Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What's on my Workdesk Wednesday

Morning's Wednesday and time to play along at WOYWW....the desk is a bit of a mess this morning...well and truly abandoned last night after a last minute crafting session and what started off as bit of a quickie post for me has turned into a full blown saga....with a rant thrown in....
once again I was skidding in by the seat of my pants to make a card for a very special someone.....yes my sweet furry boy is 4 today....

he has changed so much from his hooligan puppy days followed by the terrible twos and the tiresome threes....suddenly he has grown up into a lovely young man with just the occasional blot on his copybook...and just like his Mum he doesn't do half measures.....our motto is if you're going to be in big trouble you may as well have fun getting there and life would be so boring if we all behaved all of the time....he's such a character and I wouldn't have it any other way.
So after opening his card and I don't think he's impressed... it's just another card from the cubbyhole.....he got stuck into the goodie parcels but obviously dogs don't get as excited as us girls when it comes to birthdays.....he's now fast asleep on the sofa and time for me to do a quick tidy up in the cubbyhole.   Desk all cleaned up and ready for the next project.....
this book shaped box caught my eye the other day at Hobbycraft....great for storing clear stamps and I am going to have a go at decorating it with some fab canvas that my lovely buddy Anne gave me, stamps and Alterations from Lord Tim of know the one and only King of Distress....just as well he doesn't read my blog...I'm sure he would be mightily distressed to learn that I have had these stamps for ages and they have never seen ink but I aim to put that right today and after our morning stroll  I plan to have some fun.

I am stuck in the house today waiting for the BT engineer to arrive and what on earth have BT done to get my dander up.....if you've got a minute or two to spare I'll get the latest saga off my chest.   Went to use the phone yesterday and no dial tone but my broadband was still working so after trying different sockets and changing the ASDL filter I came to the conclusion the fault lay with the phone.  Headed into town to get a replacement which didn't work either and being of highly super intelligence I put 2 and 2 together and came up with the answer - it must be a fault with the line and all I need to do is report the fault to BT - simples you might think - don't you believe it - what a palaver - went online to find a number to call with my mobile but of course being BT I had a sneaky suspicion it would probably be a marathon....why can't they just have the numbers you need to call clearly displayed instead of having to search through the whole website and once I eventually found it.....was it a piece of cake...what do you think.
I was now listening to..surprise...surprise a recorded message....enter my telephone 1...if this is your number press 1 and on it went question after question followed by press 1 but this really took the biscuit...."did I know that I could go online and troubleshoot to find the cause of my problem and fix it".....I don't think so Mrs.....if I have a fault with my phone...I am paying you a line rental charge each month so it's your job to find the fault and fix it.  Eventually I got a call back to say that there is a fault on the line and I await....THE BT ENGINEER....I feel so sorry for these guys because they are right in the front line and are the ones that get all the flack from frustrated customers but I promise I will be on my best behaviour and be nice....that is just as long as he manages to fix it.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday Buddy!!!! Hope you have a wonderful day with lots of long walks and treats!
    Poor Kath, hope your BT guy gets your phone up and working again. Very few companies seem capable or interesting in doing a good job these days.
    Hope you both have a wonderful day and I think your card is just Super!! Hugs

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUDDY!! have a super relaxing day lol
    I'll be waiting to see what you do with that book - have seen them in hobby craft but wasn't sure how I'd go about decorating it, so I wait to be inspired

  3. Hi Kath, your desk is spotlessly tidy compared to mine still. Oh well it's fun finding stuff I'd forgotten about when I do tidy it.
    Meg (Border Collie & My Baby) is woofing Happy Birthday to the Birthday Boy and she hopes he has a great day with loads of Doggy Treats and maybe a Biscuit or 2. He is a great character and do look forward to hearing about his little antics.
    Take care - Denise

  4. Happy Birthday Buddy, hope you have a fun filled day! & Kath, remember it's the book that has to be distressed, not you or the BT man! Jx

