Monday, July 5, 2010

Drastic Measures

Morning folks....yes I am still mojo-less... even my visit to Simply Create on Friday didn't work....but I did have a lovely morning sharing coffee cake and lots of chit chat with my lovely buddies...Jacqui and Anne and came home considerably cheerier but hey Mr Mojo was still nowhere to be found.   So I gave up and was intending spending the weekend just chilling out watching the tennis.....until I very nearly choked on my Sunday morning treat... 2 boiled eggs and soldiers whilst catching up on the latest world news in the Sunday papers.....a little insight into the exciting life I lead.   Anyway the latest thing from those fools at the EU....apparently no two eggs are the same size or weight ....well there's a surprise and to sort out this rather worrying problem they have decided that eggs will no longer be sold in cartons of 12 but by weight....well I'm sure that this will come as a mighty relief to us more sleepless nights over the size of your breakfast egg or indeed the weight of the 2 eggs you need for your Victoria Sponge...what planet do these people live on...surely there are more far more pressing issues in the world ....but oh no these faceless twits are sitting in an office somewhere trying to justify their massive salaries by coming up with these hare brained ideas of making the world a better place by picking on the humble egg...makes me wonder if these are the folks who got us in the mess we are in in the first place.  
As I haven't done much crafting for about a week  there is a distinct lack of things to show you so I am going to bore you all with some of the cards I made for my demo day at Simply Create with some gorgeous sewing themed stamps from Hero Arts.

and if you haven't paid a visit to Simply Create you are missing out....lots of new goodies on the shelves including brand new collections from Bo Bunny which are yummy and a little birdie tells me another delivery of Hero Arts will be arriving this week.
But it's time for desperate measures....the box I shared on "What's on My Workdesk Wednesday" is sitting exactly where I left it.... still as naked as the day it was born and samples need to be worked on for a demo day I am doing in August with a lovely group of crafty ladies in in an effort to get me scuttling back to the cubbyhole and kick start the crafty process I am off to vent my frustration in the kitchen....steam cleaner at the ready....hopefully just the thought of cleaning the oven will do the trick.  If not perhaps I should  threaten to stick Mr Mojo's head in the oven.....wonder if he knows we don't have gas.
And that's Wimbledon over for another year...not the most exciting of Men's Finals but well done to Rafa....he is such an awesome athlete...a nice humble guy who doesn't live the celebrity lifestyle....a great role model for kids and a wonderful ambassador for sport unlike some other so called sportsmen...and as Murray and Berdyche found to their cost he has that hunger to win and a killer forehand.
And tune into Create & Craft today at 10.00am when Anice from Funky Hand will be launching her brand new CD.....Colour Me Happy and see all the gorgeous samples from my lovely Funky Hand teamies

Catch up with you all later
Hugs Kath xxx


Denise said...

Morning Kath & Buddy
Sorry to hear you choked Kath, hope you are recovered and OK. Also hope the Mojo returns soon. I LOVE the cards you're sharing this morning. Vintage and distress are my favourites and this is definately my comfort zone. I love the pink and blue cards it is a real change to see the vintage look in pastel colours. Rafa reigns as King once again, phew..... that's my boy. Sorry Buddy but all I can say is roll on Wimbledon 2011.
Take care and hugs and tickles behind the ears ... Denise

Unfading Spring said...

Hi Kath, what a daft idea weighing eggs, whens the last time you weighed an egg when baking. I agree with you and who's paying these idiots wages, us.

Great cards Kath, the ones with the dresses remind me of the dresses my Mum used to make when I was a kid.

I wish I could just hop over the your fravourite craft shop, wish I had a craft shop to hope over too. Can you ask Jacqie to open a branch here.

Have a good today, hope Mr Mojo turns up soon.

Big Hugs Carol xx

Anonymous said...

These are lovely cards, my favourite is the first one, I love the colours. Sometimes mojo needs a vacation!!!

Andrea said...

fantastic set of cards x

Anesha said...

Wonderful set of cards, love the sewing theme. I agree with you about EU! Hope Buddy is having a better day today! Hugs Anesha

coops said...

fantastic cards kath,i love the vintage ladies.luv coops.xx

Sarah A said...

Morning Kath

Hope Mr Mojo puts in an appearance today, he sounds like the Scarlet Pimpernel!

Really enjoyed the mens final and you are right it was more steady than exciting but Rafa deserved every point! What a lovely guy, nothing pretentios about him and even my 15 year old son was impressed with his little speech after he won - there should be more promotion of people like him than some of those ludicrously obscene money grabbing footballers wwho just can't stop playing with their ball - both on and off the pitch!!

Sarah x

kathleen said...

Beautiful cards Kath,wish i could produce card like that ith no mojo.
Hope you have recovered from your choking incident.

Kathleen x

Kat said...

Hi Kath, I heard about the egg idea too....idiots! Same in my job too. If the muppet who thought up the procedure for putting a clubby parcel free return through the PO system had to do it I'm sure there wouldn't be so many screens to go through to do it.

I'm sure your mojo isn't too far away! Sounds like I need to avoid going to Alford lol!!

I saw Anice as I'm lucky enough to have a holiday today.

Kat xx

Rosietoes said...

Adorable cards Kath. Thank you for the great ideas you share and the wonderful and funny stories that keep us all hanging on your every word. :)
Cuddles to Buddy as well.

I wonder what the egg-heads in the EU will come up with next? Almost makes it worthwhile paying them loads of dosh for the entertainment value.

Edna x

mustavcoffee said...

I'm loving your cards today Kath, understanding your frustrations with those idiots in the back office at the EU and applauding alongside you for Rafa's well deserved triumph:)
Now, Thanking you for the big smiles, xxx

Lin said...

Loved your post today, Kath, giggles about the eggs.....I agree with you, where do these people come from???? (but glad to hear that they are spread out over the world, and not all here in the US)
Loved all these cards, but the last one is my love. I have no doubt that Mr. Mojo will return momentarily. Hugs!

Barb said...

Thanks for the laughs again, Kath! Just love the way you write! I agree with Lin.....So nice to know other countries deal with these things too! Love all the cards! Thought the first one was my fave until I saw the last one! Gorgeous color combo!

Anonymous said...

Not boring at all!!! delightful cards! I'm glad you shared...inspiring indeed!
Pam Going Postal

Christine B. said...

You haven't bored me, just love these cards, love anything to do with sewing. Except sewing, used to make everything afew years ago then found card making.I do work with bridal material and love to collect bits of it. Hope your Mojo soon comes backxChrisB

Tatanky said...

Not boring at all...KAth they are all beautiful....I specially like the pink one.

Lynda said...

We will never be bored of your cards Kath - they're always fabulous! I haven't heard the one about the eggs... if the government are trying to save money then look no further - how do they get away with producing such nonsense.

Love Lynda xxx

Rufus said...

So glad to hear that we haven't got all the "egg-heads" here in the States. Dear God, government is the same all over, DAFT! I think they could all use a good dose of common sense, and I know just where I'd like to put it. Rafa deserved his win. Isn't he just the nicest lad? Loved the somersault at the end, that was a new one!
Ear rubs to poor Buddy, although now he can have his couch back, at least till the US Open?


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