger finding out that you'd left Wimbledon is what did it! So who's your money on? Andy or Rafa? Gorgeous Weigela bush, BTW.


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