Monday, June 14, 2010

A big Toot for the Big Shot

Morning everyone....did I have a nice relaxing day yesterday....did I heck as like.....the idea of snuggling up on the sofa with the crossword and a cuppa went pear shaped....the old brain just couldn't get into gear and I very quickly became bored with that idea.    The demo kit needed tidying away... not my most favourite of jobs....and believe me folks...I should have listened to my instincts and left it for another day when my brain had recovered from all the waffling on Saturday....decided to have a little tidy out and shift around in the cubbyhole...isn't hindsight a wonderful thing....bigga mistake-a to make-a....ended up in the biggest guddle ever....stuff everywhere and finally got finished around 9.30 in the evening ...absolutely shattered...won't be doing that again anytime soon...and there are now spaces folks and you know what spaces I fear I will have to hide the credit card where I can't find it.
But now it's time to share my mind blowing discovery and I am shouting from the rooftops today....."I LOVE SIZZIX" don't get me wrong I am not criticising any of the other Die Cutting Manufacturers being the proud owner of the Cuttlebug and Quickutz....but I have just discovered that the Big Shot is really the big daddy of them all.    I must confess that up until now I didn't often use my Big Shot Express....always seemed to be drawn to my cute little Cuttlebug....but once I got my Tim Holtz Alterations....that has all changed....because this workhorse of a machine will cut through 4 layers of 400gsm cardstock at one kidding

OK it's a fairly simple shape so how will it fare with something a bit more intricate...
it wasn't too happy cutting the flourishes with 4 pieces.....making a bit of a groaning noise so I reversed the sandwich out and removed one piece of cardstock and it happily cut out 3.

By now I am intriqued to try more materials...grunge paper 4 sheets...sticky back canvas 4 sheets....chipboard 2 there no end to this machine's I know why Tim chose Sizzix to launch his Alteration Dies...but I bet I am preaching to the all probably knew this already.    What a time saver for this busy old crafter....I'm going to cut out loads and loads and store them in plastic containers...gone are the "cut one out at a time" days.  I was making some Tattered Floral flowers when I stumbled upon this miraculous discovery after seeing a fantastic tutorial over on my bloggy buddy Carol's can find the tutorial HERE.....made with Distress Inks and a Mini Mister full of water....and a word of warning you really do need to use the plastic glove as shown in the video....and I am left thinking who needs to be buying Primas anymore.

love the dimension and all that gorgeous sparkle.
Catch up with you all tomorrow but I can't promise any more mind blowing discoveries....maybe just a plain old card.....but definitely some fun pics from my demo day at Simply Create
Hugs kath xxx
Edited to add: sorry folks....I didn't intend to mislead anyone but apparently the Cuttlebug will also cut several layers with the Sizzix dies.....according to Dawn it is the die that is the daddy of them all rather than the Big to give it a try.


Unfading Spring said...

Oh Wow, arn't they just fabulous, got some new pastel inks from QVC on Saturday so will be making lots more in differant colours. haven't used any that I made yet though.

Have a good day, off for a 6 mile walk soon.OHHH

Big Hugs Carol xxx

Kat said...

Hi Kath, still not got round to making any of those gorgeous flowers yet! Tidying's a right pest isn't it. I keep thinking I'll just do a wee bit and end up getting carried away and not getting any crafting done. Yesterday it was the ironing that got in the way!

Been really impressed by what the Big Shot can do. I do have a Cuttlebug but.....!!

I should behave myself now and get ready for work.

Kat xx

Emma and Susan said...

Hi Kath! We agree tidying up can be a drag! Thankyou for the little tips on the Big Shot! We love these flowers they are amazing,
Thankyou for your wonderful inspiration!
Love and hugs
Emma and Susan

Anonymous said...

Morning Kath....mmmm so now do I NEED a bigshot AND these dies....the flowers are amazing and as you say no more prima woohooo! will save pounds and can then save them on more stamps :D Have a smashing day, hugs Ali x

Anesha said...

