Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pink Lady....

Morning cards to show today....just the old gal waffling on about this that and the other starting off with my fun afternoon yesterday at THE PINK LADIES CLUB at Simply Create with the nicest group of crafty girls....mind you if truth be told  there was more nattering and drinking coffee than actual crafting but in between setting the world to rights we just had time to make this.....and yes it is a red spotty doily...isn't it sweet

Had a bit of a rush to get ready for my date with THE PINK LADIES.....running at the last minute to shower and change out of my cubbyhole grubby duds and no time for I grabbed a Galaxy Ripple on my way out the new chocolate addiction....absolutely yummy and devoured it on the way to Alford but obviously not every last bit of it because when I stepped out of the car my trousers were smeared with lumps of chocolate.....not a good look so it was a quick dash to the loo to get scrubbing.....yes the stains did come out but I was left with soaking wet trousers...goodness knows what my new crafty friends were thinking...."incontinent old biddy" probably.    Thanks for a lovely relaxing afternoon girls and now that I am officially a PINK LADY I look forward to our next get together.
As it may be quite some time before I can share my TOP SECRET PROJECT with's a little sneaky peek and for all those who enquired about the papers in my sewing machine yesterday...they are from the gorgeous Blossom Collection at Craftwork Cards.
And to answer another I stand up to craft....yes indeedy....old habits die hard but I do have somewhere to park my bum but rarely use it because.....
more often than is occupied by the "Things To Do" box

and if you are still with me and have not dozed off...what is the world coming to...parcel deliveries at 8.30 in the evening.....that's definitely a first....the Martha Stewart TSV from QVC...I couldn't resist this gorgeous snowflake combo...were you tempted too
Well I had better get a move gorgeous hooligans will be arriving any minute to spend the day with Grandma and if there is going to be a crafty post will have to be a "burning the midnight oil" kind of a night.....catch up with you all later
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Lovely, happy card!

    Sweet greetings,
    Saskia :)

  2. Hi Kath,
    Glad you had a super day at your pink ladies. can't wait to see your blosssom paper project. I need the inspiration as what to do with my win.

    Great minds think a like, got my snowflake punches yesterday too.

    Have a good day with the grandkiddies, mine coming this morning too.
    Big Hugs Carol xx

  3. Gorgeous vibrant card Kath. Must try and come along to The Pink Ladies, sounds like you had fun. Taking a run up Friday for some therapy. Enjoy your day. nnalorac.x

  4. Wonderful card Kath! And the punches are great!
    Hugs, Alex

  5. Hi Kath, just popped by to check out your latest "chat" and to say hello from across the pond. This is a riot of color -- and a great delight. You have a very "fancy" to do box holder!

  6. What a beautiful card - and loving your things to do box :)

  7. Morning Kath and Buddy.kath the card is lovely.Great colours.Love the punches as well.
    Kathleen x

  8. Love your spotty doily it is so vibrant, the way you have done the greeting with the curl is definitely one for the future. Your punches are great, I haven't seen the deep edge one before, I am so smitten! Have a great day with kiddies!

  9. Really great colourfull card ! I like it very much ! ;)
    Greetings, Martina

  10. What a fab idea to do with a doily over the festive season... and am I jealous or what... taped Martha Stewart but didn't get a chance to watch the show till the next day... boo hoo I so missed out on that one... can't wait to see what you do with them.

    love 'n' hugs
    Lorraine xxx

  11. Hi Kath,

    I have been reading your blog for yonks now, but have never been able to comment, so I have just spent the last hour or so trying to figure out blogger to enable me to do just your blog is the first thing I do in the mornings as Im drinking my coffee. I always leave with a smile on my face, thankyou for that.

    I just wanted to leave a tip, one you probably already know, but with the martha stewart corner punches, they can be used to make borders too, then you have a different size ,co-ordinating edge, that compliments the actual border punch.

    Hope you have a good day :o)

  12. Hi Kath enjoyed my sneeky peek around your craft room. The doylie is lovely love the colours. Enjoy your day with the grandchildren. x Hugs ChrisB

  13. I know I've said it before, but I want to again.....I love reading your blog, Kath! It's just a joy to come visit in the morning! Helps to start my day off with a smile! Hope you had a fun day with the grandkids! Hugs to you!

  14. Good morning Kath, this is my morning starting place to see if I find a smile to start my day and I have never been disappointed. I have three people I open first - you, Envies, & Curt. It is just my own start, I'm not trying to overlook anyone else and everyone has to start somewhere. Love the bright doily card, very festive. Hope you enjoy your day with Budster and the little ones.

  15. lol nope I went with the all occasions set and mine arrived today!!! woop woop lol xx

  16. Wow, haven't you been busy! I love your card. I didn't see the QVC show, thank heavens! I', really trying to keep the buying to a minimum! Thanks for sharing Kath!

  17. Like what you did at Jacqui's. I'd love to be able to go there more often.

    I've had parcel deliveries at night too but my TSV came today while I was at work. I'm keeping away from it as I need to make a start on my DT cards.

    Hope you had lovely day with the grandkids.

    Kat xx

  18. You do make me laugh Kath. I thought it was only me who made a mes with chocolate. Love that cute card and the doily is a genius idea. Can't wait to see your snowflake creations. :)xx


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