Thursday, June 24, 2010

All for a good cause

Morning the time you are reading this.....that is if Mr Blogger has decided not to have a "throwing his toys out of the pram" tantrum...I will be at the airport tucking into a croissant and coffee waiting to board my BA flight to Heathrow...whisking us off for a three day girlie away trip to that hallowed place so beloved of all tennis fans...did I mention I am off to Wimbledon and fingers crossed for some cracking tennis and a chance maybe to watch my hero...the gorgeous and mega talented Mr Federer and I'm also a bit partial to "el bastante delicioso" Senor Nadal.   Sunscreen...aftersun and sun shades packed.....don't want to end up looking any more dried up and wrinkly than I am keep your eyes peeled on Friday if you are watching the action unfold on may just spot this old gal with her oh so silly hat on.
But onto the important news as promised yesterday.....
my lovely friend Jacqui from Simply Create is hosting a very special day for all us crafty souls in the North East of fact for you all....if you want to make the journey to this beautiful...but a bit chilly sometimes...part of the world....just pack plenty of warm sweaters.....I just know it will be a real fun day....
Sales Table...all proceeds going to Save the Children
Make and Take....a small donation appreciated
Tea and Coffee as always
Entry fee £10 (lunch included as usual) 
with 20% of door ticket going to Save the Children
a chance to meet up with lots of lovely crafty friends...relieve yourself of some crafty cash and do your bit for this very worthwhile cause....helping to alleviate the suffering of unfortunate children across the world.   Will I see you there.....I do hope so.
And for those of you who live too far can join in the fun too....Jacqui has set us  
with 3 prizes of a £50 voucher to spend in the shop and if you aren't able to attend.... Jacqui will post £50 of goods to the lucky all you super duper crafty bloggers out there...what are you waiting for...I know we can rely on you all you to join in and help raise loads of will find all the details HERE.....and I managed to make some quick and easy cards for the challenge with the bits and pieces that were on my workdesk yesterday...whilst sitting in the garden enjoying the sunshine...3 days of sun in a row....crikey we're heading for a World Record.

I have a sneaky feeling that you may have a visit from the Golden Delicious One tomorrow....he is panting with excitement about a yummy parcel that arrived for him this week.   He's been a bit of a grumph....the minute he sees the suitcase he goes into sulky you really think he would go down well at Wimbledon...causing havoc by running down every ball....and the poor umpire to have a heart attack....oh dear the embarrassment of being escorted out of Centre Court  by two burly security guards with a naughty dog in front of millions of viewers and I bet that would make front page headlines and News At Ten.
Catch up with you all when I get back.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. morning Kath, have a great time at Wimbledon - will look out for you.
    I've been struggling with what to make for Jacqui's challenge, but I'm totally inspired now

  2. Love these cards Kath. If only I lived anywhere close. Have a great time at Wimbledon. Poor Buddy, lots of hugs and treats and all will be forgiven! lol Skipper used to do the same. Hugs to you both.

  3. Sweet little cards Kath, love those red felt flowers. Enjoy your trip. :)xx

  4. Have agreat trip to Wimbledon Kath...and lol at the dog on the court!!!

    I love the cards as well - really need to get my thinking cap on for this one...I wont be able to make the 3rd though as we have our dancing school show from Tuesday right thru to Saturday afternoon...but have a great time!!!Kirsti xx

  5. Hi Kat

    Hope you have a FAB time at Wimbledon, Mr Federa and Senor Nadal won't know whats hit them if they run into you haha

    Poor Buddy though, hope he gets over his sulks soon!

    Sarah x

  6. Forgot to say, love the cards!

    Sarah x

  7. Hi Kath, what gorgeous cards, really striking. Love the red and white. Hope you have a great time at Wimbledon. I'll look out for the golden one while you're away!

    Kat xx

  8. have a great time at Wimbledon

  9. awww how can you be a naughty mummy and leave Buddy behind again... he could be a ball boy....rofl I'm sure everyone at Wimbledon would love him just as much as we do :D

    FAb fab fab cards Kath and in my favourite colour red too....yummmmy.
    Wish I could come up to Scotland but hey ho.... hope the day goes well.

    Chris xx

  10. I'm off to check out the challenge as Scotland is too far away for me. Hope you enjoy the tennis. Great quick cards too. Marianne x

  11. Kath, I've been watching for you all day ~ I've seen the Queen, Mr. F and the yummy Rafa. The conclusion of the never ending 11hr 5 min. match, 70-68 in the 5th set for heaven's sake! However, I haven't seen YOU! Hope that you are having a marvelous time with lots of strawberries and cream.

  12. Have a wonderful time at the tennis. Looking out for you, also watched that marathon, can you believe a tennis score of 70-68.
    Poor Bud, left behind, but never mind we are all sending you lots of hugs.

  13. Hope you're having a great time at Wimbledon :)

    Gorgeous cards - those flowers are FAB!

    Carol x

  14. Love the cards they are gorgeous.xChrisB