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Buddy...from my 17week old puppy called bobbie .Hes in dog house diggin hole in garden so off to put him in the bath!Loveee the dies and the book cant wait to see what you do with it to alter cover
    hugs have fab day hope bt not too long!
    hugs judex

  6. oh happy birthday your desk looks lovely and tidy to me hun,hugs cheryl xxxx

  7. Happy Birthday Buddy.Kath i can't wait to see what you do to the book.

    Kathleen x

  8. Aw Kath.. sending a big hug to calm you down b4 the engineer gets there...I hope the prob is sorted asap for you.
    Happy birthday buddy, what a stunning card you made him.. its adorable i love it, and i also love that book box.. i need some of those for sure

  9. Happy Birthday Buddy you bundle of 'love'... hope you have lots of treats from your mum today.
    I shall also look out for your boook Kath.,


  10. That desk looks very focussed Kath.Happy birthday Buddy.Good luck with the phone. A friend of ours is a retired BT engineer-his phone was on the blink-eventually he had the story-a car is parked on the access cover-I don't think there is said our friend-I can see the manhole cover you mean from the call box I am using and it is perfectly accessible! Be careful who you tell tall stories to. Hugs BettyXXX

  11. Aww Happy birthday Buddy. Glad I'm not the only one who makes cards for their dog!
    Love the book box, may have to go purchase one of those! Have a great day
    Carly xxx

  12. Happy Birthday Buddy, I hope you are being truly spoilt today! A gorgeous card from Mum and hope you had fun opening your parcel, my dogs love a goody parcel to open. As for BT Kath, my hubby gives 100% to the customer, yes he gets some stick when he arrives but the gift of the gap and his willingness to sort your problem out usually makes a happy customer. Won't be him tho, away for a few days so yes! yes! yes! have house to myself, bliss, crafting all day everyday.

  13. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Hpapy Birthday dear Buddy Happy Birthday to you!!! xxx

    Kath your desk is toooooo tidy get it messed quick lol. as for BT ***sigh*** faults on the line aggggggravate me no end I agree the engineers cop a lot lol lol.


  14. Hi Kath
    happy birthday Buddy, hope you have a wuffley day, oh i hope you dont have to wait long for the BT man, arggg. luv the book can't wait to see what you do with it, have good day, sue,x

  15. reporting a simple fault is seldom ... well... simple =)

  16. Happy Birthday Buddy!! have a lazy relaxing day.oh dear kath i hope mr bt man sorts out your telephone line quickly.buddys card is fab and i can`t wait to see what you do with the book box.luv coops.xx

  17. Happy birthday Buddy. What a fab fun card you have made to for his 4th birthday, how sweet. Hope everything goes ok today with the engineer LOL. Have a lovely day, Tracy Evans x

  18. Happy birthday, Buddy. Fab card, Kath and looking forward to seeing the end result of the book box. Good luck with your BT engineer
    Suzanne x

  19. Happy Birthday Buddy!!! =)
    Hugs, SannaS

  20. happy birthday Buddy.

    That teddy stamp is cute!

  21. Cant wait to see what you do with the book. Happy Birthday Buddie, enjoy your day!

  22. Happy Birthday Buddy

    Wow that year has flown!!!
    Where does the time go??????

    cant wait to see what your Inky fingers make of that box hun i'm sure it will be fabulous!

    Emma xxx

  23. Beautiful card hun, love the cute image :0)
    Happy Birthday Buddy!
    Hope your phone gets sorted soon hun.
    Have agreat day,
    *hugs* Heather x

  24. Happy birthday Buddy. Fab card.
    A x

  25. what an amazingly tidy desk!and a happy birthday to Buddy!

  26. Happy Birthday to Buddy... *am so chuffed that it ain't just me that makes cards for fur babies LOL* As for BT, hope the guy is deffo turning up today... keep calm and deep breaths...then if he patronises you...shout at him ROFL...Good luck!!!

  27. Happy birthday Buddy..hope your having a great day!! love your card!! hope Mr BT sorts your phone line out for annoying these companies..its all about press this for that and press this for the other these days..but very quick to take your money..but not so quick to sort faults out..
    Michelle Xx

  28. What an adorable card this is for your fur baby! Happy Birthday to him!

  29. Well I'll be impressed for Buddy - I love his card! Best not start me off about phones...except to say - you have my sympathy. And so does the engineer!!

