Sunday, June 6, 2010


Morning everybody...yes it's your gorgeous bundle of golden deliciousness....I've been missing you all....well the weather has been ideal for snoozing out in the garden and I think I have caught a touch of the old lazy-itis...but it's time that you were all introduced to my new pal.
When I was just a Mum bought me lots of cuddly toys but being silly and immature....I'm afraid I pooped in my own nest as they say by chewing them all to bits.....believe me she wasn't best pleased at stuffing all over the carpets....eyes and noses turning up in the strangest places and I think I may even have swallowed a the only toys I got from then on were those horrible unappetising ropes and unbreakable very boring.
But she must have had a mad moment because I got the cutest cuddly Santa at Christmas and I decided to turn over a new leaf and become Mr Nice Guy....and hey presto look who turned up the other new best friend apart from the gorgeous Ruby

And we haven't had a little competition for can you guess what he is called......and we can't have a competition without a while Mum was having fun out at Alford....I managed to lighten the stash load just a bit......Get the answer right and a parcel of goodies will be on it's way to you....including a cute Sugar Nellie stamp...some Craftwork Cards paper and die cuts....buttons and ribbons and if lots of you get it right.....there will be a random draw.....likewise if none of you get it right.....but I'm confident that some bright spark will have a guess right moment.    Pop on over on Friday morning bright and early when all will be revealed.
The weather has gone to the other extreme...yes it's it's gonna be an indoor snoozy kind of a day
Big Bloggy Hugs & Snuggles....BUDDY xxx


Anesha said...

Hi Buddy,this weather is perfect for a bit of snoozing! Love your new friend, could his name be Hamish?
Glad you and Ruby are still friends and hope you see her often. Have a fun day and we would not tell your Mum that you raided her stash! Hugs Anesha :)

Ruthie said...

Hiya Buddy - hmmmmm could his name be Jock? Actually - he looks like a George!

Aw - inside snoozing is as good as outside snoozing!


Jose said...

Hi Buddy ... what a cute new friend you have, I think his name is Mack, mind you take good care of him :)
Jose x

Julye said...

Hiya Buddy, not snoozing weather today if your weather is anything like our south yorkshire weather, proper summer rain showers.

I would love to say your new friends name could be Sherlock with his little deer stalker hat, or something else really clever, but when my doggy best friend was still with me we use to give her friends short names so I am going to go for plain and simple Mr Ted for my guess. Whatever his name he looks like he is a well loved friend. Thanks for sharing and have a great day Julye

Debs said...

Hiya Buddy
I think your new friend is called 'Max' - enjoy your snooze.
Debs xx

Emma (metalicbutterfly) said...

Hi Buddy

Well now you have a lovely pal to snuggle up to on those inside snoozy days

I think if your mum has had anything to do with it he might be called Tim after the god that is Mr Holtz

lol have a lovely lazy day

Emma xxx

Suzie Q said...

Hi Buddy,
If you run fast enough you can dodge the drips coming from the sky! lol x
well, i keep looking at your mate and the first name sprung to mind was - dont laugh! - BIGGLES!!!
i know hes not got his goggles on but maybe he took them off for the photo shoot x
enjoy your day and try to stay out of mischief.
Suzie qx

scrappyjacky said...

Looks like he could be a bit of a 'Tartan Tearaway', Buddy.

Judy's Crafty Moments said...

Kath, Just lovely to have you around yesterday! Great company! It was very quiet in the afternoon with a thunderstorm and then a power cut! So drama all round. I hope your demo goes really well next Sat and I am sorry that I will not be around to watch the expert 'distresser' in action!

Hugs Judy xx

Sarpreet said...

Hello Buddy, we missed you too, you are being spoilt. I think this delight is beautiful. However I have no idea what you have called it, but i would call it Scribbles.

Sarpreet said...

Hello Buddy, we missed you too, you are being spoilt. I think this delight is beautiful. However I have no idea what you have called it, but i would call it Scribbles.

Helen said...

Awww...he's adorable Buddy! He looks like a Barney to
Helen x

Anonymous said...

lol, snooze day sounds great, your friend looks like his name is Jock.

Lorraine said...

Hello Buddy good to see you again you were a naughty pup lol looks like you have changed since then as your new pal looks like he will be staying in one piece well what could his name be i am going to guess Scotty xx

Lynn said...

Well Buddy, the first names that came into my head were Mack and Jock, but as these have already been sugested I had to do a bit more thinking. As your friend is wearing what looks like a Deerstalker hat he could be 'Sherlock Bones' or just 'Bones' for short ... but no chewing him.

Lynn x

weewiccababe said...

I think I'll go with Angus, although I am very drawn towards Hector too - I have no idea why, maybe its the whole Hector Brocklebank with his "fash" lol
have a great day Buddy and Kath

Lorraine said...

Hi Buddy, I think hes called "MacBuddy" , hope the rain stops for you

Rosietoes said...