Hi Kath, love the flowers, will have to play later. Like you I love my Big Shot and those big dies. Hope you have a restful day after taking Buddy for his walk. :) Anesha

kathleen said...

Love the flowers and flourishes Kath.

Kathleen x

sparklygirl-Tina said...

Hi Kath

Thanks for answering my question in yesterday's most - much appreciated. On to today, I've got a cuttlebug which I tend to use most and a sizzix big shot (the old fashioned one with the push down handle rather than side handle! I confess not to have used it much though!)

Thanks for the link to the flower making tutorial - aren't those flowers just fabulous - and yours are fab too so will have to put that on my "things I must try" list!



Anonymous said...

The flowers are fantastic, love them, you are so lucky to have these new great dies, they are on my Christmas list!

scrappyjacky said...

Those flowers look wonderful... will be checking out the I've just got those dies....and I definately love my Big Shot.

Dawn said...

Hi I have the cuttle bug like you but I sill get x4 using Tims dies in my cuttlebug! it's the die with the great blade that's the little wonder.

I may get a big shot when Tim's new one is out but the cuttle bug is fine with the sizzix dies you still get great die cut numbers whether metal, card board, cardstock etc

Love Dawn xx

mustavcoffee said...

Hi Kath , can't be doing with tidying up, gets in the way of the creative process (that's my excuse anyway) only do it if someone's coming or I've finally run out of space:0)
Love your flowers, they are fab, xx

Lynda said...

I will definitely be cutting out more layers from now on - thanks for the tip Kath. Your flowers are stunning!

Love Lynda xxx

Barb said...

The flowers are simply gorgeous, Kath! Wow!!! :)

HazelQ said...

Hi Kath, thank you for sharing this tips with us. I've been wanting to get a die cut machine but I don't really know which one I should get, cuttlebug, big shot, other?? There are too many to choose from lol but as you suggest in this post maybe the big shot is a great deal ;) I really love how the flowers look, it's an excellent idea of making your own flowers and buying less primas :)

Kathy said...

Sounds like a great discovery for cutting loads at a time - I just have my cuttlebug - my own discovery is that those big fat dies will go through the cbug if you use just the 2 B plates (I only use my old ones just in case!)

I love the flowers Kath, they look beautiful

Mummylade said...

I just showed your blog post to my hubby and exclaimed "see! that's what I've been saying"
since I have a bug but think that I have totally earned a big shot =)

Anne said...

Hi Kath , Tie-dye-ind ??? tidi-i-iing ???? Tydy-up-ing??? Can't spell it so not doing it !!! And as for the flowers ---- came home today with glitter in my hair -- on my clothes --yay everywhere -- do I mind ?? NO!!! Back at work this morning displaying the flowers you made on Saturday at the demo -- mmmmmmmmm ?? can we cut some on your Sissix on Thursday in the cubbyhole !!! Can't wait to visit
Anne xxxx

Macpurp said...

thoses flowers at so pretty!

love teen xx

Anonymous said...

`Gorgeous` flowers Kath!!!!

I will be armed with rubber gloves!!!!
I tried to color some ribbons(Yep you guessed it..No Gloves!!!!inlk everywhere)...need I say more....Nope I dont think so...

Kirsti said...

Well Kath you have done better than me on the tidying up front...I am still wondering where to put half the stuff being as how I don't want it all to go back under the table - it's nice to have some room for your am now thinking I will have to tidy out the cupboard under the stair (BIG groan!!)Can't wait til Saturday...x

Kirsti said...

PS - I have those dies but unfortunately the lovely Tim decided that the orginal Sizzix wasn't going to be an option for using them...x

Alex said...

Hi Kath

Gorgeous, simply gorgeous, as usual - can I just ask, what did you use to glitter up your flowers??



Yup, you guessed, i just went off, managed to locate the Tim Holtz Tattered Floral die, plus some glimmer mist and some reinkers!!!! ooopsy lol xx

Alex said...

Hiya Kath

Okay, gonna ask cause blowed if I can get my tattered flowers to look like these, how do you get your flowers like this??? Hugs

Alex x


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