Friday, June 25, 2010

The Furry Boy is flabbergasted

Morning all my lovely bloggy's your gorgeous bundle of golden deliciousness and guess what.... I'm feeling a bit down because once again I have been left at home while Mum jets off on her travels....don't know why I couldn't have gone to Wimbledon...I could give those ball boys and girls a run for their money...I'm a real whizz  at catching tennis balls giving them back.....well that's another story.  So I thought I would do a little blogging today and tell you about the mega surprise that arrived at the cubbyhole this week.....a huge parcel and not for my crafty Mum this time.   No.... this one was addressed to "Buddy"....what on earth could it be....and who is it from.....
Let me tell you flabber was totally gasted and my gob was well and truly smacked......

this beautiful album full of photos of MOI......Mum was in tears when she saw it

yummies for me......

a super cute card for my birthday which is coming up soon....I'll be 4 don't you know

aren't I such a lucky boy and just in case Mum was feeling a bit left out....
a gorgeous card which she absolutely loves

Now who could this lovely kind person be......well it's my lovely bloggy bud and No 1 Fan
such a lovely kind girl who leaves me a big hug most days....I bet her kitty cat ain't too happy about that
Thank you....thank you....thank you Anesha
Big Hugs & extra Snuggles
Pop on over tomorrow for another fabby challenge from Penny Black Saturday and if Mr Blogger messes it up.....he had better run for the hills....he will be in so much trouble when Mum gets home.


Crafting Queen said...

Hi Buddy, so happy you liked your little gift. Poor you being left behind when there are all those lovely balls to play with down at Wimbledon! Never mind you have lots of rest and when your mummy comes home she can make it up to you with lots of long walks and playing catch! Skipper does not mind sharing hugs as she does not like hugs much. Big hug to you today!!! Anesha :)

Wiccababe said...

wow what a stunning album Buddy - well done Anesha, no wonder Kath was in tears.
Not long til mum comes home now

Sarah A said...

Oh wow Buddy, this is amazing (WELL DONE Anesha, it is absolutely stunning!).

Poor you Buddy being left behing again, make sure you mope about and get loads of guilt induced treats when your Mum gets back!! You never know she may bring you a new tennis ball back!!

Sarah x

Suzanne said...

Have so missed visiting here the past couple of weeks. Gorgeous album, Anesha
Suzanne x

Lorraine said...

wow wow wow this is amazing Buddy you must be so happy and Mummy what a lovely gift from a lovely friend xx

Arty'mrs said...

Stunning work
Hugs x

kathleen said...

Beautiful album Buddy won't be long till Mums home.

Kathleen x

Barb said...

So sweet of Anesha to send these gifts! Tell your mum that I hope she's having a "ball" at Wimbledon!

Marianne's Craftroom said...

You lucky boy, an album full of pics of you looking beuatiful and some treats. Hope Mum is having a good time and you are being good. Marianne x

sparklygirl-Tina said...

Wow you lucky boy Buddy - how wonderful of Anesha to send that to you - she is such a nice person to do that - I bet your mum was in tears - I think I would be too.

Hopefully when mum gets back from her Wimbledon jaunt you will both spend some quality time together on your strolls.

Have a good weekend Buddy and best wishes to your mum.


Kat said...

What a lovely album full of picks of you Buddy. What a lovely puppy you were and is that a pic of you with your friend Ruby? How kind of Anesha to send you this gorgeous album and treats too. She is a clever girl. No wonder Mum loves it.

Hope Dad is looking after you well!

Kat xx

Allison said...

you are such a lucky boy Buddy- hope your mum left you a slipper to cuddle while she is away

Chris said...

Awwww poor Buddy... I can imagine how lonely you feel... but those gorgeous gifts from Anesha must have cheered you up heaps.

Can just imagine your Mum mopping up the tears with her hanky :D

Hope you aren't missing you Mum toooo much.

Chris xx

Rufus said...

What a marvelous gift Anesha made for you Buddy! Must say you're looking quite handsome! Really you wouldn't have wanted to go to Wimbledon you know. They wouldn't let you play with any of those tennis balls, they're quite stingy with them. Not to mention with all those mobs of people someone would be bound to step on your toes! Nope, you are much better of at home. Mum will be back soon.
Ear scruffles to you,

Caroline and Jayne said...

love the cards, You should share your creations over at xxxx

Anonymous said...

These are gorgeous creations I bet you both loved them. Buddy would have loved catching the balls, how much fun would that be to watch!

ursula Uphof said...

What a stunning album Buddy, but then you are special. Your friend Anesha sure did a good job. I am sure you will get some special attention when Mum gets back from the big trip.