Sunday, July 18, 2010

Do you ever......

Morning you ever have a moment of madness.....what you think at the time is a bright idea and it turns into a all started on Friday morning when I was trying to hunt down some stuff that I knew was lurking somewhere in my "not as good as I thought" cubbyhole filing system and started to unearth lots of stuff that I am not going to use in the month of in my wisdom I decided to have a little clear out.   And this is where the little idea turned into a gigantic work in progress......two days later and I am still in a guddle...the cubbyhole looks like a bomb has landed and I am reeling with the shock of what on earth possessed me to buy the mirri and glitter card....the "hours to cut out" decoupage and hold on your galuses folks....the biggest shock of them all...the peel offs.    But as the saying goes "I've started so I'll finish" and the de-stash will soon be on it's way to some local clubs and crafty folks who make cards for charity...hopefully they can make some money out of my rash purchasing and the terrible habit I have of hoarding stuff just in case it comes in useful.....the really naff stuff will be going to the skip under cover of darkness.
But it hasn't been all work this week....I had a fun day out on Thursday with my two favourite hooligans....we took ourselves off to Alford... to the Transport Museum which is well worth a visit.
This is Big Mack....the snowplough that cleared the road from Alford to Strathdon....up over the notorious Lecht to Tomintoul....the highest village in the UK... during the 60's and 70's and was driven by Brodie and Oliver's Great Grandad....and how strange they are sitting exactly where he sat...Brodie struggling to see past the steering wheel and Oliver trying to get to grips with the ancient gear box.

then it was time to do some steam rollering......

a change of pace and time to let someone else do the driving...a trip on the Alford Valley Railway
great fun chugging along at 2 miles per hour with Brodie and Oliver waving at the golfers and all the folks just out for a stroll

It's great having a grandkiddie day out.....allows you to behave like a child again without folks thinking you have totally lost the plot.    And if like me you are a big fan of the Lord of Timmie Holtzness and all his crafty can get some fabby bargains over at Craft Obsessions ....and perhaps the mammoth clear out wasn't such a bad idea after all.....will catch up with you all tomorrow for a fabby give-away from Fantastic Ribbons.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend....hugs Kath xxx


Denise said...

Oh Kath, hoarding, buying stash cos it's a bargain or in case it just comes in handy is what we crafters do. We all do it hun, and then live to regret it.
I'm really pleased you had a good day with the Grand Kids. Sitting where Great Grandad is really awesome. I love family history, been doing my tree for 10 years and got back to 1650 so far. What your Grand Kids did is something really special. Have a good day, hugs and tickles behind the ears for Buddy - Denise

Debs said...

Ooh sounds like you had a grand day out. Can't wait to have grand kiddies (well I can, I'm a bit young yet) Daughter (17) doesn't appreciate it when I act daft with her lol. Good luck with your clearout. Debs xx

Sarah A said...

Hi Kath

Errr all the time I have those bright ideas haha! I had a mini clearout the other day and unearthed some equally ghastly "what were you thinking of purchases" LOL!

Your day out looks FAB, love that steam train.

Sarah x

Carol xxx said...

Looks like a good day was had by all, those are the sort of days I love too.

I also have a drawerful ot those what was I thinking of moments. fortunately I have a neice who loves crafting so usually have a stash for her when I see her.

Anesha said...

I get those ideas as well! :)
Looks like a fun day out. Have a great weekend. Hugs to Buddy.

coops said...

wow looks like you had a great day out kath.that is one serious snowplough.looks like a perfect day out for a little boy.good luck with the stash cull.i`ve just done mine and couldn`t believe the tat i had stashed a great day.
xx coops xx

loftylass said...

Oh Kath .... are you sure you weren't hiding in my 'craft room' this week??? Oh the things I have unearthed that never see light of day(the shame... shame). The reason for this frenzy is my granddaughter is coming to stay for a week (today!!) then my aunt is coming from USA the next week for 3 weeks and they need the bed which is always hidden under scraps of card and paper!!!
However at the end of the day - like you - I will be having fun.

Lynda said...

Love the photo's of the kids having a great time - it's priceless isn't it!

Love Lynda xxx

Andrea said...

they look as if they are having a ball x

Lin said...

Love seeing your little grandkiddies - sounds like you all did some great things together on your day out! And you will be so glad that you've had your clean-out, just makes more room for new additions!! Thanks for sharing!

Sally said...

I had to laugh at your clear out. I did the same thing a few months ago. I really downsized my work space and donated bunches of stuff that I would never use. The local public schools love to get the stuff. However do be careful getting rid of those dreaded peel-off...the other day I thought oh, if I had a line of those it would be perfect as most of it would have been hidden. I can't believe that I just said that. Having a day with grands is wonderful. My Miss V thinks everyday should be a grandkids day out.

Kat said...

Hi Kath, I couldn't believe what I was reading just now. I've been having a bit of a tidy up this morning. It all started because I can't find some clear buttons that I have bought twice and can't find any of them. I was actually going to sew some onto my duvet cover! I don't know about anyone else but my whirly breaks them or knocks them off completely when it's really windy - as it usually is here.

Looks like you had a lovely time at Alford. Haven't been there since the kids were young.

Kat xx

Barb said...

Love this post, Kath! Looks like the grandkids had lots of fun! Nothing like big trucks, tractors and trains for boys!

Anonymous said...

Lol, I bought peel off's not long ago!! Looks like a great day out and the kiddies are enjoying them selves so much, how nostalgic. Good of you to give to charity, de-cluttering makes you feel so good and it gives space for more!!!

Lora said...

Looks like you and the boys had a great day out!
Good for you having a good clear out and donating some of it :)
I run a free craft club at my kids schhol (we make thinsg then sell them to raise money for the kids to get things like trips and end of term disco etc) and I tried for months to get donations of old crafty stash but everyone who was clearing out wanted money for what they had and we just don't have a budget to buy anything (for now anyway), so I have kind of gave up trying and just take in what I can from my own stash lol.
Hopefully whoever gets your stuff will make good use of it :)
Hugs Lora x

Christine B. said...

Looks like you all had a brilliant day out. Love the photo's x Chris B

Carol said...

Lovely pictures Kath.....looks like a wonderful day out, i bet the boys loved it :)

Carol xxx

Macpurp said...

oh these are fantastic photos!! sounds like a great day out!

love teen x

Dawn said...

Awww Kath there's no one in as big a mess as me too!!
God knows when it will be done, haven't got the shelving yet, it's all so costly too!! Grrr!
I have stash I didn't even know existed until this house move!
I think us crafters are all the same it's in the crafty blood!!


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