Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fun Goings On at Simply Create

Morning everyone.....brace yourselves folks it's time to share some fun pics from my lovely day out at Simply Create.....and once again a big thank you to everyone who took time out to come along and join in the fun and I am not going down the name route because I am great with faces but crap with names....so you all know who you are.....you were all so sweet...a delight to demo for and you made the day such fun....hope you enjoyed it too....and for those who booked up for my class on Saturday...I think we have a full house... fasten your seat belts girls we are going to have a ball.

 "The Lady in Red" in the background is Mrs Simply Create....the lovely Jacqui...and I know what Maureen and Pat are thinking...."hurry up with the photos so we can get stuck into lunch before the crazy crafty shoppers come back" and I have never done a demo day before where the customers got lunch too.... sandwiches, coffee, crisps and yummy cakes for everyone to share....but that's typical of Jacqui's generosity.
 My lovely bloggy buds.....Carolann in the background and Anne with her head cut off...dashing off to avoid the camera
 And here is the star of the show.....the lovely Isabel....and how appropriate is her blog name "Whatgrancunninghamisupto"....well grandkids sit up and take notice....this is what your gran gets up to when she's out and about.....and I knew she was going to be trouble from the word go......"You Talking To Me"
 such a poser and she had me worried when she started to strip off.....this is a family friendly blog but I suppose if you've got it.....flaunt it...as they say
 and this beggars the question.....does my bum look big in this?.....
well tact is definitely my middle name....so I couldn't possibly answer that question

I will leave it up to you to decide whether I had a fun day or not with all these lovely crafters....and believe me folks I have done a few demo days in my time which were like pulling teeth but these lovely ladies made it an absolute breeze.
We are now slap bang in the middle of June and what on earth has happened to the weather....it's freezing here in the north of Scotland...would you believe I have been very naughty and turned on the central heating again.....maybe I should go and look out a nice woolly vest.
Catch up with you all tomorrow for What's On My Workdesk Wednesday
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Looks like you had lots of fun! Poor Buddy had to miss out on all those hugs. lol Have a great day both of you. Hugs Anesha

  2. Where was I when the strip tease was going on???
    Thanks again for a brilliant weekend and making me smile x

  3. Am so gutted I missed it Kath - looks like fab fun. And don't worry, I'll be in for a bosie on Thursday to heat you up

  4. Looks like you had a great time, and what a wonderful craft shop, wish it was on my doorstop.
    It's bloody cold down south here too, turned my heating up too.
    Maybe the weather is saving its self for when we come next week.

    Big Hugs Carol xx

  5. Well Kath, the best demos I been too are yours, you share your talent, make amazing cards and give everyone a good fun day. Really looking forward to Saturdays's class.x

  6. Fab pics honey of your fun filled day... only have one question... why the hell can I not have such a wonderful shop near me.... you lucky beggar you...

    Lorraine xxx

  7. You must of had a ball!!!!
    Fab photo`s
    wish the shop was near us!!!!!!
    Have a lovely Day beautiufl Lady :)x

  8. Hi Kath, love the pics. When you mentioned Isabel I couldn't think who she was but I remember her now! Thought I had managed to stay out of the photos but I noticed myself browsing!

    At last I'm getting round to getting some crafting done here.

    Kat xx

  9. Looks like a good time was had by all.

    Kathleen x

  10. yummy sandwiches!
    Isabel is so funny! Hahaha!

  11. I think you all had a ball judging by the pictures, so much fun :0) Good for you xx

  12. What a blast! Such fun pictures, Kath! I love them all! Only one complaint from me.....I would love it if one of these fun ladies could steal the camera for a minute and take a picture of YOU! I want to see your lovely face too! Next time??? Hugs! :)

  13. Hi Kath

    Had fun at Simply Create.The pictures are great,but i don`t think my bum is that big.Did you have the camera`s lens set at the right angle. ha!ha!
    That is what i do when i am not paid.Will not tell you what i will do if was paid he!he!
    Keep the good work up.
    If you would like some intertaining when you do your demos .please book with my agent Anne.She does`nt know yet she will when she reads this blog he! he!
    I think your demo`s are great.

    hugs Isabel