Monday, June 28, 2010

The Wimbledon Experience

Morning everyone...and it's another gorgeous morning after a night of heavy rain...saves me having to water the garden...up bright and early...lots to catch up on this week. Had a relaxing day yesterday popping out to see the grandkiddies with their goodies from Wimbledon  and guess what...ended up playing tennis in the garden...not quite up to LTA standards but lots of fun especially when Grandma lobbed the ball into space and it ended up about 3 gardens away.
Now it's time to bore you all with heaps of pics of my Wimbledon experience...we arrived at Terminal 5 and took a quick tube hop to our apartment which was fabulous...a lovely place to rest our weary heads for 2 nights....
quickly dumped our luggage and set off to Putney Bridge where we strolled along the river in the beautiful summer sunshine...

finishing off the day with a gorgeous meal at Carluccios with my lovely Wimbledon groupies

up bright and early next morning...4.00am that's seriously early even for me...all showered and picnics packed...not wanting to miss even one second of the Wimbledon experience...not even the daunting queue c could dampen our spirits...

but before you know we've arrived at the top of that queue...
and this was a dream come true for this tennis finally stand at the main entrance to Centre Court
but play doesn't start until 1pm so we managed to catch a couple of matches on the outside courts

just time to do a bit of retail shopping and head to that hallowed place beloved of all tennis fans and this is where it all went pear shaped...a friendly steward offered to take a group pic and goodness knows what buttons he pushed but all my photos from then on were seriously out of focus....basically a blurry mess and it took me hours last night reading the manual to get things back to normal...never mind...his heart was in the right place And my hero was definitely back on form and sailed through to the next round in 3 straight sets but after a whole day of eyes flicking right and left you'd think we'd be completely tennised out...not a bit of it...we then managed to get Resale Tickets for the final match of the day on Court No £5 I've ever spent...cracker of a match and delighted to see Andy Roddick also through to the next round.
To be honest folks...unless you have a camera with a huge zoom's impossible to get good up close and personal pics and you definitely don't see the players as well as on TV but it's the atmosphere of the crowd and the excitement of every point played that has you sitting on the edge of your seat and what I truly love about this great game...the crowd applaud the tennis not just the player they are willing to win.
After a thrilling day and just one more bowl of strawberries and cream...we said our goodbyes to Wimbledon around 10pm...
 and wandered up to Wimbledon Park Village...tucked into a gorgeous Chinese meal and arrived back at our apartment well after midnight...four very tired but happy souls...fell into bed and I think we were all asleep before our heads hit the pillows.
All too soon it was time to come home but I have memories I shall cherish forever of a wonderful Wimbledon experience...finally seeing Centre Court....Henman Hill or Murray Mount as it's now called...cracking tennis...the lovely folks we met and a big thank you to the "GIRLS" for your wonderful company...

 and to M&S for the yummy picnics.....can't wait to do it all again
Catch up with you all later.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. So glad you had a great time, it's a great experience and Thanks for sharing. What a shame the silly man messed up your camera:{
    Those stamps look really yummy, what fun is going to be had with them:)

  2. Looks like you had a fabulous time and what wonderful memories for you.
    Those stamps look great too.

    Big Hugs Carol xx

  3. Your better than me Kath dont think I would be able to hit a tennis ball lol, glad you had such a wonderful time! Joey.x

  4. Sounds like you had a wonderful experience. Bet Buddy was glad he did not have to wake up at 4am!!! All those lovely PB stamps, heaven. Have a great day and hugs to Buddy.

  5. Looks like you all enjoyed yourselves so much, what a great day out and such an early start. Thank you for sharing, have a lovely day!

  6. Glad to hear you had a lovely time at wimbledon! Blooming heck that is a SMALL selection of the stamps?! I cant wait to see what pops through my letterbox! :D xxx

  7. I'm so glad you had a wonderful time at Wimbledon Kath and thanks for sharing your photos. I'm staking a claim fame with you as you got to see my Number 2 Hero: Andy Roddick .....
    Hug and tickle behind the ears for Buddy. Denise XX

  8. Oooohhh, I'm soooo jealous! You look like you had a wonderful time, a real dream come true, fabulous memories.
    Love Jan x

  9. Holy cow Kath!!! What a wonderful experience at Wimbledon! I'm not a big tennis fan, but just having the experience must have been fantastic! Add to it the wonderful roomy apartment. And all that rubber at home!!! How many stamps were there? It looks like quite a stack! Enjoy, I can't wait to see what you create with them.
    Thanks for sharing!

  10. Hi Kath
    wow looks like you had a lovely day out, great piccies, must have been brill. lovely pile of PB stamps, sue,x

  11. Sounds wonderful Kath and what a generous pile of stamps from PB!

    Love Lynda xxx

  12. fantastic photos Kath! but 4am....*shudders*

    as for that load of PB stamp...WOW!

    love tina x

  13. Thanks for sharing your Wimbledon experience with us Kath - thoroughly enjoyed that - have never been to Wimbledon but it certainly looks like you did it in style - you go Kath!

    Now that pile of stamps you've come back to WOW - that is a large collection, I bet your quite pleased that they are for prizes rather than you've got to create something with them all!!!!(not that that is a bad thing - but that would have me daunted I can tell you)!



  14. You sure know how to have fun with style Kath ... a fab post ... so glad you had a good time and the sun was shining X

  15. Enjoyed reading about your trip to Wimbledon. Must have been quite an experience!

    Kat xx

  16. wow, Kath, it sounds fantastic - it's definitely gone on my bucket list

  17. Kath, THANKS so much for the great job of describing your Wimbledon experience. I'm SOOOO jealous! I've been to the US Open, ages ago. I've seen the grass courts at the Tennis Hall of Fame in Newport, Rhode Island. But doubt I'll ever make it to Wimbledon. I looked for you on the big screen, but didn't spot you. It was nice of you to leave Mr. F and Rafa there to finish out their week. Sounds as if you had a truly marvelous time. Thanks for the pictures.