  30. Aaww Happy Birthday Buddy - a whole 4!
    Gggrr to BT, you need to take your frustration out via crafting - love that book shaped box x

  31. sweet card and everything is so organized. thanks for the snoop!

  32. Happy Birthday Buddy, love the card you made for him lol

    Hope BT sort things for you, we aren't with them and we are still having hassle with them as they keep sending us someone elses bills!!

  33. Happy Birthday Buddy!! hope youre mummy gives you lots of treats and cuddles, love the card Kath x

  34. Happy Birthday Buddy, have a wonderful day xxxx

  35. Can't wait to see what you make with that book, gorgeous I bet! Hope the BT engineer gets you sorted kath. And a big hug and happy birthday for buddy.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  36. Fab book and love the buddy card and that banner on the card - great idea

  37. Fantastic card! Love the paw prints on the 4.

  38. Happy Birthday Buddy - Hope you're having a good day and your mum is spoiling you rotten!!

    Love Lynda xxx

  39. Kath, you are lucky it was BT, it took us a WEEK yes 5 working days and a weekend ( which apparently doesn't count because no one makes calls at weekends do they?) NTL agreed to send an engineer after daily call following 'protocols' which was mainly - plug it in - does it work?, unplug it - plug it back in- does it work , no,,,, no,,,NO, imagine my Horror when engineer does house visit and diagnosed the problem as a cut wire from our gardening - although I still think they should have protected the wire better (blush)...

  40. Happy Birthday Buddy!!

    Can't wait to see the finished book Kath!

  41. What a fun card for Buddy. I love your book box and the TH bits

  42. Happy birthday Buddy! I can totally understand the frustration when you here that "Press 1 for..." You would want to shove the phone in the persons...erm...mouth!
    Hope the BT engineer did come!

  43. Hope the BT engineer didnt leave you waiting too long, but then again if you were staying in and playing all day whilst waiting for him I hope he came at 6pm and you had a lovely playday with all those lovely goodies. Give Buddy a birthday kiss.

  44. Happy Birthday Buddy! You lucky boy...what a gorgeous card...hope you've enjoyed your day! :0)
    Helen x

  45. Happy birthday Buddy and from Maddy the chocolate Lab too. What a lovely card Mum made for you, lucky boy.

    I've heard a lot of stories about BT over the years. My line is with the Post Office and if you phone them you speak to a real live person in seconds. The last time we had a fault on the line it was fixed really quickly and even on a Saturday. Yes I do work for the Post Office and I do recommend the phone service to people at work. Anyone I know who has it wouldn't go back to BT. I'm just about to sign up to PO broadband too.

    Kat xx

  46. Happy Birthday, Buddy! Hope that you got lots and lots of goodies. As for the phone, well lets say that it took my phone co 3 business days + 2 weekend days to get the phone and DSL off vacation. (After 1 week advance notice and a confirmation date) That was with daily phone calls, on a phone line that screeched so badly it gave THEM a headache! Did that get it fixed any faster? NO! Oh yes, my phone co. could screw up a 1 car funeral! Why don't I leave them?? BECAUSE I HAVE NO CHOICE! (sorry phone co. is a hot button)
    Hope that all is well in the cubby,

  47. Happy Birthday Budster!!!
    Suzie Qx

  48. oh happy happy birthday buddy, i too have a 5 year old golden boy called Pooh !! I know, long story lol

    Hope you and buddy have a great day

    big hugs
    judie xx

  49. I hope Buddy had a lovely birthday! Many Happy Returns Buddy!

    Oooh, I spy Lord TH goodies on that desk, yummy, and that book looks as though it has boundless possibilities. Hope we see it finished.

    I really do hope your line is fixed now.

    Lesley Xx

  50. Belated Birthday wishes Buddy! Hope you're mummy gave you lots and lots of treats.