Hi there Buddy! You were just right to have a couple of days snoozing in the sun. It could be our summer afterall!
Now doesn't your pal look fab - all the names that came to mind have been taken so I'm going to go for 'Harry'.
Have a good lazyidilicious weekend.
Edna x

coops said...

hiya there buddy, sounds like you have been making the most of the nice weather.hopefully it will be back soon.i love your new friend, so cute and i think he may be called rufus.have a fab snoozing day.luv

ruth said...

For some reason Hectors house came to mind must be the long ear flaps, so Hectors my guess, though i did toy with Murray as his other friends Ruby........anyway have a lovely day and I hope our puppy will learn to behave like you, we have a 3 legged giraffe at the moment!

Alex said...

Well I haven't read any of the ones above me, so hopefully this won't be a popular choice lol, but I am going with Hamish, as he looks decidedly scottish to me!!! or Mactavish??? He is very cute and I can understand why Buddy loves him so much bless lol xx

sparklygirl-Tina said...

Hi Buddy lovely to have you with us again.... glad you've been a good as for a name of your new "friend" I know it has been said above already, but it was the first thought that came to my mind so I'm also going to say Scottie too! (although I've spelt my differently)!! but whats a "ie" or "y" between friends!

Big licks from Tilly


helen ... said...

hi, buddy , hey on this pic your look great =),and I am thinking about new friend 's name and I think he 's called bob, am i wrong or not , i dont know =D,
hugs for you kath and your family too

Tracy said...

Mmmm should I go Mack or Rufus, i think maybe Mack, and the Sugar Nellie stamp looks a real cutie, thanks for a chance to win Buddy.
Happy crafting
Tracy x

Diane J said...

Hi Buddy/Kath
I think the little chappie is called MacKenzie. Thanks for the chance to win some fabulous crafting things.
Love diane x

Jocelyn aka JoBear2 said...

Hi Buddy and Kath,

Thanks for being able to enter for your lovely Blog Candy :-)

Hmmm - a name for the bear.... that's kind-of a tough one. At first I thought Arthur because I believe the Scottish meaning of Arthur is "Bear", but then thought I should go for the obvious - so I thought I would go for Robbie. I'll be kicking myself if the first one is right LOL!!

Rufus said...

Hmm, well lets see, I noticed a number of folks said Rufus, but as a Rufus myself, he just doesn't strike me that way. Have no idea why but he strikes me as a Mactavish! Whatever you call him, hope he's with you for a long time, unchewed, mind you! Glad you popped in for a bit, have been missing you!

Lorraine A said...

what a cute bear ,,, hmmm a name ?? I think cuddles :-),,, he does look cute and cuddly :-)

Lols x x x

Kat said...

Hi Buddy hope you can keep your teeth off this bear lol! I think he might be called Angus. Don't know if Mum's familiar with the cartoon character Angus Og? I used to read that cartoon strip in the paper every day when I was young!

Kat xx

ursula Uphof said...

Hu Buddy, well hope you had a good snoozy weekend. Not sure of your friend's name, but he just looked like a Sam or Sammy to me. Have a good time and hope he sun shines soon.

HazelQ said...

Ohh Buddy your friend is a little cutie, I hope the weather stays nice so you can have nice snoozes outside :)

kathleen said...

I think your wee pal looks like a MacTavish

Marianne's Craftroom said...

God to see you and love your new friend. As for his name, mmmm let me see, I'm going for Hamish. Marianne x

Bettythebaglady said...

He looks like a Bay City Rollers fan to me so could he be called Les.By the way they were well after my time.
Hugs BettyXXX

Macpurp said...

well buddy i think you have named him Red after the colour of your beautiful girlfriends fur!
enjoy your new playmate.
lots of love
Teen , Poppy & Bella xxx

Caroljenks said...

Hi Budster! Great to hear from you again - I think your little friend looks like a 'Hamish' - haven't got a clue why and decided I wouldn't read others guesses first as I didn't want to be influenced - but as I clicked onto the comments I saw the 1st one had already guessed Hamish too! Off to see how many 'Hamish's' there are!!!

Brad our Bordie Collie, who is as cute as you, doesn't have cuddly toys anymore either - I'm very impressed you are looking after Hamish and he still has his limbs!

Carol x

Shonagh said...

Hi Buddy/Kath,

Thanks for giving us the chance to win these lovely gifts. A name for your new friend buddy thats a hard one..............Ted this is what I called my teddy many moons ago;o)


Michelle said...

Hi Buddy, I hope that when I come back I come back as you,a pampered pooch with an owner at your beck and call.... I think your new friend should be called "Bracken"

Enjoy and behave - so swimming in mud!!


cardsgalore said...

Hi Buddy
I think your best friend may be called Jimmy. Take good care of him and stay away from that mud you dogs are so attracted to!

Crafty Cat said...

Hi there Buddy, I think your new friend could be called Hamish. I hope you are being good and haven't chewed him yet! xxx Carol


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