Friday, June 18, 2010

Morning everyone.....for someone who spends most days all alone in the cubbyhole crafting with only the furry boy for company....not much conversation....he is usually snoozing and snoring his head off... don't get me wrong it is best job in the world...I love what I do and do what I love....but yesterday definitely was the next best thing.....spending time with lovely crafty buddies just chilling out and
Yes my visitors to the cubbyhole yesterday were my lovely bloggy buddies....Debbi the Queen of all things Promarker and her super cute little missy Faith.....Lyn who lives near me in Westhill and the one and only Anne....yes from Simply Create and if you are a regular visitor to Jacqui's wonderful Aladdin's cave of delicious crafty will know Anne...Jacqui's lovely assistant.......they are all just the nicest sweetest girls and we had an absolute ball....sitting outside soaking up the glorious weather.
Debbi had told me that Faith was longing to meet Buddy but I think she got more than she bargained for...probably didn't imagine how big he was and although he has the sweetest nature...he has not yet grasped the social etiquette of greeting poor Faith was knocked over quite a few times until his excitement wore off and they became the best of buddies.
Lyn and Anne then arrived and we got stuck into coffee and yummies and doesn't time fly when you are in such good company.....Debbie and Faith set off to have lunch at Grandma's house and the rest of us got our chops round the gorgeous strawberries merinques and double cream that Anne brought....sorry Debbi....and I wasn't sharing the yummy chocs from Lyn...they are just for me to guzzle the next time I am snuggled up on the sofa watching a good film.
Crafty visitors could become my new passion but hey it would be murder on the old spare tyre....but I do suspect that they really came to visit the infamous cubbyhole but because the weather was so glorious....we sat outside all day and only spent about the last 10 minutes in that hallowed place before Lyn had to dash off and do the school run.     I promise that next time that I will lock you all in and you can play until your heart's content.
Boy oh boy all that chatting is a tiring business and by the time The Budster and I returned from our stroll late in the afternoon the weather had turned hot and sticky....we were cream crackered....time for a quick flop on the sofa for forty can sitting down and speaking be so exhausting.  And I leave you with a sneaky peek.....made under pressure and at super lightning speed last night.

is that sandpaper you see......well pop back tomorrow and find out
And true to form with our British weather we never get two days the same....the sun has's windy..a little bit chilly and very it looks like a cubbyhole day...catch up with you all tomorrow for another fabby challenge over at Penny Black Saturday.
Hugs Kath xxx


HoneyB said...

Morning Kath
I really can't thank you enough for yesterday. It was fabulous and we must do it again soon. Can't believe the time passed so quickly but it does in good company. Had a great lot of laughs and giggles. See you again soon
Lyn x

Anesha said...

Sounds like you and Buddy had a wonderful day yesterday!Hope you have a great one today as well. It's going to rain here today. Hugs Anesha

Lynda said...

Sounds like a brilliant day - I'm off for a girly weekend later today so hopefully they'll be a few choccies and cream buns too - just to round it off perfectly. Enjoy your weekend too Kath.

Love Lynda xxx

ursula Uphof said...

nothing like spending a day with good buddies. Look forward to what we are going to see tomorrow, Have a great weekend, and Bud hope you get some more visitors soon.

Serendipity Stamping said...

I just had a "girls weekend getaway" and there is nothing so fun & rewarding as spending time with some of your favorite people. Glad you enjoyed your day and a wish for many more. Ahhh, give me some rain and cool for my part of Florida.

Kirsti said...

Looks like you had a great day with your visitors today...I am exhausted just thinking about it... Really looking forward to tomorrow...see you then. Kirtsi xx

PS I have left you a wee blog award over at my place....x

Chris said...

One of these days I am going to pack my bags and head up to sunny Scotland to meet buddy and get his Mum to teach me all about crafting... sounds like you had a fab time Kath :D
Theres a lickle something for you on my blog... no worries if you don't get chance to play though...know you is one busy lady.
Have a great weekend
Chris xx

Sarah A said...

Sounds like the ideal day Kath! I don't know anyone who likes to chat crafty stuff boohoo...

That sneak peek looks intriguing, me guesses it is a seaside thing going on???

Sarah x

Macpurp said...

I am so jealous! sounds like a fab day!
bet Buddy enjoyed meeting his new wee pal.

love teen x

Anne said...

No Kath -- not the Cubbyhole being the main attraction !!!! Came to visit you --you lovely Lady --- (well maybe Buddy too -- what a sweetheart xxxxx )
See you tomorrow at the workshop
Anne xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

weewiccababe said...

yup, I second what Anne said - we came to see you and the gorgeous Buddy too
Am gutted about the strawberries - but will come with cake next time


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